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Email marketing strategies and tactics

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Winning your users’ attention it’s never easy. Even more in the digital era, when information are all around them and they have no time to waste. 

Email marketing is the most effective marketing tool for every business. We already explained you why in one of our previous articles. Yet, to get the highest ROI (Return on Investment), you have to create powerful campaigns.
Today, we will reveal you some tips and tricks you can use to make your email marketing more effective. By following these guidelines you will be able to win your users’ attention. Which means that you will stand out from your competition, too.
Let’s see what we are talking about in details.

Personalize but with more than the recipient name

Automation email services allow you to add the name of your addressee automatically. In this way you personalize the email by putting the recipient name in it.
It is true that this trick has helped to improve the opening rates and the spam avoidance. Yet, personalizing the recipient name is not enough anymore.
Users now do not trust companies that use this technique. They want to build a relationship with the brand before giving them trust and confidence. 
In this case, the best solution is to personalize the emails in other unique ways. Take advantage of every information you have. Previous purchases, preferences, interests, histories of your clients and leads are important.
See how Priceline uses customers purchases and history to personalize its content.
Of course, you will have to use the data you have at your disposal. In any case, remember that personalization is important. Stats show that a personalized email message can improve CTR up to 14% and conversions up to 10%.

Choose carefully when to send your email

The hour and day of the week you decide to send your email has a huge impact on your results.
Usually, companies send their business emails during the day. This is why the best time to send an email is between 8pm and midnight.
In fact, studies show that emails sent in this period have higher opening rates and CTR (Click-Through Rate).
The same works with weekend days. In fact, it’s easier to have your emails opened and read on Saturday and Sunday. 
This is due to the lower number of email received, that gives your messages a higher chance of opening.
Let’s make something clear, though. This doesn’t mean that it will be the best time for your brand.
You should test and compare different timing to understand which day and hour you should send to get the best results.

Don’t be too pushy, think about frequency

One of the biggest mistakes of poor email marketing is the excessive number of emails sent in a week.
In fact, not only it matters when you send your email during the day and the week, but also how many times you do that.
Frequency has a huge impact on your email marketing results.
Users receive hundreds of emails and messages everyday.
You may think that sending an email per day is the best strategy, because in this way you will always be in their inbox. Yet, sorry to make you notice, this is the best way to make your users unsubscribe.
Nobody likes pushy brands.
We are sure you don’t like them either.
So how you make them remember that you exist and that you can solve their problem  without making them sick of you?
Sending two emails per week, at most, is going to make you be always present in their inbox, without losing them.
Again, this is the general guideline. You should also test what is the best option when it comes to frequency to get better results. It all depends on your audience and content. 

Mobile email marketing

Numbers are clear. 53% of emails are opened via mobile.
Mobile devices are becoming always more important. Both for users and for brands.
What does it means?
That you have to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly.
You will need a responsive design that allows your email to adapt to the mobile device of each user. Moreover, you should check the font size is big enough to make your email readable on a mobile device.
If you insert a CTA (Call To Action), make it clear and easy to gasp.
You can also insert buttons. Stats say that they increase conversion rates by as much as 28%. This meaning, they are more powerful than a link.
Long story short, make your email functional both on your desktop and mobile.

Include exclusivity and urgency in your email marketing campaign

Exclusivity and urgency are powerful tools to raise conversion. You should use them in your store as well as in your messages.
Apple used exclusivity as a drive for its success. It’s what made it a multi-millionaire global company despite having only a small share of the industry.
In email marketing these factors will allow you to raise open rates, subscriptions and conversion.
Make information, products or other material available only to subscribers. In this way, you will create exclusive campaigns, raising the interested in your newsletter.
As we said, urgency is another booster for conversions. It activates the consumer’s brain and the need to buy immediately.
To instill urgency give your customers deadlines. You could offer them limited edition products or special offers to be bought or used in a specific period of time.

Give something to your subscribers

As we told you, and we are sure you already knew, people receive hundreds of emails and ads everyday. They do not have the time to check everything they receive, this is why you should give them incentives.
Giving something free within your emails is a driver that raise both opening and clicks.
What should you give for free?
Well, it depends on your customers and their needs or interests.
If you have a store you would probably want to give coupons and discounts to make them likely to buy. You can give free shipping codes or add a free products with every purchase.
If you sell online courses, you could give free booklets or something similar.
Study your audience and find the right freebie that they would love to receive. 

Engage your audience by making your message intimate

Email marketing is so powerful because it helps you educate and engage your leads. If you are able to create a successful email marketing strategy, you will turn leads into loyal customers.
To reach this goal, you will need to create true and durable relationships with them. This means that you will have to be able to make them trust  you.
Using the pronoun YOU will multiply your chances of success.
It will make them understand that you care about them and that your focus is your customer and not money.

Use the cliffhanger technique

Used in literature, cinema and tv-shows, cliffhangers are powerful tools to keep the customers’ attention.
In these sectors, cliffhangers are the shocking revelation moments at the end of a chapter, movie or episode.
Of course, you will have to adapt this technique to email marketing, but the goal is the same. You want to create expectations for the next emails so that they will be likely to open it and read it.
You can do it either by starting a list of points that you will finish in the further email. Or, by simply make anticipations about the next email content.

