Facebook Ads: Benefits and Strategies for Your Business

Facebook ads: benefits and strategies for your business

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Why should you run Facebook Ads with your business account? 

If you have a business, we are sure that you want people to get to you and buy from you. Whether you sell a product or a service, this is you main goal: to sell. 

Businesses, today, must be present throughout offline and online channels to get the most out of their marketing effort. It’s the only way they can win customer attention and the competition. Meaning, it is the only way their business will keep alive and health.

With it’s 1.47 billion people active every day, globally, Facebook is for sure one of the main channel where to share content and do marketing. 

In this article, we will go through Facebook ads, understanding why you should do it and how.


As always, we are at the forefront, giving you all the best strategies, information and resource you need to be a top player.


Why to choose Facebook and do Facebook ads  

Facebook is the third most-visited website after Google and YouTube. It’s used worldwide by billions of people, of which 1.47 active daily. 

With these numbers in mind you should see the convenience of being of Facebook by yourself.

Yet, if this is not enough to convince you, let’s talk about how Facebook can influence people to buy. In fact, stats show that 78% of American consumers discover products that they bought, afterwards, thanks to Facebook. Not bad, right? 

Not to mention that American users represent only around 10% of Facebook users.


This is what makes Facebook such a powerful and relevant tool for your business. Here, customers can get to know you. They can discover your values and your mission, find products, establish relationships and decide whether to buy from you. 

And it’s not over; in fact, if you please them, they will also go back to Facebook (and other social media) to share their experience with the community. 

This work particularly well with e-commerce. In fact, studies show that the CTR (Click-Through Rate) of e-commerce businesses has tripled in the last years. 


As you can see, we are talking about a complete booster tool for your activity and brand. Yet, the average organic reach of business pages’ posts is around 6.4%. This means that it doesn’t matter how good your content is, you wont’ reach anyone.


How to solve this problem? If you want to reach Facebook users, you will have to start doing Facebook ads.


Here’s a list of the best reasons why to start doing Facebook ads as a business:  

  1. Thanks to the huge amount of information about each user, Facebook is the most effective advertising platform. This is why it keeps registering an increase in advertising revenues every year; 
  2. Setting up a campaign is easy and you will get results almost immediately. Moreover, you don’t need huge investment to get started. This is what makes Facebook both profitable for small, medium and big companies; 
  3. You can target the right audience. Facebook knows every user in depth thanks to the information we share on the platform every day. This is why, it makes possible for you to reach the most relevant users for your business; 
  4. You can personalize Facebook ads campaigns as you like. There is no limit to the number and formats of campaigns you can create thanks to the options provided by the platform. In this way you will be able to create the perfect content for every goal and audience; 
  5. Facebook improves every day, finding new solutions. Facebook is always at work to give you better options, meaning new features. This allows you to make your advertising even easier and more effective.

How To make Facebook Ads Successful

Facebook is a powerful platform to promote your business, and to create iper-targeted campaigns. Yet, during the last years costs of ads kept rising every day despite the fall of reach. This means that you cannot waste money and that you have to create relevant and engaging content. 

Stats say that the average engagement rate is around 4%. Among the engagement actions preferred by the platform: comments and shares, and only then, reactions and likes.

But how can you make sure that you ads will be successful and give you the best ROI (Return on Investment)? 

While it is true that testing is fundamental when it comes to advertising, there are some key factors you should always consider. 

Make it simple

People are always on the run, bombarded with information from almost every company and professional. In other words, they have no time to consider everyone and you should make it easier for them to look and read your ads. 

This is why you should make it simple, avoiding to distract the user with disorder, complexity of elements and concepts, etc. 

Insert only one CTA

Having a CTA (Call To Action) is fundamental when you speak to your audience. Whether it is via organic post, ads or email, it works the same. The best way to make your communication successful, meaning to make them take action, is to insert one clear CTA

Catch the eye of your audience

Today, the Internet and the design technologies, give you the power to do everything you want. You should take advantage of this power to make your users read what you want. 

To help them read your content you can use different colors or patterns, images and animations. All these strategy must be applied to your ads and websites (or landing pages, if you work with Instapage) remembering to make it simple. 

Craft engaging text 

Having a website with the proper colors and positioning, won’t make your users stay if you don’t have a good copy. 

This is why they say that content is king, because it is what sells. 

Make sure that your text have no spelling errors, that you use the language of the audience and, of course, that it is simple. 

This is why you should leverage copywriting or hire a copywriter. Not only to craft your website copy, but also your ads and much more. This includes CTA, that should be visible and engaging. 

Be relevant 

When you create an ads, usually you redirect people to a landing page, your website or your store (e.g. Shopify). In any case, there must be relevance among the two. 

How can you create relevance? 

No, copying the same sentences is not a good choice, but paraphrasing the massage is, as well as using some keywords. 

