11 Fast and Successful Strategies to Turn Prospects into Customers

How to turn prospects into customers

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Would you like to turn the majority of prospects into loyal, returning customers? 

We bet you’d like! 

To help you grow your business, we have gathered the most powerful strategies that will help you gather new clients. 

#1 Tell your prospects about benefits 

People love to get an easier life. They have ambitions and they want to buy products or services that will help them realize their dream. It could be having more time to spend in front of the TV instead of cleaning and cooking. Or building a brand fast and easy, without huge investments (this is why they choose uDroppy). 

If you want to convert your audience, you will need to tell them how you help them going from point A to point B. In other words, from where they are to where they would love to be. You can either help them to get what they want, or simply remove all the pain. 

Using the pain motivator strategy is even more powerful, since people is more likely to erase the pain that pursue a benefit. 

#2 Appeal to their emotion

There is nothing more powerful than emotions. 


Because we are human beings and we are deeply connected to our emotions. Using this strategy will help you catch the attention of a user, turn him/her into a prospect and, finally, into a customer. 

Fear of missing out and scarcity are some of the most effective strategies you can use to make a prospect buy. 

#3 Tell them why you are selling that product or service 

Do you know Apple? 

Well, who doesn’t! 

Apple has a huge marketing strategy, this is why it’s so popular and healthy. One of its key strategy is The Golden Circle. According to this strategy you first tell why you are doing something, then how and only after that you tell what you do.

Tell people why you are selling a product and, most important, why they should buy it

People need only a little push to give you their money. 

#4 Make it easy 

Want to convert more prospect into customers? Make both your purchase process and their life easier

People want smart solutions to their problems. They want products or services that will make solving issues faster. 

If you would be able to find the right angle and use this strategy with your product or service, you will hit your target with no effort. 

#5 Build a story around your brand, product, service

Stories have been the center of the human life since the beginning. Once we used to tell stories around a fire, passing knowledge orally to sons and daughters. Then it came printing. Finally, today, we can tell stories thanks to different channels and content types (e.g. articles, flyers, books, videos, images, emails, etc.).

Building a story around your product or service is fundamental to gain their attention and make them empathize with your brand

#6 Create a community 

Human beings are born to socialize. We need to feel part of a group or a community. We want to feel connected to others

Creating a community around your brand means giving your clients more than a product and a solutions. You will give them a community to be part of, where to find insights, support, and understanding

To build a community you can leverage Facebook Groups. It’s what we did with our Dropshipping & Ecommerce Community

#7 Ally with prospects against a common enemy

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, they say. 

Build a common enemy (it doesn’t have to be a competitor) and partner up with your prospects to gain the battle together. 

To use this strategy you need complete knowledge of your audience and its enemies. They are all the reasons why they are not getting the results they desire. 

You have to know what they are fighting against and turn it into a common enemy that you will defeat together

#8 Use social proof

There is nothing more powerful to convince your prospects than let your customers talk about your brand, products or services. This is why social proof is one of the most effective strategies you can use to turn more prospect into customers. 

Social proof is such a striking strategy that we wrote an entire article about it. Check it out to know more about social proof and how to use it

#9 Inspire curiosity and fill the gap 

People are more likely to take action when a product or service will give them the knowledge they want. This is why, by inspiring curiosity in prospects, you will be able to make them more likely to read your messages or buying your courses. 

#10 Follow up with all content types and through all channels 

Prospects need time to become customers. They won’t buy from you the first day. Inf fact, they won’t search for your store before knowing you. They need time, and they need to go all the way through some phases. But most important, in the majority of cases prospects won’t complete an order for an infinite number of reasons and distractions. 

This is why following up is fundamental. 

Today, the web gives you infinite chances of getting back a prospect and converting him/her into a customer. 

First of all, you can set up cart abandonment emails or pop-ups. In both cases, you will send a immediate message to the prospects both via email or directly on their display. In this way you will be able to remember your prospects of their uncompleted purchases. 

Second, you can use retargeting or remarketing. It’s a strategy that allows you to follow your prospects throughout the web and send them ad-hoc messages via ads to make them come back and buy. 

Retargeting is one of the most powerful strategies to convert a prospect into a customer. This is why we dedicated an extensive article about what it is and how to do it

#11 Create personalized messages according to the customer journey 

As we said, prospects today go through a long and complex process before buying a product or service. This is why you need an omnichannel strategy. This means using different channels and messages to catch the attention of users, engage and convert them. 

The best way to do that is to know what users are looking for in each of the customer journey process and build ad-hoc messages to win them

Remember that today you can’t focus on the sales funnel anymore. You need to change your approach and work on the customer lifecycle

Final thoughts 

The e-commerce competition is high and fierce. This is why finding new prospects and turning them into customers is not easy. 

If you want to improve your conversion rate you can adopt the strategies above. Yet, this means focusing 90% of your time on business and marketing strategies.

This is why having a business partner that takes care of all the complex operations is fundamental. We make your work easier and faster, giving you the time and focus you need to learn a
nd do what’s best for your business. 

Running a strong, healthy business worries free is possible thanks to uDroppy. 

Let’s build your success together


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