Improve your performance with interactive content

Interactive content can help you catch the attention of your addressees and keep it till the end of your email.
Interactive contents are more engaging and will help you win your competition. This is why they are also better when it comes to other communication channels (e.g social media, website, etc.)
There are many types of interactive content you can use. Among them: infographics, videos, surveys or quizzes, calculators, images, gifs or custom fonts.
Since this kind of content is vital for the success of your message you have to check if they load quick. You should also include relevant image alt tags, so that users can at least have an idea of your image, while it load. Or if it doesn’t load at all.
We know that the loading issues can depend on the connection and email service provider. Yet, you have to make sure to create your email at your best.

Set drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are useful for your business. A drip campaign is an automated set of emails. You can set it and send it to customers after they trigger a particular action. 
They can be set to respond and adapt to customer behaviors. Things like: subscriptions, download, purchases and much more.
Drip campaigns are useful because they help you convert your prospects into loyal customers. They also educate your leads, improve engagement and sales and retain customers.
This is why they are part of the lead nurturing processes. It is also one of the main reasons why email marketing is so successful. It helps you create relationships with your clients.

The Subject line: length and content

Stats say that the length of a subject matters.
According to these studies subject lines longer than 70 characters improve the CTR. While subjects shorter than 49 characters raise the opening rates.
Of course, you should choose the subject length according to your needs. Make it clear if your prefer to raise opening or CTR.
Despite this, make sure you avoid subject lines with a length between 60 and 70 characters.
Yet, not only it matters how long your subject line is, but also its content.
Remember that click-bait titles do not work. They are perfect if you only care about opening rates, but not if you want to keep your leads and turn them into clients.
This kind of subject line is catchy, but not consistent with the content of the email. This give your users a bad experience, lowering their trust in your brand and pushing them to unsubscribe.
You  have to create ad-hoc and terrific subject lines able to reflect the spirit of your brand and the content of the email.

Segment your audience to improve your performance

Segmentation is one of the most powerful tool for email marketing. And also other advertising campaigns.
Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue.
If you are a dropshipper or an e-commerce business owner these are the best categories you can use to segment your leads:

  • demographics: age, gender, job title and similar. They help you better understand who your customer his and what their interests are. This is important because a student and an executive will look for different products and prices;
  • location. This factor allows you to create ad-hoc campaigns according to the geographical position of your customers. If you are running a marketing campaign in U.S., it makes no sense to show it to Italian users. This allow you to better focus your time and resources;
  • preferences. Amazon knows well how to use preferences to improve customer experience. Creating personalized path and messages according to them will raise both sales and retention;
  • the buyer journey. If you know in which phase of the funnel your prospect is, you can better shape messages. In this way you can raise conversion. The same technique works with the customer lifecycle. These factors help you shape the content in welcome, re-engagement and follow-up emails;
  • open and CTR. Dividing engaged customers from non-engaged ones is important. It helps you better focus your energy and resources in the future.

A/B Testing as a key to success

Testing is important to understand what is working and what is not. This is why is such a fundamental practice in marketing. 
Whether you are sending an e-mail or creating a social media campaign it’s the same. Testing will help you get the best out of it and invest your money and time in most fruitful way.
Of course, you will need a clear strategy also when it comes to testing. You can’t randomly change subjects, fonts or colors, hoping that the answer will fall right into your hands.
Let’s give a first look to the variables that you can test in an email

  • Subject line;
  • CTA;
  • landing page;
  • target audience;
  • personalization options;
  • design;
  • images;
  • sender name.

These are only some example of what you can test to improve your email marketing results.
But how are you going to do it?
First things first, you have to segment your leads into categories.
A first start could be to split your contacts into “engaged” and “non-engaged” users. In this way you can separate people that do not open your emails from those who do.
Thanks to this, you will understand if they are not engaged because they are not interested or if there is a problem with your content.
Once you have segmented the audience you can create two emails that differs only because of one factor. That could be the Subject line (if you have problem with open rates) or the CTA (if you have low CTR).
You send one version to half of each group, and the other version to the remaining half.
In this way you will both have a clearer idea about what either the engaged and non-engaged leads prefer.
Check the results, compare them to the previous performances and indexes and try to understand which option is the favourite.
Factors like subject line length and CTA can be fixed fast and can help you improve your results right away.


In this article we saw the best tips and tricks you should use to improve your email marketing strategy.
By following these guidelines you will boost your email marketing performances, taking your ROI up to the stars.
Email marketing is a very useful and powerful tool for your brand, but still you have to use it right. A good email marketing campaign is not enough for your e-commerce business, you also need a trustable, fast and complete partner like uDroppy. 
Here at uDroppy we always know what you need to become a top-player of the market. We do our best to give you all the resources and solutions to help you reach your goal easily. 
If you want some more strategies, keep following our social media channels and blog.
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