Efficiency, Speed and Intuitivity: the New uDroppy Platform

Efficiency, speed and intuitivity: udroppy platform

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Continuous improvement is the key for innovation and success in any field and in every era. With its new platform uDroppy shows once again its commitment to find new and better solutions for you.

uDroppy is the fully integrated e-commerce platform designed to automate the complex processes of your work. We aim at making the life of digital entrepreneurs like you easier and more efficient. To reach this goal we focused our business in different areas.
Let’s see them in details.


Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that allow people to create a low-risk brand.
Thanks to our platform, dropshippers can sell quality products on their favorite CMS. At the moment we have a complete integration with Shopify. But our tech department can find the best tailored solution for you.
If you are a dropshipper you can leverage the support of the most reliable and complete partner on the market: us!
Here at uDroppy we will: source products for you. We can source every product on the market (including the ones you see on AliExpress and Alibaba). Thanks to the direct contact with factories, we offer the lowest price when compared to the products quality.
Here at uDroppy, proving you quality products means the world to us. It helps you give your customer a satisfying shopping experience. I am sure you know that today it’s a key asset for the survival of every business.
To make sure you give the best experience to your clients, we also ship your products fast. We can deliver to every country of the world in 7-15 days. What’s more, we give you and your clients real tracking numbers to check the delivery status.
With us you won’t deal with third parties products. The catalogue you see in our platform is a own products list. This is what allow us to respond to special requests from our clients.
When you become a partner of uDroppy, an e-com manager start working with you. E-Com managers are e-commerce experts that help you with technical issues and new products sourcing. They work to find the best solutions and strategies to boost your business.
Our platform is fast, reliable and intuitive. Here you can manage all your stores, products and orders from one unique dashboard. We designed it to make the logistic and technical processes of the job easy.
This means that you can fulfill all your pending orders (even if from different stores) with one payment. In this way you will save time and money.
You will receive all the invoice of your orders in the dedicated section. And you will be able to push a new product on your store immediately with one click.
To sum it up: we help dropshippers taking care of all the complex operations. We source every product, check the quality, ship it fast and worldwide. We also provide tracking codes, invoices and automation of products import and orders fulfillment. And don’t forget that you will be supported by an e-com manager!
Thanks to us, you will have the time to focus on UX and marketing to become a key player in your sector.


If dropshipping doesn’t work for you and you want to start buying huge amount of products to handle directly the shipping phase, you can buy in bulk.
The bulk strategy is popular. Lots of companies buy products in great quantities to reduce the unit price and save money.
With uDroppy you can buy products in bulk. We take care of product sourcing. All you have to do is reaching out to your e-com manager and ask a quotation for a product. We can find every product currently on the market.
The direct cooperation with factories make quality products easy to find and cost-effective.
If you buy in bulk you can also make some customization requests. We have the power of creating white labeled products. Our e-com manager will study your product to find the best printing technology and positioning. We can also print your logo on the products packaging to offer an extraordinary customer experience.
If this is not enough, just know that you can request the modification to some of the product specifications (e.g. color). Furthermore, we can create your product from scratch and build it according to your needs.
Buying branded products in bulk is a powerful strategy for your business as brading becomes every day more important.
We don’t limit ourselves to source, create and customize a product. We do the quality check before shipping your order to your warehouse. Whenever you are, we can deliver it to you. We will also take care of all the export documentation, of custom clearance and last mile delivery. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything after choosing the quality and quantity of products.
Of course, before you decide if you want to work with us, we can send you a sample of the product. The sampling service is a key asset for both of us, allowing you to see for yourself the quality of our goods.
In case you have a low budget and you want to spare some more money, we can offer you shipping via boat. It will take 35 days from our logistic center to your country, and it will cost way less of the air mail. If you want a quick shipping, though, the airway is the best option.

Virtual Warehousing

Whether you are a dropshipper or not, you can use our virtual warehouse service.
You know that the higher the number of products, the lower the cost per unit. To enable every entrepreneur to buy great amount of products, without the need of renting a warehouse, we created this service. To leverage the virtual warehouse you need to buy a consistent number of products and ask to store them in our logistic centre. We will take care of shipping your products to your customer every time you receive an order.
Whatever is the service you choose, we will always take care of product sourcing, branding, fulfilment and shipping. Delivering your products fast, all over the world, with real tracking numbers.

The new platform

The continuous research for excellency is the driving force of the new platform. From the new design, to the amazing features, it is thought to be faster, more reliable and more efficient.
Let’s see together some of the new characteristics:

  1. Improved responsiveness, this means that you can manage your account from every device. Working everywhere, anytime, is important to you and, of course, this makes it important to us;
  2. Faster loading. You can carry out every transaction faster than ever before. This give you more free time to dedicate to your store and brand;
  3. Order fulfilment. With one unique payment you can fulfil every order coming from all the stores you connected;
  4. New filtering and view of products. Searching products on our catalogue is now easier thanks to a new set of filters and the grid view;
  5. New product management. You can push product to your store in real time and with SKU. This makes it easier to identify your product and manage your store;
  6. Shipping comparison. If you sell all over the world, you can now compare shipping costs for a same product;
  7. Virtual Funds. If you want to save money and time, you can buy the uDroppy Funds. We have a dedicated section where you can buy funds (each costs 1 dollar) and check the history. They make the fulfillment of order faster and safer, allowing you to travel all over the world while working without worrying about the safety of transactions;
  8. New Billing Info Setting. You can create many set of invoice data to better suits your need and have a faster checkout process.

These are some of the extraordinary new features of our platform. Here at uDroppy, giving you speed, safety and efficiency is at the core of our actions. This is why our entire team works to improve our service, everyday.
Discover how the new platform can better suits your needs and help you become a top digital entrepreneur.
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