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Branded freebies

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Whether you work in the tourist industry, in the pharmaceutical one or in any other business, you know freebies are important. Promotional merchandise is a strong marketing tool that can promote your brand and visual identity

As a brand, you can use freebies in events, exhibitions, fairs and to advertise the launch of a new project or product.
uDroppy is the integrated e-commerce platform that will source quality products for you. We will take care of the entire process, from beginning to end. This means that we will also customize the products and ship them to you.
In this article we will tell you how we can help you find good quality freebies for your business. 

Importing freebies from China

Corporate merchandise includes all those products that you customize to give away to the public. Regardless of the nature of the event, they are usually low-cost products. This is why, the first choice of every business is looking for products from China.
Usually, brands can source freebies from China and customize them after. Or they can recourse to a local company that will offer a consistent list of products to be branded.
Let’s see this two options in details:

  • In the first case, companies will do online researches. Once found a couple of Chinese providers they will ask for a quotation. Ending up choosing the most convenient one, placing a bulk orders and waiting for the delivery. After this, they will have to look for a local customization service. They could find it both in their nation or in another one (if prices are more convenient). In any case, they will have to ship to them the products and then receive them back once branded. As you can imagine, this process is long and, in the end, very expensive.
  • In the second case, they will use the service of a customization provider. In this way they will shorten the waiting period and the costs. Yet, the online companies that offer services of branded freebies and other corporate gifts, can be expensive too. They will surely add an extra costs for the customization, and raise the initial unit price of the item. The same item you would have bought at a lower charge from a wholesaler.

Regardless of your choice, your brand will spend a lot of money (and time if you choose the first option). But that is not even the worst part! When you buy from a Chinese wholesaler or from a low-cost customization company, you are never sure of quality.
You could receive faulty products or freebies with mistakes in the printing of your logo. 
Finding a trustable partner is not easy and it may cost you a lot of money. So what is your best choice when sourcing freebies for your business?
You have to ask yourself some questions:

  • Is this event worth spending this budget?
  • Will this investment give my brand some return?
  • Are there better choices?

We cannot help you with the first two questions, but we have the answer to the third one. Yes, you can now have the perfect partner for your freebies without extra expenses.

Branded freebies, cost-effectively, with uDroppy

Today, you can have low-cost promotional merchandise without giving up on quality.
Thanks to uDroppy. We are the platform that will provide you with quality freebies and a complete service.
In details, we take care of:

  • sourcing every kinds of product you need. We have a network of factories that allows us to provide you with every product on the market. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we will be able to assure you the most competitive price;
  • providing you with a sample. Thanks to our sampling service you will be able to test the products for yourself. In this way you will be sure of the quality and features of the freebie;
  • customization. Working with us you will be able to put your brand on the products (with a minimum order of 500 pieces). We work with the best printing technologies and study your products to give you the best service. Our e-com managers will analyze your case and choose the smartest solution;
  • create your own product. Thanks to our expertise and knowledge, we have the power of creating an ad-hoc product for you. This means we will build the product from scratch giving you the chance of customizing it entirely;
  • quality check. Before leaving our logistic center and start the shipping process we check the products. This allow us to provide you with high quality freebies and reduce problems for both the parties;
  • international shipping. We can ship your products literally to every country of the world. We also take care of the documentation needed to export your freebies from China. In this way you don’t have to worry about anything;
  • customs clearance and last mile delivery. Thanks to our international network of partner we can also take care of these processes. You won’t have to find a courier or deal with customs issues;
  • personal assistance of an e-com manager. Here at uDroppy we care about our clients. This is why we give them a personal assistant that will support them anytime. Our e-com manager are experts of the sector and able to help you with any issues you may face.

Working with uDroppy you don’t have to give up quality to lower your expenses. We can give you what you need, in the most transparent, coordinated and safest way.

How you can work with uDroppy

If you want to promote your brand with a low budget, but giving away quality freebies, uDroppy is what you need.
You can ask a quotation for a product (or more) by contacting your e-com manager (after creating  your profile) or filling the contact form in the website. 
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