7 Smart Ways to Leverage Facebook Groups for Your Business

7 Smart ways to leverage Facebook Groups For your Business

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Facebook is a huge tool for your business. There you can create your Page and leverage social commerce. You can use it to grow your mailing list or feed your funnel. It is the best tool to engage with your clients and create relationships with them, also taking advantage of user generated content. Yet, business always focus on Facebook Ads, losing the opportunity to leverage powerful tools like Facebook Groups. 

If you are a digital entrepreneur, you know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd of small and medium businesses.

In this sector you have to make sure you are leveraging every tool you have at your disposal. Including Facebook Groups. 

Everyone is part of, at least, one group on Facebook. Whatever your interest, Facebook has a group for you. They are the place where strong communities origin. Knowing how valuable communities are for businesses, it’s clear the brands and companies started to take advantage of Facebook groups. And you should do the same. 

Why to join Facebook Groups for business

Facebook Groups are born to gather together people with a common interest. This means that joining a Facebook group you will have the chance to target a specific audience
Second, engaging with a community gives you the opportunity to improve your brand awareness and raise your authority. You can help people solving their problems and finding the right answers to their questions. In this way you will show them your expertise and, most important, your availability. 
Finally, Facebook Groups are the perfect place where to collect information and data that you can use at your advantage.

Why to create your own Facebook Group 

Joining a Facebook Group related to your business or niche is important. It helps you promote your brand, but it doesn’t give you the freedom of leading the discussion

This is why you should create your own group. Today, when you create a Facebook page, you can also create one or more groups connected to it. But remember, Facebook Groups are not about you or your brand. They are about the community. Its problems, its needs. So, find the right angle that will allow you to target a specific audience. You can create a group for every audience you want to communicate to. 

This allows you to control the experience and leverage that group to reach a specific goal. 
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How to create a Facebook Group for your business 

Creating your own group is easy. The platform gives you all the tools you need to do it in a few minutes. 

Let’s follow all the steps together: 


1. Create the group 

First thing first. You have to go to your Facebook Page you click on the more icon […] and choose the option Create Group
You will be asked to choose a name. Remember that it has to be easy to recognize and connect to your target.  For example, we chose Dropshipping & Ecommerce Community, because our group is dedicated to all the e-commerce entrepreneurs. 
Finally, you have to choose a privacy option. Closed group  are perfect if your audience what to share thoughts that they don’t want to be accessible to the public. Private groups are destined to super-exclusive audiences (e.g. premium member or very private matters). 

2. Personalize the group 

Once you have created the group, it’s time to give it the right appearance. You want it to be appealing for potential group members. So what can you do? 
First, you choose a cover. Don’t make it about your business, but pick the image that explains the purpose of the group. 

Second, you add a description. In this way, group members or potential ones, will be able to know what the group is about. Make it clear that you have created the group to help and support the community and your prospects. 

Third, you add tags. Look for the best keywords and add them to your group so that people will find it via search.  

Finally, if your group is related to a specific area, you can add a location. Otherwise, choose the Global option. 

3. Invite people 

You can invite your clients leveraging your email marketing campaign. In fact, you can promote your group on your Facebook page and on other social media.

Moreover, you can talk about your group with clients via phone (if you  have direct contact with them). And you can even add an invitation on your store or website. For example, you can insert it at the end of the checkout process, when you thank them for buying your products. 


4. Set up Group Rules

In this way, group members will be sure of the way you want them to act inside of your group. Rules are necessary to give them limits and make the communication flow without problems. 

You can pin the post where you explain rules or welcome group members at the top of the group dashboard. Here you can send them to read the Rules of the group. 


5. Start posting 

The final step is to fill your group with valuable and engaging content that will help you build that community. 

Tips and Tricks to handle a Facebook Group for your business with success  


1. Give values to your group members 

We already said it, but the goal of the group should be promoting your business by giving your clients the value they need. It could be special discounts or announcements about your products. Or you could give them post-purchase support and help in solving their problem. You want to give them value according to the description and the goal of your group

2. Build the community 

Your goal is to build a community of people. This is how you can leverage relationship marketing, establishing bonds between your brand and the users. 

To build the community you have to take part and help them engage with post, supporting one another. 


3. Educate your public 

Educating your group members is an important step to turn them into customers and brand advocates. While posting ad-hoc content in the group and driving the conversation while answering to others’ posts, you will be able to educate them. 

4. Invite sector leaders to the group

This strategy works as influencer marketing, if you think about it. You need to find influencers and leaders of your niche, ask them to join your group and make them engage. In this way, they will help your prospects to make buying decisions. 

5. Discuss and promote events 

Whether you organize or take part in events with your business, you share this information with your group members. 

Not only that, but you can also use the group to discuss current trends or changes of the market

Let’s suppose that your group is about social media, keep up with the news and use every information to start a discussion about it. Not only will you make people engage, but you can also collect valuable insights. 


6. Collect and use User Generated Content 

UGC are content created by your clients without you asking for them. They are powerful tools that will promote your brand at low cost. Using their content and sharing them with your community will make you more reliable in the eyes of other prospects. They help you improve brand awareness, trust and conversions. 

7. Give & Collect Insights 

Facebook groups are the perfect place where to collect information that will help you in your business strategies. These data are fundamental and precious for your brand, so make sure to use them. 
You can use Facebook groups to share insights too. When group members post their testimony or stories, you can screenshot their posts and create an album where to put all these contents. In this way, your users will be able to have this information at their disposal without spending too much time while analyzing every group post. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you know it. Facebook Groups are a valuable instrument to raise your awareness, trust and engagement

If you want to make the most out of your business strategy, you should include them in your plan. 

Creating a group is easy and fast, but managing it at your best means committing yourself. This is why, if you don’t have a community manager, you should limit the number of groups you are in or you create

In uDroppy, we created our Facebook Group to support digital entrepreneurs in their everyday life. There, they can share their story, find solutions to their problems and answers to their doubts. 

If you are working in the e-commerce world and you want to connect with a community full of insights and experts, don’t forget to join our Dropshipping & ECommerce Community!

We can’t wait to welcome you in our Family. 


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