How to Improve Your SEO Strategy and Which Tools to Leverage

How to improve your SEO strategy and which tools to leverage

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What is the best way to grow your audience and conversion rate without paying? Working on a strong SEO strategy. 

Whether you have a website where you sell services and products or only a blog, you should work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  to get better results. This means, appearing at least in the first page when it comes to SERPs (Search Engine Research Page). 
Making people find you when they do research, means giving your business a better chance at acquiring new prospects or clients. And, most importantly, doing it for free. 
In this article we will see what SEO is, how does it work, what can you do to improve and thanks to which tools. 
As always, we are happy and proud to give you all the resources you need to improve your business results. Whether they are quality products or professional services, we have what you need to take your brand to the next level. 

SEO: what it is and why it is important

As we said, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process that raise your free or organic traffic by allowing you to rank better on search results. 
Being one of the first results to show up on search engines is critical if you want to improve your results without spending extra money. 
Just imagine, you need to find a recipe to cook your partner’s favourite plate for his/her birthday. What do you do? 
You go to Google (or any other SE) and put a query: “How to cook lasagna”. 
Google, Bing, Ecosia or any other search engine will find some answers for you. They will redirect you to a page full of results. 
Which one will you choose? 
I am sure you will never go after the first three or four. Surely not after the first page, unless you didn’t find what you were looking for. 
The same happens with every other person. We want things to be fast, therefore we choose the first options. Maybe we check a couple, but that’s it. 
Now, can you get why showing up at the top of the first page of a SERP is important? 
It means getting a lot of free traffic. This is why you need to work on a good SEO strategy that will make your website effective. 
Otherwise, you will have to use Google Adwords and pay to make your website be at the top. Even then, people will see that you paid for that and won’t trust you completely as a reliable source of information. 

SEO strategies: how to improve your ranking 

We know that as soon as you understood how important is SEO you asked yourself how to leverage it. 
In this section we will see everything you need to consider and put into practice to reach that goal. 

The Research 

First things first. Before you create your website or your blog articles think about you want to say and which tools you can leverage. 
Search the best keywords thanks to the Google Adword Keyword planner. It’s a free tool, allowing you to find the best keywords for your content. It will give you information about the competition, the number of searches and much more. 
If you need to know which searches are the most popular right now, you can look for trends. Google Trends is the free tool where you can discover which subjects are been researched the most, lately. You can also compare different terms to see which one will performs better. 
Once you have those information, put yourself at work and build your website. 
Remember, thought, that results will improve if you will have a mobile friendly website. Mobile searches drive more than half of the entire traffic, this is why Google reward pages with mobile version. 
Finally, you should know that Google – who owns the 90% of the search market – also rewards business registered on Google Maps. 

The Content  

If you want to improve your SEO you have to create quality content. 
This means that you have to write original, error-free messages. It also has to be well-organized, using all the formatting tools that every writing program now offers (e.g. bold, italic, etc.). 
Your content must be original. This means that you should put different messages in every page of your website. More importantly, the content must be created by you and not copied by other webpages. Make sure this is true, otherwise you will severely penalized on SERPs
To give your content relevance, you can use quality images and keywords. Images must have a proper Alt Text to rank better. 
As for the keyword, remember to do the proper researches as we explained in the previous paragraph. 
The best way is to find keywords with low competition and high average searches. 
The best way to make Search Engines like your website is to create a site map. It may be not very useful to your clients but it will make Google and other SE happy. This means getting your website rank better on SERPs. 
Finally, remember to keep your content and website updated. In fact, search engines reward websites with recent updates

The Code 

SEO is not only about articles and how do you write things. The website itself is important and how you build it. 
First, the domain. Think about which domain you want for your website. Country TLDs (Top Level Domain) are ok if you want to be ranked top in your local area. Yet, they are not fine if you want a better global and international ranking on SERPs. 
If you have subpages and subdomains, remember to put always keywords and descriptive titles for each one. 
In you website you should always use meta tags and descriptions. Using the same tags for all the pages will penalize your ranking. 
When it comes to meta tags there are two key factors you should consider: the title tag which is fundamental for every SEO website. Second, the meta description tag. 
Another important element for your SEO website is the header
There is one rule of thumbs when you structure your website to improve SERP rankings: simplicity. Whether is about your structure, or URLs, you have to make them simple to follow for search engines. 

