Discover the Future Trends of E-Commerce For Your Business

Discover the future trends of the ecommerce

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Knowing the trends of the e-commerce market is fundamental.
In fact, since when it first started, e-commerce kept growing at a fast pace. Everyday the market becomes more complex. New technologies raise, customers’ behaviour change and you have to be up to date. 
Here at uDroppy we work to make you a top player. We do it by giving you a complete set of services and a wide range of resources. This is why we take care to always update you with the most relevant and recent news on e-commerce. 
Today we are going to talk about the latest trends of e-commerce. By reading this article you will be aware of what you need to change or implement to improve your business. 

Omnichannel presence 

Today consumers don’t limit themselves to buy in a physical store or online. They go through different channels to get all the information they need before buying. This means that they can be in a physical store and use their phone to look for online reviews and prices. Or that they can go to a store and try a product before buying it online. 
As you can see, it’s very important to be on as many channels as possible. In this way you will not only raise the brand awareness, but you will be able to catch the attention of many customers. 
How can you do it? 
Consider being on the most relevant social media (analyze your audience and choose carefully the best platforms). Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are some of the most interesting on the market. These are also the most advanced when it comes to social commerce. 
Be sure to have a SEO-optimized website (and images). In this way people will be able to find you when searching online. A good SEO means better ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). 
Of course, if you can, you’d better be present also offline. Having a brick-and-mortar store can help you give your customers a unique shopping experience. You can make them live the products and the brand before purchasing. This is because we care about emotions and we look for them in every step of our lives. You can build a in-store sensational experience for your customer, like Nike did in it’s Soho shop, or Decathlon. 
Finally, since customers use not only their computer but also their mobile devices, be sure to be there and in the proper way. We will talk about this in the next paragraph. 

Mobile optimization & PWA

Users spend between 2 and 4 hours everyday on their phones. During this time they also find new products to buy. And the trend is growing. 
While it is still true that people prefer to complete the operation via desktop, the traffic share is higher for mobile devices.
Usually, consumers see a product while surfing the web with their phone and then complete the purchase at home. Yet, today the number of people using the phone also when at home is increasing. This is why you cannot have a online store without having a mobile-optimized version. 
As the success of applications start fading, you must find a new solution. We did it for you, it’s the PWA (Progressive Web App). It’s a hybrid that combines the best features of websites and apps.
Let’s see together some of the advantages of a PWA

  • it loads from 2 to 10 time faster than a site; 
  • it has offline capability; 
  • it allows your customers to receive push notifications; 
  • users do not need to download any application. 

Here at uDroppy we have a PWA. This is why you can use easily our platform both via desktop or mobile device. 
By choosing to switch to a PWA you will have the best of both worlds. You will be also present on mobile device to improve the customer experience of your prospects. This means you will gain more traffic on your website, raising the chances of making a sale.

Emerging markets and audiences 

Currently, MSCI Emerging Markets Index talks about 26 emerging markets. Among them we can find nations like Brazil, China, Russia, United Arab Emirates, India, and more. 
Once reached complete access to the internet these will represent a huge opportunity for your business. Consider building a multi-currency and multi-language store can be a good strategy. In this way you will widen your audience and gain a competitive advantage.

Social Commerce & Conversational Commerce 

We already talked about social commerce and all the advantages for your business. Long story short, you can use social media to boost your awareness, your conversion rate and your sales. 
Today, social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest give you a different set of tools to sell your products directly on these platforms. The goal is to improve your customer experience. You want to make the shopping process as smooth and easy as possible. 
Conversational commerce is very similar. It uses messaging apps like Facebook Messengers, Direct, etc. to sell products. It’s a powerful strategy already used by many brands. For example, Marvel uses conversational commerce to improve the ticket sales. It also helps you to give personalized experiences to your customers thanks to AI. 

Chatboat AI 

Today you have to be there for your clients 24/7. Of course, this is impossible. Unless you have a team of people living across the world to be always awake and ready. This is why using chatbot is a winning strategy. 
They allow you to answer to your clients fast. 
However, this is not enough. You have to give customers relevant answers. This is why you have to be informed about the latest AI updates. Thanks to further optimization of these smart bots, you will be able to give the most personalized service possible in the future
A further relevant trend includes AI as a booster for SEO and conversion. In fact, in the future AI is going to be always more relevant when creating product content. 


People love to be cared about. This is why 48% of consumers prefer brands that create personalized experiences. In order to get a completely customized processes they are likely to pay more
Not to mention that, if you don’t invest in personalization you can lose clients. 41% of customers change brand if they sense lack of it. It’s a key trend for your business. 
The secret is building direct one-to-one relationships with your clients. Understand what are their values and interests and show them you care about them. 
To do this you can use on-site content personalization tools. They will help you adapt the content shown to users according to their preferences. 

E-Commerce humanization

As I said before, humans look for emotions. But they also look for comprehension and relationships. 
Clients want you to care about them and want to trust you. This is why you need to establish conversations with your clients. They will help you to build long-lasting relationships with them. In this way you will also raise their CLTV and your future revenues. 
To do this, you  have to humanize e-commerce. You have to make it more human and focus on the service you want to give. Or better, on the service they want to receive. Because the customer must be always at the center of your work if you want to have a future. 
The best hint is don’t go for the sale right away. If you want them to come again and to speak well of you, be emphatic. Build a relationship and then think about selling. 

