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Facebook organic reach

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If you have a business you know how important is to promote it throughout the digital world. This is where social media like Facebook come into the picture. If you don’t want to waste all your marketing budget on Facebook ads, you should leverage organic reach strategies. 

Facebook keeps changing and updating its algorithm everyday. This is because it cares about the users. The goal is to make them happy, so they won’t leave the platform. This is why the rules have changed and it’s now harder to reach your customers without paid promotions. 
In this article we face the subject and we give you some strategies to improve the organic reach of your Facebook page. Be sure to read till the end because it’s worthy. 

The Organic reach 

What does organic reach mean? 

If you are a marketer you already know. It’s the number of users reached with your posts for free. This means that you are not paying for the platform to boost the visibility of your content. 

Organic reach is very important for your company because it allows you to communicate with prospects and customers without investing money. Yet, today is harder than ever. 

As we said before, Facebook is changing its algorithm to give users the best user experience. This means that now organic reach of Facebook pages is around 6.4%

So if you have 100 fans, only 6 of them will see your post. 

Why is that? 

Because Facebook is full of Business Pages (around 80M) and the users don’t have time to see every post published on the platform. 

The idea, is to make them see the most relevant content. They are those that matters the most for the users. 

In fact, Facebook knows in details all the users thanks to the huge amount of information it has. It knows preferences, purchase behaviors, demographics and much more.

The new Facebook algorithm ranks content and posts according to how likely they are to stimulate a positive reactions in users. 

In fact, it is based on 4 key factors

  • the inventory of displayable posts; 
  • the signals that communicate to the platform the typology of each post; 
  • the prediction on how the user will react to every one of them; 
  • the final score based on the factors taken into consideration. 

 In simpler words, Facebook is giving priority to posts coming from family and friends because they are those that stimulate a meaningful interactions. 

Of course, this can only mean one thing: either you learn how to create those interactions with your posts, or you pay. 

In fact, Facebook is driving companies to create more and more advertising campaigns to promote their brand. 

But what if you are only starting or you don’t want to invest in Facebook? 

No worries, we have some tricks to give you so that we can help. 

The things you should never do with your Facebook page 

It’s true. Facebook can be a useful asset for your company. Yet, if you want to be successful and engaging, you have to remember that there are some key actions you should never take

Let’s see them together: 

1. Becoming a robot

Automation is great, we know that. That’s why we created an automated cloud platform where you can handle your business with only few clicks. Automation can support you and make your life and work easier. It can speed up things, but it’s not always the best answer. 

If you have an e-commerce having an automated platform like uDroppy allows you to save time and money to invest in marketing. We give you the chance to import product, fulfill orders and download invoices in no time. This is perfect to make your business easier. 

Yet, when it comes to Facebook and social media, you cannot use it. People need other people to connect. This means that you have to show them your human side

How can you do that? 

You can share team pictures, funny posts and motivational quotes. We do that on our Facebook and Instagram profiles (check them out to find out how). 

2. Buying fans

Ok, you are just about to start with your business page on Facebook. How can you nurture your page? 

We know that buying 5k follower for 5 dollars can be tempting, but you don’t have to do that! It’s the best way to waste your energy and time. Facebook knows when you have real users, and it will penalize you otherwise

3. Only promote

If you want to engage the users and make them interact with you, you cannot only sell. Start creating content that will give value to the users. Tell them how your brand works. Give them insights about the team, success stories of your clients, personal life tips and similar. 

4. Focus only on likes

Whether you have 5M follower or 5k, it’s not the likes number that makes you engaging. 

In fact, your goal should be to create a small, yet super-engaged audience. That’s what really matters. 

5. Using dark tactics

If you think that you can use click bait, like bait and share incentives to grow your engagement and your reach, you are wrong. Facebook can detect any shady tactic and penalize you. This is why you should never use these strategies for your Facebook page. 

6. Steal from other

Don’t be lazy! Only because your competitor posted a great copy that is actually working, doesn’t mean you can copy paste it! You have to create your original content. This also means that you should never use images with copyright protection. Choose royalty free images. Yet, the best option is to create ad-hoc and authentic images of your own. They perform better. 

The best strategies to improve organic reach 

Before putting into action your organic-reach strategy there is a fundamental step. You have to understand the metrics of your page. This means you have to study your insights and data. 

Doing that is simple. 

