How to Find the Best Products for Your Dropshipping Business

How to find the best products for dropshipping

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Are you about to create your online business in dropshipping? Then you will surely want to know how to find the best products for your online store. 

That’s great! Dropshipping is the best business model to adopt when you are starting your journey into the e-commerce world

You will keep your risks low by selling products that you won’t buy beforehand. This means no risk of warehouse lying nor warehouse renting costs.

Dropshipping can be a successful way to start your digital business. Yet, you will need winning products and a reliable partner that will help you sourcing them, fulfilling orders and shipping worldwide fast. A partner like uDroppy. 

But let’s proceed in order. The first step is finding winning products to sell. In this article we will go through some useful tips to help you find the best products that will suit your needs and your customers’ ones.

The standards for a dropshippable product 

Before you start looking for products you have to know what to search for. In fact, because of their nature, dropshippable products must respect three metrics

They have to be profitable, they have to be in demand and most importantly, they have to be easy to ship. This means they should have a restrained size and weight. 

The best thing would be selling products that could fit in a shoe box. Furthemore they should never exceed 2kg or 4.4lbs. In this way you are sure you won’t have shipping issues. In fact, if a product is too big or heavy, shipping costs may become prohibitive

It’s important to have this clear before starting your research. As you will spend a lot of time to find your winning products, it’s better to invest it in the best possible way. 

The ideas

In every business and sector, brainstorming is a key. It helps you and your team to come up with good ideas (and bad ones too, but that’s ok!). You can start thinking about what you love the most, or what you need the most. Needs are important, because winning products solve problems. Yet, it’s true that you have to make sure they will meet your customers needs and not yours. 

Your brain is not the unique tool you can use. In fact, the web has loads of inspiring ideas for your business. Let’s see together where to look. 

Social Shopping Websites

Social shopping websites are the best place to look for top selling products. Being curated by users and tastemakers they give you an idea of what is popular and what is trending. 

Thanks to these websites you will be able to know which are the best products for you to dropship. Furthermore, you should follow these websites to always keep up with the trends.

Online Stores

There is nothing better than learning from the best in the field. This is why you should always check what successful online stores are selling. And how they are doing it. 

This doesn’t mean that you should sell the same products, but that you can find inspiration for your business. 

Do not focus only on big brands. Small and medium online stores are also useful. You can study the competition to learn what is working and what is not. In this way you will be able to avoid others’ mistakes. 

Online Communities and Forums

The internet has loads of forums and community sites where you can find valuable information. 

Here people display relevant preferences, interests and behaviours. You can use these data to improve your business strategy. They can also give you an idea of what people is looking for online and how you can help them. 

Online community sites, forums and social media can also help you find interesting products for your business. Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and Facebook can be a useful source to find trending and top selling products. 

Offline Communities

It’s true, internet is a helpful tool to find inspiration. Yet, also your local community can be a source of incentive for you. 

Being open to every input is important, because it helps you understand better the needs of people. It can also help you find alternative solutions and products that are popular even if not sold online, yet. 

The competition

So, you did your research and came up with some products. 

You like them, people likes them. They have the right size and weight. They sell. 

But how many competitors are selling them? 

Understanding the size of the competition is fundamental to survive in the business. You have to avoid choosing a product that is sold by many stores. In this way you will be able to focus your marketing budget for products with higher chances to be bought. 

How can you do it? 

You can start looking for the name of the product online

You can also do a research by image. Usually, dropshippers use the same images (they are the ones provided by the wholesaler). 

Moreover you can look for the product on eBay or Amazon. In the latter case knowing how many sellers there are for that same product is even easier. You will find the list of sellers on the left of the result page.

Another way you can search for competition is by using Google Keyword Planner. This helps you both understand how many people are looking for something and how many are offering it. 

In fact you can search for a keyword and then select filters. The best way to proceed is to select low competition among filters, and then sort results by monthly searches. 

Generally, you don’t want to get in competition with more than 10 successful sellers. If this is the case you should remove that product from your list, narrowing down the options. 

Following this process is really important. It saves you from start investing in a product that will never convert. 

The price

Competition is a good starting point to narrow down the number of products for your business. 

To go further in the selection process you have to consider pricing. The goal is to find a balance: products have to be affordable, but also generate profits

First of all, you will have to understand the pricing of competitors. How much do their products cost? 

Of course, you will not have a clear idea of potential profits until you will find your provider. With uDroppy this is easy as pie. You can check the price of our products by creating your free account, even if you do not have a store yet. You can go throughout the entire catalogue and draw your conclusions about prices, costs and profits. 

The best solution is to have products with lower prices. In fact, the conversion rate is higher when prices are lower. This is because customers do not need to do long consideration about the product before buying it. Moreover, selling high-priced products means making customers expect more. You will have to be faster in shipping and give extra support. 

Another thing you should value when setting the prices and calculating profits is the location. What seems an affordable price in US, can be considered too expensive in other countries. 

Be sure to do all your researches before deciding the price for each product. 

The niche 

Ok so, you brainstormed and came up with what you thought incredible ideas. Then you searched a little more and narrowed down the list
. You deleted products with high competitions. 

Now, thanks to Google (Browser, Trends and Keyword Planner), you have a shorter list. You know which price is affordable and balanced.

What can you do now? 

You can still reduce the list. 

In fact, one of the worst errore of every new dropshipper is believing they can become rich while selling any kind of product

Yet, general products are not the best way to reach success. While raising in relevance and popularity, dropshipping became a market of niches. 

