MyGrandVenture for Ecompreneurs

This is not the place to show-off. This is the place where you can learn actionable-skills from industry experts and action-takes who make you results. 100% free for uDroppy’s active customers, regardless of the plan (not available on the free plan).

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What you'll get from #MyGrandVenture

MGV is an on-demand education platform for Ecompreneurs who want to learn how to build and scale better E-Commerce Businesses. Each video-course is co-created with thought industry leaders with proven track records. Whether you are looking to build a successful side-hustle or you want to scale your next global DTC Brand


Launching your next record breaking store is closer than you think. Learn more about funnel design, store conversion rate optimization, marketing automation and much more. Launching a store is more science than luck, we can assure you about this.



Generating sales means get the attention of your prospect long enough to amaze him/her with the benefits your products provide. You’ll learn how to do this. Not only how to leverage paid and free marketing channels, but also copywriting and sales skills.


Whether you want to be a solopreneur launching and scaling pure dropshipping businesses while traveling around the world or you want to scale the next big name in the DTC Olympus, MGV is the right place. 

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