You go to your page, and you click Insights in the top bar. The first thing you can see is the overview of the last 7 days. You can export all your data thanks to the button Export Data

As you can see, on the left you will find a long many, where you can detail your search per factors. Followers, Likes, Reach, and Posts are only some of the categories. 

These information allow you to get to know your audience and the performance of your strategy. 

If you want to know more about your users click on the section People. Here you can find details about demographics of your fan base. You can gather data about gender, location, language, etc. 

If you want to know more about your performance, then you should go deeper. Don’t limit yourself to like and shares, because they are not telling you so much about your performance. By examining the section Post and then Post type you will be able to understand: 

  • the posts with higher organic reach;
  • the post type that users prefer

These information help you create your Facebook editorial calendar and strategy easily. In fact, you will know where to focus your time and effort. Or whether you have a problem and you need to find a new way of communicating on Facebook. 
When you have a clearer idea about the performance of your Facebook page, it’s time think about the best practice for organic reach boosting. 
Selective publishing 

Posting everyday random content without a clear strategy won’t help you. Now it’s time to build a strategy and focus on what works. 

Your goal is to get the highest interaction possible from every post. 

How can you do that?

There is no rule of thumb, you have to study your audience and give them what they like and want. In this way you create interaction and engagement. This is how your grow your reach. 

You can also study the best hour to post your content. 

Study your competitors 

Knowing how you are performing is fundamental. Yet, having information about the competitors performance is a plus. 

You can learn from your rivals and improve your strategies by implementing similar tactics. They are a very useful source of information and inspiration. 

Encourage people to engage with your posts and receive your updates 

First of all, remind them that if they want to check your updates they can access to the Pages section at the left of the news feed. 

Furthermore, you can tell them to activate notifications from your page. 

All they need to do is to go to your page, select the arrow near Following in the top bar and select both how to see your post in their news feed and to turn on notifications. 


uDroppy Facebook Page

These actions will help them to see your post more frequently, but if you want the best effect, you should always encourage your users to interact with each post
Create powerful content 
Content is King. No, it’s not a cliche but an evergreen truth.

Content is the thing that makes you sell. Whatever is your goal, having the right content makes it easier for you to convert. 

When it comes to the reach of your Facebook page, quality content is fundamental. 

Facebook reward quality content. And when we talk about quality, we are talking about interactions. Likes, shares and clicks are part of the quality-test of Facebook. 
Create content able to attract the attention of your users and to make them likely to interact with you. Either to watch your page, start following you, put like on the post, share it, comment and much more. 
Use videos and lives broadcasting 

Videos are one of the most powerful way of creating content today. This is why we talked about the benefits of video marketing in our blog

Videos are more attracting and engaging. In other words they perform better than text and image posts. 

The same does live interviews and videos. These are even more powerful. 

What does it mean? 

That you should always include videos in your strategy. And to get the best out of it, publish the video on your Facebook page instead of sharing an external link

Use Facebook to drive traffic to your website or blog

If you want to be more relevant and valuable for your users, leverage your own assets

In this way you will be able to create powerful content that you will share on Facebook. 

The best of both world, right? 


Create a community 

Social media are for creating relationships among people. 

If you want to have success on these platforms, you have to build communities. This is important, because they organically boost your brand without you investing in it. 

In fact, the top brands with strong communities don’t need to focus on likes and clicks. They focus on giving users value

This is why knowing your audience is so important. And the same goes for showing humanity. You have to connect with them. 

Even more, because it won’t only help you to grow your reach, but also gain their trust. A necessary step if you want them to buy from you, at the end. 

Final thoughts 

Facebook used to be the most powerful tool for businesses to reach their audience. While the Internet become safer, the platform becomes more complex for businesses. 

Today, reaching your audience with or without paying is harder than ever. This means that you cannot play with social media anymore. You have to start planning your strategy and elaborate your content to satisfy your users. 

By building a community and stimulating interaction, you will be able to improve your organic reach. This will also help you with you Facebook marketing campaigns. By mixing them you will build a successful, engaging and converting Facebook page that will support your business. 
If you have an e-commerce, feedback will have a huge impact on your Facebook performance. To get the best reviews and interactions you have to give people quality. Thanks to uDroppy you will be able to manage your business easily and healthily. We give you automation of complex processes, quality products, good logistic services (e.g. shipping and delivery) to give your customer the best experience and give your business the best reviews.  
If you want to know more reach us on Messenger or get in contact with your e-com manager
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