From Dropshipping to Brand: the Success of Your Business Without Changing Your Work

From dropshipping to brand

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When you have a business you should always look for building a brand. This means creating a business that is easily identifiable. Something memorable, that clients and users will remember, but not only. 

A brand is much more than a name or logo. Is more than design. It is a set of values which are related to your business by customers.

If you are doing dropshipping, you want to do e-commerce without risking all your money in bulk purchases and warehouses costs. 

We understand that. But there is no reason, why you should decide to do branding, while keeping your business safe and sound. 

In this article we want to explain you how you can turn your dropshipping business into a real, powerful brand. In fact, doing it is easy and safe when you work with uDroppy and take advantage of the professional and extensive services we offer you. 

Together, we will see why you should go for branding, what are the challenges and the best solutions. 

Why to build a brand 

Branding is important for every company and professional too. It doesn’t matter what the sector, branding is crucial to change the perception of users. In fact, it is a powerful driving force for businesses, increasing brand awareness, conversions and loyalty. 

When you decide to create a brand, you choose to create a long term business. This means that you give your activity a future. You are creating an asset that will give you value, other than pride and a living. 

Having a brand means having a further leverage in the industry. And this means that your business has a higher value since you will have a firm place in the market. 

Building a brand means also increasing the trust of your users and clients. Trust is fundamental for every business, because if users do not rely on you, they won’t buy. If you want to increase your conversions, you have to prove yourself trustworthy. Branding helps you to do that giving you a recognizable business. 

As we already said, branding means creating a set of values and associate them to your business. This allows you to build your unique asset. In this way you will be able to create a brand that will perceived as you wish. Remember, that to be successful you have to show the same values of your audience. Take this to your advantage and create the business they are looking for. Be the entrepreneur that will solve their problems. In this way you will be able to build the strongest brand on the market, winning your competition and becoming a true top player. 

A further reason to create a brand is to increase the CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value). It’s a index that measure the value of clients during their lifetime span. The customer lifetime value is critical to your business. This is why, our CMO, Luca Borreani, published an article about it. It’s one of the most important indexes you should focus on to assure your business better results and a future. 

The challenges of building a brand 

Now that you understand how powerful branding can be for your business and your revenues, we are sure you want to know more. 

Don’t worry, we are here with all the answers for you, as always. 

Branding is the key for the success and the sustainability of every business, but it’s not as easy as you may think. 

In fact, there are many challenges you will have to face while building your brand. Let’s see them together: 

  • Find a reliable supplier. First, to have a strong brand, you need a supplier you can rely on. You need to have quality products, shipped within reasonable times. You need the right support in case of issues and, moreover, you need customization of products. This is not easy when you look for products from China. You know it already, but the market is full of unreliable partners that will sell you cheap products including a tons of problems. Issues with the quality of products, the shipping, the missing delivery are only some examples; 
  • Write contract and guidelines. Once you found a partner that you think is the right one for you it’s time to plan the contract. Having a contract allows you to protect yourself from future unpleasant drawbacks. Yet, communication with foreign providers is never easy. This is why, you may find it stressful and inconclusive. You will have to send back and forth the contract with modifications and new requests. Even when you will have the contract, it will never be easy to understand each other. The same goes with the guidelines for the creation and customization of products. You will want them to follow your instructions, but you will never be sure they will understand your indications. This can affect your business and create problems with clients; 
  • Find a further provider for the customized packaging. When you build a brand, you want everything to be done right. This means, that not only you will need to customize your products, but also the packaging. This is very important to support your visual identity and to give your clients the best customer experience. To do that, you will need a reliable supplier, able to customize packaging for your products. What does it mean? More problems both for communication and for time-wasting. You will have to communicate with the Chinese factory to receive precise information about the size of your products. Then you will have to share them with the packaging provider. Finally, you will have to sign new contract and guidelines with the last one. This will require you a lot of effort and time, that you will have to cut from your business and marketing strategies;  
  • Bulk purchases and warehouse. Once you have all your suppliers, the contracts and the products, it’s time to buy. If you want to build a brand you will need to buy in stock and then, to store your products in one or more warehouses. This means that you will be able to save from unit costs thanks to the size of your purchase, but then you will have to find and invest in a warehouse. That’s not it, because you will need to manage the warehouse and the local shipping by yourself. This can be fine if you have a dedicated team, but if you work alone, it can mean a lot of stress and headaches (not to mentio
    n the backaches); 
  • Establish the order flow. What is most complex than dealing with packages, warehouses and shipping? Knowing how much you should order and the frequency, to always have products for your clients. The market is unpredictable, there are months where you will sell a lot of products and periods of low sales. Yet, you need to be always ready to give your customers what they need in the right timing; 
  • Import costs. Last, but not least, doing branding like this, means having to pay and deal with customs clearance and import taxes. These operations are never easy and can be a pain point for your business and your life. 

