40+ Tips and Tricks to Create and Grow Your Mailing List

40+ tips and tricks to create and grow

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We already talked you about the importance of developing an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy for a business. Investing only a small part of your budget you can reach amazing results (including a ROI up to 3800%). 
Whether you are starting to build your email plan or you strive to find people interested in receiving your emails, this article is for you. 
We will reveal useful tips and tricks to easily create and grow a mailing list that will boost your business. 

Mailing list 

What is a mailing list? 
We are sure you already know. Anyway, a mailing list is a group of email contacts that you gather from customers, prospects and people interested in your business or brand. 
These contacts will be useful for your email marketing strategy. 
When you have a mailing list you can send automated emails, sharing valuable insights about your sector, products or promotions. You can segment the contacts into smaller lists according to their interests, characteristics, or funnel stage. 
Thanks to the new email marketing softwares you don’t have any limit anymore.
Yet, building and growing a mailing is just up to you. You are the one who has to find the most attractive way to make people subscribe. 
If you think that having an already consistent mailing list is enough and your work is done, you’re wrong. Your list keeps shortening during the year because some of your contacts will unsubscribe at a certain point. 
Yes, it can mean that you are doing something wrong, but sometimes it just means that they were not interested in your content. This can also be a good result for you. You want people interested in your brand and likely to buy your products
This is why you have to prefer quality subscribers and not just any email. This is also the reason why you should never buy existing mailing lists
Long story short: you have to keep growing your email list, whether you already have a stable marketing plan or you are just starting.

Growing the mailing list 

When you create a mailing list there are a lot of different strategies you can implement. Usually, websites show visitors a opt-in form where to insert all their information (name, surname, email, etc.). To raise the number of subscribers you have to widen your horizons. 
In the next paragraphs you will find the top tips and tricks to grow your email list easily. We will divide them into different categories: website, social media, general and other techniques. In this way, you will have a clear view about what to do and on which channels.

9 Must-know ways to grow your email list on your website 

First of all, let’s see what you can do in your own website or store: 

  • Use pop-up opt-in forms. When a visitor land on your website you can make a pop-up appear, inviting them to subscribe to your email. You can use this technique in all of your pages. This includes the following sections: products, resources, about us, etc.; 
  • Give incentives. To make the subscription more appealing you can offer some incentives. They can either be related to your products (e.g. discount) or to your services (e.g. white paper, ebook, etc.). You have to repay them for sharing with you their email; 
  • Host a free webinar. People love anything free. It’s like a magical word for them. Offering a webinar where you share with them secrets of the sector can be extremely helpful to make them leave your email. Furthermore, at the end of the webinar you can tell them that you will keep sharing information via newsletter. This may help you build relationships with the subscribers and make them feel more likely to open and read your emails;
  • Insert a CTA (Call to action) in your blog articles. If you are writing SEO optimized blog articles you can take advantage of their ranking. By putting a CTA within or at the end of your articles you will increase the chances of growing your mailing list; 
  • Add the opt-in box to the comment button. If you have active and engaged visitors you can take advantage of this. You can make an opt-in form appear when people push the comment button (you can require them to put their email to make you share their opinion); 
  • Create pop-up for abandonment. Every time that one of your visitors try to abandon your website, or their cart, you will show them a pop-up. Here you can insert the possibility to receive a discount if they complete the checkout and a space to leave their email. This can be even more effective when people are browsing via mobile device and you will give them the chance to complete the checkout whenever they want. They won’t have to find the product from scratch by leaving their email; 
  • Add an opt-in form in your mobile app. Have you created a mobile application for your website or store? Then make this investment worth it and add a push-up opt-in form even there. People uses their phone from 2 to 4 hours per day, and the use of mobile devices is growing, this is why you don’t want to miss this opportunity; 
  • Make your opt-in form prominent. You want people to subscribe, this mean that people has to see it. If they can’t see the form, they cannot opt-in; 
  • The checkout process. When you have a store, clients will come to you and buy some products. You can take advantage of this to grow your mailing list too. In fact, you can add an opt-in box in the checkout process. Clients are already interested in your business and brand, this is why they are quality contacts for your email list.

