Etsy: How to Dropship With the Handmade Platform

Etsy how to dropship with the platform for handmade

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54 million members, 35.8 of which are active buyers, and almost 2 million sellers. These are the numbers that make Etsy an appealing opportunity for every business.
 We why you are so interested in Etsy, either as a selling platform or products source. Yet, you should consider every aspect before taking action.
Here at uDroppy, our mission is bringing your business to success. This means giving you a complete service (quality products, fast shipping, personal assistance, etc.) and all the information you need. You can’t make the best choices if you don’t have the right information. 
In this article, we will share with you all the pros and cons about using Etsy for your dropshipping store.

Etsy, the handmade platform 

Etsy is a platform created in 2005, in the US. The goal is to empower artists and craftsmen to sell their handmade products.
Covering a very specific niche, it became one of the most popular platforms on the internet.
As I said before, it has 1.98 million of sellers dealing and creating more than 50 million products.
It has strict requirements. On Etsy you can only sell: handmade products, vintage products (at least 20 years old) and craft supplies.
Thanks to quality, uniqueness and transparent transactions, Etsy earned customers’ loyalty. This is why more then 35.8 millions of users purchase on Etsy.
Browsing the platform you will find quality products, handmade and different from one another.
Not to mention that Etsy assures the safety of transactions for both the client and the seller.
Thanks to all these factors, the handmade platform has grown and now can count on a great community of users.
We understand why you think Etsy can boost your business. Yet, despite all these benefits, there are disadvantages that will change your mind.

Why you can’t dropship on Etsy 

Being a platform dedicated to handmade, Etsy is not for retailers.
This is why dropshipping is not possible on Etsy.
According to Etsy policy you can resell, but only vintage products or craft supplies. Yet, to sell on Etsy, you have to set your location and give all the information of your manufacturer. This allows the platform to make users safer and prevent scamming.
There is a very specific list of products you can sell. You can find all the details here.
The only way you can do dropshipping without any problem is by designing your own products (e.g. t-shirts). In this case you can use the platform to sell them as you are the genius behind it.
Even if you would have a set of products you can sell on Etsy, it would cost you a lot.
The platform asks 0.2 dollars as listing fee for every product listed plus the 5% for every transaction. Not to mention that the listing fee expires after 4 months.
As you can see, it’s quite expensive at the end of the day.

The drawbacks of using Etsy to source products

Even if you are not considering Etsy as a selling platform, you may still considering to use it as a source of products.
Etsy has unique, handmade products. You may find this attractive if you want to differentiate from the competitors. Yet, there are several reasons why you should change your mind about it.
Dropshipping products from Etsy sellers can be a good idea, unless you want to create a long-lasting business. If you decide to use handmade products from Etsy, you must be aware of their unsustainability. This means that sellers will never be able to handle the growing demand of products.
If a provider runs out of products, usually you can find another one and keep selling. When it comes to handmade products that are unique, this cannot happen. If your Etsy provider cannot meet the needs of your clients, you will have a problem. You won’t be able to find a substitute for the same product, making your clients unhappy.
Furthermore, handmade products need longer time. Your clients will have to wait more time to receive their products.
Lacking of products and long waits endanger your business. They give your customers a negative experience that results in client loss. And we all know you can’t have a business with no clients, right?
If that is not enough, you have to keep in mind that Etsy has some serious geographic limitations. Being a US company, it has to respect the related economic sanctions and trade restrictions. This means you cannot sell products in or from specific countries.
Last but not least, products on Etsy has higher costs. It depends on their uniqueness, but it can be a serious problem for your store. Whether clients are likely to pay more to get quality and fast shipping, you can’t be too pushy. At the same time, you have to add some margin if you want to keep running your business.
Do you see my point?
Etsy is a successful platform. But if you don’t have handmade products is not the right place for you. Nor if you want to create a long-lasting, scalable business that will make you money.

The solution: uDroppy

Whether you are a professional dropshipper, or a newbie looking for inspiration, we have what you need.
It’s called uDroppy and is the integrated platform that will make your life easier. Thanks to us you won’t have to worry about problems with clients:

  • we give you owned quality products and we ship them all over the world fast;
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  • we give you the personal support you need. With a dedicated e-com manager that will give you information and insights to scale up;
  • we can sell you products in bulk and we can customize them to create your own brand.

These are only some of the incredible features of our platform. You can discover them all for free creating an account.
Create your account here, now.
Thanks to our services, digital entrepreneurs are scaling up their businesses. They are creating a future asset, a real brand that makes them proud of their work.


We have seen together why Etsy, the handmade platform, is not suitable for dropshippers.
Having all the information is fundamental when running a business. If you don’t make the right choice you could invest a lot of money without any results, or worst, with huge losses.
This is why we like to share with you everything we know. Because we want to give you the opportunity to build a real, trustable, scalable business.
Here at uDroppy, our partners are our world. We care about them and we empower them to make their best.
Let’s have a chat and talk about the future of your business. Register for free and get in contact with your e-com manager
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