As you can see, there are many challenges you will have to face while building your brand. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this complex. Thanks to our service, you will forget about all these problems and focus only on the benefits. 

The solution: uDroppy and the Virtual Warehouse 

We created uDroppy to solve all the problems of e-commerce entrepreneurs like you. This is why we provide the Virtual Warehouse service. 

In this way you will be able to buy customized products and packaging with ease. We work with the best partners and suppliers, assuring you the quality and the best printing technology to give you branded products. 

You will buy products in stock, without the need of having a warehouse. In fact you can store your orders in our depot without having to deal with shipping and deliveries. 

You will receive your orders on our platform and pay the shipping costs on our platform.  We will take care of shipping your branded products to the final customers with ease. 

What does it means? 

That you can finally do branding without changing the way you work. It’s exactly like doing dropshipping, but with benefits! 

Let’s see together the advantages of our service: 

1. You can have both customized products and packaging. We study every product to find the best printing solutions to help you create a branded stock; 

2. You don’t have to worry about dealing with packaging that may differ from the product in the printing of the logo or the size. We take care of everything, so that you can focus on building the image of your business, without losing time with logistic issues; 

3. We ship your products faster than dropshipping. By having your products in our warehouse, we can ship them to your clients 2-3 days faster; 

4. You can save money. Buying in bulk allows you to save money on the unit costs of the products; 

5. You don’t have to invest in warehouses. Our virtual warehouse service is FREE, meaning we store your products without adding any charge for it.  You will save money, time and headaches; 

6. You don’t have to deal with import taxes. We take care of everything to make your products arrive to the final customer; 

7. You don’t have to pay the shipping prices until you fulfill the orders. This means that you don’t have to invest a lot of money for shipping and delivery until you need it.

As you can see, working with us and taking advantage of the virtual warehouse, means having the best of both world: branding and dropshipping.

How to do branding with uDroppy 

Building a brand with uDroppy is easy as it sounds. We give you everything you need to turn your dropshipping store into a real brand with a future. 

First of all, you open your Shopify store, you create a Free account on uDroppy and you connect your store to our platform. Then, you choose the niche and the products you want to test in dropshipping. 

To find the winning products you can use the Touchdown Strategy. Luca Borreani, co-founder of uDroppy, wrote it to share with you the secret of a wealthy business. 

Once you find the best products, you decide how to customize them and the packaging and ask your e-com manager a quotation. 

When you receive the quotation it’s time to buy the stock. After that, we will store it in our warehouse. Everytime you will receive an order we will prepare the package and ship it to your customer. All you will need to do is to pay the shipping of the order when needed. 

That’s it: you have a brand! 

Easy, isn’t it? 

Building a brand with uDroppy and the virtual warehouse is only the beginning. Once you will be at the top of the market you can take your business even further. We can go with you throughout the necessary step to go bigger. 

We can ship bulk orders to your warehouses or to our warehouse in Europe, where we can offer you the COD (Cash on Delivery) service. 


Having a brand means improving your brand awareness, conversions and revenues. Branding allows you to build trust relationships with clients. This will help you have a long-lasting business winning the competition. You will gain your place in the market. 

If you want a brand without changing the way you work, bypassing
all the problems it may take, you need uDroppy. Thanks to our  platform, our products and the Virtual Warehouse service, we can make it happen. 

We give you branded products and packaging, lowering the prices without the need of renting a warehouse. Moreover, we take charge of the shipping and the delivery, making your business safe and sound. We give you the time and comfort to focus on your marketing strategy. 

Start building your brand right now and get in contact with your e-com manager. 

Don’t lose this unique opportunity to take your business to the next level with no effort. 

Here at uDroppy, we are always focus on giving you the resource you need to improve your business results. We do that, because we want to make e-commerce easy and accessible to everyone. 

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