What makes an ads relevant with your landing are the design and the message. You should make sure that what you say in the ads to make people click is respected in your website. 

For example if you mention a 50% discount in your Facebook ad, you can’t put 40% in your landing. 

Another way to make the message relevant is to make the design of your landing page and your Facebook, similar. This helps you strengthen your brand identity. 

These are fundamental key points to make your ads effective. And you want them to be since you are investing precious budget of your business. 

In the next paragraph we will see how to improve the results of your campaigns thanks to some successful strategies. 

The best strategies for your Facebook Ads campaign

Facebook ads may be new for you, but luckily, marketers all over the world have been using this platform to promote for years now. Thanks to them, we can say that there are some success-proven strategies. They tested and tried them for you, and now you can take advantage of them, knowing they will work. 

#1 Be present both on mobile and desktop

It is undeniable: the use of mobile keeps growing everyday. Does this mean that desktop is dead: not it doesn’t. But it means that you should work on ads campaigns that can perform well both on mobile and desktop

In this way you will get the best out of your marketing campaigns and investment, reaching a wider audience and converting more. 

#2 Know who your buyer persona is

Facebook is perfect if you want to target a specific audience, but first you have to know who you want to talk to. Knowing your buyer persona is fundamental for any kind of marketing strategy, including Facebook ads. 

The web is now a source of infinite information about people. Make sure to leverage this data and do the proper research. Don’t leave everything to your assumption and ideas. 

#3 Know the competition and its work  

Knowing your audience is fundamental, as it is knowing your competition. 

Competitive analysis allows you to see what your competitors are doing and how their audience is responding to it. 

In this way you will understand if you can better respond to customers’ needs and to craft better messages. For example, you could have better prices even if you have the same business. Or you could give a further service that your competitor is not providing to the audience. This is a precious and unique chance to promote your brand and win the competition by talking to the audience and specify what you do best (or cheapest). 

#4 Find the frequency balance for campaigns

People find brands and ads too pushy annoying. If you make them see your ads too much, they will lose interest and you will lose a business opportunity. This means that you  have to find the right balance for your frequency. 

Generally, effective ads do not appear more than five times to the same customer, but you can test and see if your audience has different preferences. 

Once you know what is the best frequency, tell Facebook how many times do you want your ads to appear for each user and what to do once reached the limit. 

#5 Define a PPC strategy 

Ads campaigns means investing your budget. Yet, you can set your campaign according to different criteria. If you want to improve your revenues and the visits to your website you should go for a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategy. In this way you will only pay once the user clicks on your ads. 

If you want to improve your chances of success you should set more than one PPC campaign. It’s what is called A/B testing. In this way you will also gather precious data for your future campaigns. 

  doe an ad, then you create the same ad but you change only one factor. It could be the image, the headline, the CTA and so on. The most important thing is that you change only one thing, otherwise you will never be able to tell what influenced the performance. 

#6 Leverage Facebook Messenger Ads 

Did you know that Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app according to the downloads? 

Setting up an ads campaign on Facebook Messenger is a powerful way to improve the promotion of your business and to boost revenues. 

Thanks to Messenger you not only run campaigns that will reach a wider audience. You will also be able to provide a 24/7 service thanks to chatbots. And you can collect the information of the users like email address, to improve your knowledge of the audience and your future marketing campaigns. 

#7 Use geo-targeting 

Geo-target is part of the amazing and detailed options of targeting Facebook gives you. Thanks to geo-locations you can target only relevant audience, maximizing the return on investment

Geo-target doesn’t mean only choosing US instead of Spain. It means, being able to target people that visit a specific neighborhood. 

This can helps both physical stores and online stores. 

At the end, does it make sense to promote an offer worldwide if it’s limited to your own country or specific towns? 

The answer is no, it doesn’t. 

On the contrary, it can put your business at risks because customers will feel you that you don’t know them. You will make them waste their time. In other words, you will risk losing them. 

#8 Check Ads performance constantly 

What’s the best part of Facebook ads? 

That you can improve your campaign, modifying setting when you need to. This is why it is important to keep your ads monitored

In this way, you will be able to make them as effective as possible. You can change your placement, for example. This may influence the effectiveness of the ads and fight back the natural fall of reach that happens after some days. 

#9 Do retargeting

How many times you see an ad on your mobile while you are commuting, you open the website, you see an amazing product, you put it in the cart, but close because you reached your stop?
It happened to us too. After that you completely forget about that product until you see another ads on your Facebook. You remember, click and buy. 

This is called retargeting and you should put it into practice yourself.

What is retargeting

Since now the customer journey is more complex and goes through many different touch points, people can start an action without completing. It’s your job to make them come back and do it thanks to retargeting.

#10 Use engaging and dynamic content 

Do you want people to see and engage with your ads to complete the desired action? 