The top 6 social media strategies to widen your email list

Whatever is your business, We are sure you are present at least on one of the most popular social media. 
They are a powerful drive to raise the traffic to your website, brand awareness and also revenues and sales (if you want to discover how, you can read our article about social commerce). You can also use them to grow your mailing list, here’s how: 

  • Add a CTA at the end of your posts. If you have an engaged fanbase you can insert a CTA at the end of every post. You can also add the link to your opt-in landing page; 
  • Use the Sign-up Form on your Facebook Page. If you use Facebook you can insert the Sign-up Button at the top of your page. You can also create post with the CTA Button;
  • Participate in Facebook and LinkedIn groups. To grow your brand awareness, raise your authority and gain new subscribers, you can join groups. Both Facebook and LinkedIn have groups you can participate in. Help people solving their doubts and give relevant answers. Once you are well know and you have strengthen your authority in the sector, you can post your opt-in landing page and invite them to subscribe; 
  • Pin your opt-in landing page. If you use Pinterest you can pin your CTA post at the top of your profile. In this way it will be easier for people visiting your profile to find it and subscribe. The same can be said of Twitter and Facebook. You can create an ad-hoc post with a clear CTA to make people subscribe and then save it at the top of your profile/page; 
  • Use the cover pictures. You can insert a CTA to grow your mailing list in cover pictures. You can do it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube;
  • Show your followers what they are missing out. You can use social media to post an extract of your old newsletter. In this way they will have a real proof of the content shared via email. This can be a huge incentive to make them subscribe; 

Generic tips and tricks to make it easier for people to subscribe

How many times you end up on a website and the first thing you see is a annoying pop-up asking you to leave your email to get amazing news about the sector? 
And how many times you subscribe to their newsletter? 
People don’t have time or willing to subscribe to any newsletter. They want to be sure that they will gain something out of it or they have not interest. 
The following tips will make it easier for you to convince them to subscribe: 

  • Make the sign-up as quick and simple as possible. As I said, people is always on the run and they do not have time nor the will to fill extensive forms; 
  • Ask only basic information. The less the better; yes, it is true sometimes. People don’t want to give you all their personal information, so keep it simple; 
  • Make it clear that subscribing means gaining. If you want to make it easier for them to subscribe, show them the real benefit of it. Tell them that they will learn new strategies, receive discounts or anything that would make them happy; 
  • Use their language. There is nothing more annoying than not understanding what a person is saying. If you will speak their language they will feel at ease. This will give them comfort and will help you to bridge the gap between you and them; 
  • Include testimonials. People won’t trust you because they know you want them to buy your products. Yet, they will trust other customers or prospects. This is why you should share social proof of other subscribers who enjoy your newsletter. 
  • Let people know who you are. This is deeply connected with what I said before. They need to trust you before giving you any information (or money). Make it clear for them that you are a real person, tell them why they should trust you. You may want to share your credentials, telling them what makes you an expert in your sector. Trust in necessary to build relationships and make them subscribe (and then buy); 
  • Include anti-spam policy. People want to be sure about how you will treat their information. Make it clear that you won’t share their personal data with anyone. Tell them you will use them to create ad-hoc content to improve their life;
  • Send email regularly. If you will be regular in how often you send your content, people will be more likely to open your emails. If you’ll be good enough, they will also be waiting for them.

