DEBUTIFY: Express your store

DEBUTIFY: Express your store

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Regardless of how much you think a theme can actually determine a conversion, we all know that being able to present an offer with the appropriate effectiveness requires the appropriate tools and Shopify’s free themes do the job in an honest and sufficient way.
However, some of those tools could use some fine tuning or updating, especially since eCommerce is all about standing out, average isn’t ROI-friendly.
This is where the Shopify theme DEBUTIFY hops in and all I can say after personally testing it is that if you want some good news from the e-Commerce world, you better keep on reading.


DEBUTIFY is the theme developed by Ricky Hayes and Raphael Bergeron. I had the chance to interview Ricky for the first episode of My Grand Venture Heroes and, personally, I enjoy seeing how he finalized his umpteenth contribution for the dropshipping community by creating and making available this WHOLE. NEW. FREE. THEME.

Not only he is growing as an influencer in the industry, but he is doing literally anything in his power to have everyone around him grow and prosper as well.

So what is the deal with Debutify?

Throws You In Front of Competition 

As soon as you start using it, you understand that this theme has been designed by people who are profoundly aware of how sales dynamics are in 2020.
All the features and plug-ins are revisited to be fresh and capture the visitor’s attention. Loading times are quantifiable in a heart beat or two and give you the freedom to stand out.


General Features HIGLY Customizable

Every single type of content block is highly configurable, better organized and presents usage suggestions and descriptions that inspire new ways to make the most out of them.

The Header and Footer are literally on fire and designed to help you maximise the impact of your content as well as to collect that lead and fatten your community and/or mailing list.
Perfect for any kind of store, niche and funnel because 100% adaptable to any project.


Exclusive Features

There are a whole set of features already tested that only wait to be discovered, among them I will mention:
The GUARANTEE BAR section with dozens of icons.

The MENU DRAWER that carries all your social media links.
The HEADER LOGO TRANSITION at scroll down from IMAGE TO IMAGE, IMAGE TO WORDING, WORDING TO IMAGE: this is where you see the difference between good and great.
The FOOTER back to top.

And so much more.

Intelligent Responsiveness

You wouldn’t display the same ads on different medias, so why would you display the exact same store on different devices?
Not only the theme is responsive but it’s configurable with different parameters according to the device that will display it.
This is what I personally appreciate the most about Debutify.


Debutify presents itself with multiple plans (Free, Starter, Hustler and Guru), but THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE.
They represent the natural progression of an e-commerce scaler, and each plan has exactly what you need in that phase at the right price. No more plugin fragmentation, separate billing plans, different customer services, infinite loading times, hell user experience.
You can totally tell from here that this has been set up by someone who does exactly what you do.

Customer Support 

In case you forgot, everything mentioned so far is totally free.
Add to this an effective, fast and efficient customer service and you have all you need to rank this theme as the best Shopify has ever seen.
These guys totally understand the needs and urgencies of someone who has a store and marketing campaigns on the go and are there to help.


The similarity of the two names triggered my curiosity, therefore a little comparison is inevitable.
The first impression was this feeling of relief brought by the fact that even though I love the Debute theme, sticking to it through the creation of a whole store will test your nerves and get you to stop more than a couple times to compromise and repeat to your self like a mantra “it’s free, it’s free”.
No e-commerce can afford a $179 booster theme in day one of it’s operativity, that’s campaign money.
However, after my test I understood that Debutify is the superstar version of Debut, the main difference is that through Debute you can do your first store, with Debutify you have everything to do your first store and your first sales.

Debute vs Debutify – FOOTER

The only thing they have in common is that they’re free.


So what happens when you switch to the paid version?
Given that Debutify’s basic theme is just as powerful as Booster (and presents peculiar features that Booster doesn’t have), it all comes down to the plugins and once again Debutify wins the duel.
Instead of giving out a fixed amount of plugins (most of them out of date), they give you a whole pool among which you can choose from.
The number of plugins you can have depends on the plan you’re paying for.
You can also decide to swap them with others along the way to always satisfy your stores’ current needs.
Once again the Debutify team understood the main keywords for who wants to do e-Commece in 2020 is DIVERSITY.
Having tons of stores carrying the same features is inconceivable. It maybe worked in the past, but customers have changed, and the stores that make sales are the one who can interpret this.


Currently Debutify has 22 plugins available, this number is destined to increase.

Besides the popular ones like the DISCOUNT SAVES, RELATED PRODUCTS and the SALES POPUP ones, I really appreciated the inclusion of:
DELIVERY TIME FRAME: for each product to boost customers trust.
SHOP PROTECT: 2020 is the year of extinction for copycats (bye bye), copying ain’t, just dumb. However, to protect yourself against those who love to damage your business right in the middle of scaling, here is the perfect plug-in that will disable, images copy, images drag & drop, product text copy and article text copy.
-TRUST BADGES: it finally takes literally one click to make your customer feel more secure.
COLLECTION ADD TO CART: that enables you to add the item to your cart and get to the checkout page without passing by the product details page
CART COUNTDOWN and LIVE VIEW are very powerful tools to help you summon the scarcity daemon and get you customer to hit that checkout button.
IG FEED: can’t miss in the era of microbrands!



This theme deserves a 10 plus without any doubt.
Because I can clearly imagine the whole Debutify team sitting at a table, brainstorming a list of all the dysfunctions and obsolete situations that characterise the current Shopify themes environment and then getting to work to change the status quo.
And they did a great job. 
Plus, that’s exactly how uDroppy was born 😛
For the Debutify team: don’t stop guys, continue changing the paradigm, expand and get the whole industry. Become the standard by allowing differentiation!


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