4 Free Shopify Apps for Businesses That Are Scaling Up

Shopify Apps for Scaling Businesses

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You understood how the mechanics of e-commerce work. You have started mastering the art of marketing campaigns and your revenues are growing. Conversion rates are high, people are visiting your store and buying from you. Sales are going up and up. 
In other words, your business is finally scaling up
What does it mean? That you can start creating your own brand and expand your audience. 
You can take your business to the next level and we can help you do that at your best. 
Here at uDroppy we can customize your products and packagings. We will print your logo on them thanks to top-level printing solutions. By shipping them to your warehouse, you will be able then to ship to your direct customers in even shorter times. 
You don’t want to deal with shipping and rent a warehouse?
We got you covered as well. You can ask to your e-com manager about the Virtual Warehouse service

While we take care of all these operations, you can focus on how to boost your store and get ready for the new challenge. 
To save your time, we gathered the best 4 apps from the Shopify app store. They will help your business to scale up giving your customers a better shopping experience. 

1. Weglot Translate 

Seeing your business grow will make you want more. You want to raise the number of sales and therefore find new customers. This is why you need to broaden the horizons. How? 
You have to go multilingual
Weglot translate is the app that will allow you to translate your store in new languages. In this way you will be able to reach a wider audience and raise you revenues. 
You will be able to check the languages from one unique dashboard. You will also have the chance to change the translations or book professional ones. 
Weglot translate combines both human and machine translation to give you the best possible content. Moreover, the application respects Google multilingual SEO best practices
The app will create a dedicated URL for every translated page. Weglot Translate will also put in the preferred foreign language meta tags, description tags, etc. 
This means that your website will also SEO optimized and indexed in foreign Google SERPs (Search Engine Research Page). 
The application is free to install and you can give it try, but is limited. Yet, among the translation apps available on the Shopify app store it is the best for SEO and quality. 

2. Auto Currency Switcher 

Having a Shopify store means being free to create an online store without dealing with the code. This is why it’s a great tool for every digital entrepreneur. 
If you are thinking about becoming an international store, going multilingual won’t be enough. You will also need to show them prices in their own currency. 
The Auto currency switcher is the free app that will help you to do it. 
The app allows you to convert the price of your products in more than 200 currencies. Visitors can select their currency and the app will remember their selection. 
The Auto currency switcher also has a premium plan. This will allow you to auto-detect and change the currency according to the IP of the visitor. Moreover, the application improves UX thanks to the readable price figures option. In fact, it rounds off the figures to make it more convenient for prospects. 
Whatever your choice, you will be able to meet the needs of your customers. You will save them from spending time with complex calculations and headaches. 

3. Carro: Influencer Marketing 

As the weight of social media keeps growing for businesses, having an influencer marketing plan is useful. It can help you enhance your business image, sales and revenues
To help you understand better how influencer marketing works and why you need it, we wrote a dedicated article. 
If you want to implement an influencer marketing campaign with motivated representatives,  you can use Carro. 
This application is completely free and allows you to find out if among your followers and customers there are some influencers
Building a collaboration program with influencers is never easy. You have to look out for them, understand if they are relevant for your brand. Not to mention that they have to be interested in it too. 
With Carro you can forget about all the problems you had finding an influencer. It is easy as pie. 
After downloading carro you will just have to connect your data sources. The app will scan your data and will notify you whenever it finds an influencer. You will know if you already have influencers among fans, subscribers or clients. 
The application works not only with influencers, but also with press and media managers. 
This will give you the chance to build long-lasting relationships with them. Being already engaged with your brand, it will be easier and cost-effective to start partnerships
It is the best app of the Shopify app store both free and highly rated for influencer marketing (4.9).

4. Give & Grow 

As your business start growing you can focus on new initiatives that will boost the image of your brand. Among them, you can join sustainability projects
Today, customers are aware of how they impact the environment and society. This is why they are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Showing them your commitment in this field will help you raise your revenues and improve your relationship with them. 
This is the reason why big brands started using cause marketing. Yet, it was usually very expensive and complex to integrate this strategy with business models. 
Today, you can do cause marketing too, thanks to Give & Grow. It is the completely free app from the Shopify app store that will allow you to do that. Thanks to the app you can choose a charity program and let people donate with every purchase
Give & Grow is easy to use. First you select a cause or non-profit association from the network. You can find more than 1M options available in over 100 countries. Second, you install the donation platform in the customer checkout process. Here you can customize all the options to meet your and your customers’ needs. Finally, you track the results. You can check real-time outcomes and KPIs and ROI. 
Once you see how your campaign is going you can share it with your customers and fans. Use social media, email marketing, your website. You can take advantage of every owned channel to tell people that buying from you means doing something good for the world. This will allow you to grow your brand loyalty
As we said this app is completely free. Yet, they don’t assume legal responsibility for your company. This means that you will need to consult a legal before doing cause marketing. In fact, according to your country there may be different laws about giving back and cause marketing. Be sure to know them all before starting this project. 


If you have read our previous article about the best shopify apps to start boosting an e-commerce business, you know it. The Shopify app store offers you a huge set of options that will allow you to grow your store and activity. 
In this article we focused on the best application for a business that is scaling up. Be able to always keep improving customer experience is important in your sector. Giving them what they need and want is fundamental if you want to have a future. This is why, you have to upgrade your store and service while growing. 
These applications are the best booster for your store. Yet, if you have a lot of apps integrated with your Shopify store this could damage its responsiveness. This means that you have to choose what to install with care
To avoid the app stuffing of your Shopify store, you can think about investing in a premium theme. You will have to subscribe to have one, but you will have many useful features and tools in one unique integration. 
The best way to proceed? 
We don’t have the answer to that. It depends on your budget, needs and preferences. 
What we do know is that we can support your scaling with quality products, customization and virtual warehouse. 
Reach out to your e-com manager to discover more, and be sure to follow us on our channels! 
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