Other tactics to grow your mailing list 

So far we have seen how you can create your email list and expand it by creating tailored content on your website and social media pages. 
In this paragraph we will list all the further strategies you can implement to find new quality contacts for your email marketing campaign. 
Here’s what you can do: 

  • Hold a contest or giveaway. You can set a spin-wheel on your website. You can create a giveaway and share it on your social media channels. Or you can hold a contest and let followers create content about your brand. The choice is your, but in any case, make sure to put the email as a requirement to participate in these initiatives; 
  • Use sponsors. You can mention other brands or prominent figures in your newsletter. Then you mention it on your social media channels by tagging them and see if they share your post incrementing the subscriptions; 
  • Add CTAs everywhere. Use podcasts, local business listings (e.g. Yelp) and your bios to insert call to actions for subscribers; 
  • Make it local. If you have a local business you can use Foursquare. You can send alert notifications to people who are in your area. You will post there your link to the opt-in landing page; 
  • Organize an event. Create a limited availability event and make email a fundamental requirement to register; 
  • Collect emails during offline events. Exhibitions are great to meet in person prospects, partners and other businesses. Take advantage of these occasions and collect emails by organizing contents or similar initiatives; 
  • Create QR codes and distribute them. You can link your opt-in landing page to QR codes and then print them on your business card, tradeshow posters or any other printed material you will hand to visitors; 
  • Offer courses. You can offer a short course about a subject you have expertise in. Then promote it and ask people to sign-in to your newsletter to get it;
  • Ask subscribers to share. There is nothing better than asking people to do something. Because if you don’t tell them what you want they cannot know it. At the end of your newsletter you can put a CTA prompting them to share your content with friends and colleague. In this way you will have the chance to collect more quality contacts, truly interested in your brand; 
  • Develop partnerships. Find other brands or business specialized in your sector and talk about a partnership. You can promote each other newsletters to your subscribers. It’s a win-win strategy that can really grow your mailing list and strengthen your authority; 
  • Launch a loyalty program. To encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter you can launch a loyalty program requiring their emails. You can also base this program on purchases. This will allow you to also raise your sales and revenues; 
  • Use gated-content. You can take surveys that may interest users and show the results just by filling a form. Or share a preview of an article, an ebook and more, requiring the email to have full access; 
  • Set-up a referral program. Incentives have a huge influence on your customers and subscribers. You can organize a program that will give your subscribers or employees rewards for bringing new people to join the mailing list;
  • Introduce the birthday plan. Make people know that when they sign-up to your newsletter they will receive advantages and special prizes on their birthday. This initiative will help you build long-lasting relationships, showing that you care about them and their lives;
  • Give valuable answers. The internet is full of forums and other sites dedicated to sharing doubts and solutions. You can use Quora, Reddit or any other content-related forum to show your expertise on your sector. The trick is copying the link to the opt-in landing page in each comment; 
  • Gate your presentations. If you give speeches about your sector you can share with your followers and visitors the presentations you made. By using slideshare you can set the email as a requirement for the access; 
  • Use ads. You can both use paid search and native advertisements to drive quality traffic to your website or your opt-in landing page; 
  • Put to use your offline presence. If you are also running a brick and mortar store you can organize a contest. Every time a customer comes in and buys a product you can tell him/her to leave the email to get the chance of winning a prize. You can also set a contest related with a minimum order to make them buy more items. 

Extra tips for segmentation

If you are just starting with your email marketing campaign you have to focus on establishing and nurturing a mailing list. Yet, sooner or later you will have to start segmenting your contacts
This mean creating separated lists to share with them tailored content that will engage them the most. Personalization is a key factor for the success of your business. Being able to give your customers what they want, at the right time, is a winning strategy to build a valuable asset for the future. 
Here below you can find two extra tips and tricks about email marketing. They will both help you grow your mailing list and start segmenting your contacts: 

  1. Give your visitors the chance to choose which content they will receive. Allow them to choose among the most relevant content for them (e.g. promotions, news, recommendations, etc.);
  2. Set-up a range of opt-in incentives according to the interests of your audience. 


In this article we went through a long set of tips and tricks that will allow you to easily expand your contact list. 
Email marketing is a huge opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with your clients that will allow you to raise the revenues and improve the image of your brand on the long run. 
By creating an email list filled with quality contacts you will also be able to nurture your audience. This will allow you to have an even greater influence on their preferences and shopping habits. 
Now you have all the information you need to set up a mailing list campaign that will boost your business. 
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