7 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Organic Reach on Instagram

7 simple strategies to boost your organic reach on Instagram

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With 1 billion active users every month, Instagram is one of the most powerful social networks for businesses. Despite being part of Facebook, Instagram is very different when it comes to boost organic reach. In fact, it’s easier to reach your audience with your post. Yet, if you want to boost your results even more, we have some simple tricks that will help you. 

By following these strategies you will be able to improve the visibility of your posts. All of this without spending money in ads or other promotional campaigns. This is perfect if you have a low budget and you need to raise your awareness or engagement. 

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Now, let’s go back to Instagram and let’s see together how you can boost your reach without spending a cent in advertising. 

#1 Create content thought for Instagram only

When you work alone, it’s not easy to create different content according to each social channel you are using. We understand that, but still you should force yourself to find the best content for Instagram only. Otherwise, if you publish the same content on all your channels users will stop following on one of them at least. 

What if you have amazing content like images, or videos, that you think are suitable to every channel?

Then be sure to write ad-hoc captions, different from one channel to another when you post it. 


#2 Post less but best 

This second strategy will help you to put in place the first one. When you look for Instagram articles, you will find articles recommending you to post more than once per day. Yet, posting low quality content at high frequency won’t bring you benefit. This means that the best strategy is to post top quality content, even if less frequently

The key is to post relevant and quality content that is more likely to engage your target audience. 


#3 Select the right time 

Hours and days of the week have a huge impact on your organic reach. In fact, there are ups and downs when it comes to the activity of users. Thanks to the insights section of Instagram you can understand when it’s better to publish. Also keep in mind who your target audience is, because the perfect timing depends also on the time-zone of your audience. 


#4 Leverage User Generated Content 

User Generated Content is a powerful tool for every business.

They promote your brand cost-free because they are created and shared by your clients. They build trust and awareness for your brand, but they also show and promote loyalty. 

Using UGC on Instagram can improve your reach. Remember to always ask permission and tag the user who created the content. 

If you are not sure about how to use user generated content you can follow our guide. 


#5 Find the most engaging format 

Instagram is the place where high quality images reigns. Yet, one of the most relevant trends of the digital marketing, including social media, it’s the use of videos. 

This kind of content is more engaging. Videos attract the attention of the users and, if done right, they keep it till the end. 

This is why, every business should include a video marketing strategy. Not only for their social media channels, but for every communication channel they use. 


#6 Fill your Instagram with stories and lives 

We already said that videos work. And they work even better when they are used in stories or live streaming. 

Stories and live videos give you the chance to appear immediately in the feed of your audience. As you know, in fact, the first thing you see when you open Instagram is a list of stories. 

And if one of your content is live, you will see it even before! Not to mention that Instagram send you a notification when people you follow go live. 

Stories are powerful even when they have no video format. You can use images, polls, gifs and every other content your audience will like. 


#7 Use strategic hashtags 

Instagram is famous for the use of #hashtags to label content. If you want to reach more people without investing in your money, you should use them in the best way. There is no magic formula to know which and how many hashtags you should use. But there are many platforms that will allow you to track the performance of an hashtag

The key here, is to remain relevant to your audience.



Instagram is a powerful channel. Thanks to the amazing images and interesting videos people find inspiration for the next purchase. In other words, Instagram is a platform where you can expand your business, promote brand awareness, gain trust, and engage. If you want to do it right and get the best out of it, you can use these strategies. They will help you to expand your audience and reach new prospects that you can turn into loyal customers

If  you want them to become loyal and brand advocates, sharing useful, relevant and quality content won’t be enough. You have to meet their needs and desire, giving them to the best shopping experience. 

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