Having a niche means having a more engaged, interested and likely to buy audience. It also means that you can turn popular products into unique products that will sell despite the competition. 

Let’s say that you are selling products for children. That’s a general category. A niche could be: must-have products for newborn babies.

We know that finding a niche is not easy. That’s why, in our dropshipping guide we dedicated an entire article to this matter. In any case, a niche could be a successful way to create a top-level business in dropshipping. 

If you don’t’ feel like choosing yet, you can follow the Touchdown Strategy. It’s a short guide that will help you find top selling products for your business. It is the result of our expertise and years of testing and sales. 

You can also use your own expertise and passion to find the right niche. In fact, knowing the niche is important to better sell products. You will be then able to talk about the items with your customers, explaining them how to use them and why. 


The provider 

That’s it, you have your list of products. 

You have reduced it as much as possible.  

What are the next steps? 

Basically, you have to find a provider for your product. You can look either online or directly go to the manufacturer, if you have a contact. 

Dealing directly with a manufacturer means having convenient prices. Yet, since they are mainly from China, unless you have a interpret or you speak Chinese, you may have lots of troubles while communicating. There could be problems when it comes to understanding each other needs and closing the agreement. 

You can also look for wholesalers or distributors online. They may help you find products at good prices, but they also have some drawbacks. They are also mainly from China, this means that you will have communication issues also in this case. Furthermore, you won’t be sure about quality and timing

Dropshippers who works with the main online distributors have huge problems with their customers. This means negative feedbacks, refund requests, problem with payment gateways and more. Long story short, your business won’t last long. 

Currently, the best solution on the market is uDroppy. We created it precisely for setting digital entrepreneurs free from these problems. 

Here at uDroppy we automate all the complex processes of fulfilment, sourcing and importing of products. We are fully integrated with Shopify, this means that you can manage your store and products from one unique dashboard. Yet, we can work with other CMS too (contact your e-com manager to find the best tailored solution). 

We deal with owned products, this means that we can offer you competitive prices. We check the quality of the products before shipping them, fast, worldwide.

Our times are among the best on the market. We can ship to every country of the world in 4-15 days. 

We offer you the chance to use a virtual warehouse, to reduce even more unit prices and shipping times. We can offer you customization options and bulk purchases

We are the most complete and professional provider for every digital entrepreneur. We help you build your business from scratch and become a top player. We accompany you throughout this journey, assigning you an e-com manager. This means that you will have a e-com expert that you can contact anytime you need. He will solve all your issues, suggest you new ideas and strategies, while helping you scale up your business. 

Becoming a partner of uDroppy means having your back covered. We do take care of all the cumberstone processes, making your work easy and time-saving. And, most importantly, we do it FOR FREE. 

Interesting, isn’t it? 

The sample

Are you still uncertain about your supplier? 

The best way to proceed is by ordering some products for trial

You can order one piece from every potential supplier, or one piece for every product from the supplier you have chosen for your dropshipping business. 

In this way you will be able to touch the quality of products with your hand. Moreover, you will be able to make pictures and videos of the product, to stand out from your competitors. You can use these content in your ads too. 

Extra tips 

In this article we wanted to give you some basic guidelines to help you find the best products for your dropshipping business. Our goal is help you in any way we can. 

By following our suggestions it will be easier for you to start creating your business. This doesn’t mean that you will never fail. 

In fact, making mistakes is one of the best way to learn your job – dropshipping included. They help you get better. 

We know firsthand that you will make some of them. We know that you will choose what on paper are best selling products, but that won’t work for you. 

Making mistakes is part of the growing process, both in your personal and professional life. Yet, we decided to create this bonus section to list the most popular mistakes made when choosing a dropshipping products. 

  1. Choose popular items. You should never sell big brands products, because they have low margins (they are more expensive) and put you in a very competitive market. This means higher costs when it comes to customer acquisition and conversion; 
  2. Choose knockoff products. I should never mention that, because I am sure you already know. You can’t sell imitations. This is why you should be careful when choosing a provider, because you could receive knockoff products without even knowing. This could get you in serious trouble;
  3. Choose products that are hard to ship. You found an amazing air conditioning that is trending among the customers. It has a lot of different function. It can work both in summer and winter, so it’s not seasonal. You have almost no competitor except for some stores on Amazon, so you decide to choose it. But when it comes to the final step you notice that it weights way more than 2 kg and that shipping costs are insane.
    Not funny is it?
    You invested a lot of time in this research and you cannot sell it, because nobody is going to spend so much as to cover all your expenses (plus your margin). Be sure to always remember the must-have characteristics of dropshippable products so that you’ll never do wrong;
  4. Choose seasonal products. They reduce your sales cycle, while you want customers to be attracted and converted the whole year.

Not sure if a product is seasonal or not? 

You can use Google Trends to find out all the information you need to know. 


Finding the best products to dropship is not easy. We know it and this is why we compiled this li
st of tips to help you. 

By choosing the first products for your dropshipping business you will learn how to adapt your strategy to improve your performance. In any case, even if you are going to make mistakes, remember that having a qualified and reliable partner is important. 

We are proud to be trustworthy, customer centric and improven driven, providing our clients with tailored solutions for a successful business. 

Create your free account and see the products available in our extensive catalogue. We keep updating it everyday with new items to be always at the top of the game. 

Want to know more? 

Write us via Messenger or through any of our social media channels. 

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