Then make your ads interesting and catchy. To do that you can use dynamic content like videos. They are really powerful. In fact, we have some interesting facts that will make you realize that: 

  1. Videos on Facebook can raise brand awareness up to 67% if they are mobile friendly; 
  2. People engage 5X longer in a video than a static post when on Facebook; 
  3. 30% of mobile shoppers affirm that they discovered new products thanks to videos.

This is why video ads has better performance, as well as stories, for example. Stories ads are even more powerful because they are authentic, engaging more your audience. Moreover, they don’t need to be professional, meaning you don’t have to invest a lot in producing them (time and money). 

Another way you could make the ads more catchy is by using emoticons

Yes, we know that it may be strange, but tests have been run and results show that some emojis can improve the engagement. This doesn’t mean that you have to fill your copy with them. 

Remember to use only some relevant emojis, in line with the ones that your audience use. And, most importantly, check that they do not make your text hard to read.  

#11 Keep it inside Facebook 

Sometimes, people do not click on your ads because they don’t want to leave the platform

This is why, when you can, you should keep everything inside the  platform. 

It works when your goal is improve brand awareness for example, making new users to subscribe to your page or your newsletter thanks to the CTA button Facebook offers. 

#12 Leverage Social Proof 

Users trust other users. This is why reviews, testimonials and user generated content can boost your business higher than advertising. 

Using social proof like reviews from other users can help your Facebook ads, improving both your conversions and your brand reliability. 

#13 Set up evergreen campaigns 

Whether your goal is to improve awareness, lead generation or conversion, you can set up evergreen campaigns. They are ads that you set up with a regular timeline (e.g. monthly). 

They are less time-consuming that you think. In fact, all you need to do is to take the old ads, change it and make it more engaging. That’s all. 

#14 Use recent purchase behaviors 

Facebook has access to lots of useful information about your audience. In fact, it allows you to target users according to their shopping behaviors. This means you can see if they are into Clothing, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty and much more. 

Not only this, but Facebook give you also the number of profiles you can reach based on targeting information you set. 

#15 Target based on life events 

Users have the chance to update their profile and set major life events like engagement, birthday, new jobs and much more. 

This means that you can leverage these events to target specific groups of audience. 

Are you a wedding planner? You can target users that got recently engaged.

#16 Leverage Custom audience 

When you talk about custom audience, you are referring to your existing contacts. 

In fact, Facebook gives you the chance to both target custom audience or to exclude it from your campaign. 

This is a very useful option for your marketing strategy. 

In fact, if your goal is to improve customer loyalty or the customer lifetime value (CLV), you can create ad-hoc messages for users already engaged with your brand. 

While, if you want to stimulate brand awareness and set-up first-sale promotions you can exclude them. In this way you won’t waste money. 

#17 Set up lookalike audience 

The lookalike audience gives you the chance to expand your reach. In fact, it allows you to target profiles that are similar to your current audience, according to specific actions. 

Bonus Section: suggestions for an unbeatable Facebook ads campaign

In the previous section of this article we saw 17 proven strategies that will make your ads effective. 

Since uDroppy truly cares about its clients, we want to give you some bonus tips, to make your campaign even more powerful. 

It’s what we do every day: finding the best solutions, strategies and resources to make you a top player.  

The first tip is to take advantage of the layered targeting options of Facebook ads. 

In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself in choosing one of the previous targeting strategies. You can use them all, making your audience more and more specific. 

This allows you to create ad-hoc and super personalized messages for users that have a higher chance of success in converting them. 

The key is to understand the intent and needs of your audience. 

Second, do not split your social shares

A/B testing is good because it allows you to understand what performs better. Yet, creating a lots of different ads versions can be a problem. 

In fact, if you have more than two versions you are splitting your social share, harming the performance of your campaign and losing money. 

To raise the reach of your ads you need social engagement. The more you have it, the more your ads is showed. Not to mention that CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPC (cost per clicks) become lower. Meaning, that the more social share you have on one ads the better it performs. This is why you should focus on maximum two versions. And even then, see which one performs the best and stop the other, to improve the investment. 


Being present on Facebook and doing Facebook ads allows your business to reach a wider audience. 

There are many benefits that come from doing Facebook ads instead of any other marketing campaign. Once you understand them, it’s time to choose the best strategies for you brand. 

We gave you a wide and complete view of the techniques you can use to improve the performance of your campaigns. This is what we can do best, help you and your business. That’s why we take care of the most complex processes of every e-commerce activity. 

We know how important marketing is for you and that you need time and focus to do it at your best. 

Working with uDroppy means that you don’t have to worry about logistic processes, and time-consuming operations. All you have to do is to connect your Shopify store, import our quality products and fulfill orders with one click. The rest is up to us, while you create better and better campaign to promote your business, and engage your audience. 

Want to be a top player? 

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