Video content is king

Content is king. Bill Gates knew it before everyone else. He said this simple sentence in 1996 showing is huge intelligence and foresight. We can say that he set this trend
Whether you sells jewels or car accessories, it doesn’t matter. Content is what sells. This is why marketing is so important. Yet, today video content is what drives more traffic and interest. In fact, stats show that 64-85% of consumers is more inclined to buy something after watching a video
In the future it will become the top content type for conversion, engagement and retention time. This is why you have to invest in video making. 
You can create videos about your products, show prospects how to use them. Show how easy they are to use or how they will simplify their life. 

Mobile and content marketing 

It will sound too obvious, we know. 
You already know how important is mobile because users use it every day. This is why you don’t want only to be present with your app or PWA. You want to be there with your marketing strategies and advertising. This is how you make the most of your marketing investment. 
The same goes for content marketing. You know that content is important because sells. Users find compelling and relevant content a key factor when they decide to buy. This means that if you have a solid content marketing plan you can influence your audience. 

Augmented Reality

If you want to be always updated about technological trends you want to keep an eye on AR. This technology allows you to create interactive experiences for your clients. You can use it to build a better experience for them and make the buy easier. 
Thanks to AR you can allow people to try the products. Let’s suppose you want to buy a vase for your hall. You spent a lot of money in your new furniture, so you want it to fit. Now you can see how a product match with your house. Or you can try on a dress without having it. 
The limit is the sky. 

Voice Search 

The future will see a huge boost in voice search.
Of course this means that you have e-commerce business easy to find through it. 
How you can do it? 
To improve voice experiences you have to switch to long-tail keywords. When users start a voice query they use more words and longer sentences. Typing requires more time and people don’t have time to waste. This is why voice search is having such a success. It require no effort and allow people to be multitasking. 

Optimized web payment 

Clients are more inclined to complete a purchase when they have a smooth checkout. 
This is why the future is going to be web-payment optimized.
What does it mean?
Basically, that people have no time or willing to fill forms. They want to buy a product without worries or any effort. They want it to be easy and fast. And you want it too. 
In fact, if customers must endure a long process before buying they are more likely to abandon the purchase and never go back to your store again. 
Optimized web payments are a huge trend for the future. They will enable users to buy without worries because browsers will save previously typed payment information. 
Furthermore, you will want to accept new, more flexible payment methods. 
Clients want to be free. Free to buy even when they have no credit card. 
Studies say that in the future APM is going to replace credit cards. It will become the second most popular e-commerce payment.

Subscription and bundling sales 

In the future of e-commerce, subscriptions and bundlings will keep raising. They are powerful strategies to increase your revenues
Subscriptions allow you to sell a product or service for a determined (or endless) period of time by making your clients pay for it monthly (or weekly, annually, etc.). In this way you can offer a lower price first, but earn more on the long run. This is how Dollar Shave Club reached success. 
Bundling, instead, is a way to raise the AOV (Average Order Value) of your cart by selling a set of products to your clients at a convenient price. In fact the total price is lower than the sum of the individual prices. 
As you see, it’s an interesting trend to follow. 

Ethical e-commerce 

Clients are becoming always more aware of the environmental issues. At the same time they understand now the effects of their purchases both on the society and the environment. This is why they are starting to change their behaviours. 
Today clients look for eco-friendly solutions. They want to buy consciously and want to feel good about it. This is why they reward sellers who represent and respect ethical values
Remember that users expect brands to share their values and protect them. Otherwise, they are ready to change brand and buy from the competition.
Sustainability is trending. This is why you should consider to build a future strategy around it. It can both include eco-friendly products or degradable packages, etc. 

Serial returners fight 

In the past, businesses started offering convenient return policies to invite users to make the purchase and feel safe in case of issues. 
However, today the cost of managing returns is starting to be overwhelming for retailers. This is why Amazon announced the life-time ban for serial returners. For the same reason some stores stopped accepting in-store returns for online purchases. 
The idea is to put a stop to returns by creating more complex policies. You can add new deterring conditions or suggest in-store pick up for items. 

QR codes 

QR codes are on the raise again since iOS and Android have built-in QR code reader.
You can use them to give your users additional information about a product keeping the packaging small. You can give in-store experiences to let customers see a product before purchasing, and much more. 
QR codes are also a sustainable choice. This is why you can use it in your future (or present) sustainable strategy. 


In this article we went through the top 16 future trends of e-commerce
As you see, the market will keep changing according to new technologies and customers needs. If you want to build a long-lasting business and a future asset for your life, you must embrace the change
Yet, to be successful you can anticipate the trends and the change. You have all the information to create the best customer experience for your prospects. In this way you will give your business the chance to scale up and reach amazing results. 
We will keep supporting you in this adventure. We will give you quality products, shipping them to your clients or warehouses fast. We will help you create your brand by customizing products. We will support you with insights, ideas and strategies that will take your business to the next level. 
To sum it up: we will make your climb as easy as possible. 
Keep reading our blog and following our channels to be the first in getting the latest news about e-commerce. 
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