The Connections 

So you chose the proper keywords. You identified the relevant domain. You wrote an original, mistakes-free, well organized content. There is something more you can do? 
The answer is yes, you can. 
You can leverage some connections to improve your SEO and your quality in the eyes of search engines. 
First, use quality backlinks. They are links that drive traffic to your page on another website.
But how can you build a wide set of backlinks? Thanks to link exchange, cross promotions and guest blogging. The key is offering valuable information and services that will make people eager to link your site. 
Remember to never use spam in order to get backlinks. In this way you will get the opposite effect, meaning search engines will penalize you. 
What you can do is to use social media to leverage backlinks. You can create valuable and engaging content that will make your posts easy to share. In fact, search engines are now rewarding those websites with high social media sharings. 

SEO Dangers 

If you don’t want your website penalized, disappearing from the first pages of the SERPs, you should remember to

  • never create duplicate websites; 
  • engage in link exchange with sites that won’t lead you to a ban; 
  • attach hyperlinks to keywords or multiple keywords; 
  • never hide content
  • never copy text from other website; 
  • do not duplicate content
  • stay away from black-hat SEO strategies
  • don’t put too many emphasis on keywords using bold formatting. 

The best tools you can use to monitor and improve SEO 

Today the web offers you a wide set of tools you can use to monitor and then improve your SEO strategy. 
To give you a complete view of the opportunities you can take advantage of, we gathered the best tools for SEO below. 
We will divide these tools in free to use and premium. 

The free tools 

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster includes a set of tools that allow you to start optimizing your website for SERPs. Let’s mention some of the features that you will find in the package: 

  • Fetch as Google. It allows you to see the URL in the same way Google does;
  • Page Speed Insights. It checks the speed of your website both on desktop and mobile; 
  • Structured Data Testing Tool. It tests if your data input have been done in the right way; 
  • Real Contact. This is not a service for SEO, but for your support. In fact, using Google Webmaster you can contact a representative anytime you want thanks to a free chat. 

Google Webmaster is free for you to use, everything you need to have is a google account, of course. 

Google Search Console

GSC allows you to use a set of tools and create reports that will measure your traffic and your SEO level. Thanks to this, you will be able to solve problems and improves your ranking in SERPs. 
You can analyze the queries that drive traffic to your website. Including, impressions, clicks and rank. 
You can check sitemaps and URLs to understand what is your current situation. 
You can receive notifications on your email every time that Google finds a problem related to your website. 
These are only some of the amazing features of the Google Search Console. But, who better than Google can tell you how to be ranked higher on Google results? 


This is a toolbar extension that allows you to check which are the parameters of more than one search engine. You can compare the results so that you will have a complete view of your SEO.
It gives you details about visitors (number, country, etc.) graphs of your website traffic and much more. This includes: SEMRush ranking, Facebook likes, Big and Alexa ranks, etc. 

Google Optimise

Let’s get back to Google, the king of search engines. 
Google Optimise is a tool that you can use to test the content of your website. 
It’s a useful helper for you because it allows you to do A/B testing and comparison, telling you what is working and what is not. In this way, you will be able to improve and adjust your work to get the visibility you seek. 

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

We know, you are tired of seeing only the set of Google tools, but we assure you that they are worth of it. 
If you remember well, we already talked about this tool. In fact, it is the best helper to find relevant keywords for both your website and your content. 

Live Keyword Analysis

This tool allows you to understand if you are using keywords at best. It will check your text according to the keywords set, giving you a complete analysis about their density. 

Seed Keywords

Again, this tool allows you to do some keywords research. 
In this case you will be able to find the relevant keywords thanks to the cooperation of your contacts
All you will need to do is to create a search scenario and ask people to tell you which keywords would they use to get the solution to their problem. 

The premium tools


Ahrefs is a search and analysis tool that will allow you to improve your organic search traffic, also thanks to the analysis of competitors
In fact, this tool has a huge set of services to offer. You can analyze and search for sites, keywords, content. You can track ranks. You can compare domains and do a batch analysis, and much more.
The monthly plan has a different costs according to the licence you will buy
It starts from $99 to $999 (for agencies). 

Moz Pro

This SEO tool suit is very popular among the digital world. It allows you to increase traffic and improve ranking and visibility thanks to this wide set of tools. 
Moz Pro finds SEO issues on your website and gives you possible solutions. It ranks your site according to the keywords of your website, but also helps you find new ones. 
It can also do the backlink analysis for your website, helping you grow your visibility. 
Moz Pro, of course, is not free, even if it has some free tools. The cost range from $99 to $599 according to your needs and the features included. 

Majestic is specialized in backlinking. It maps everyday the Internet, nurturing its Link Intelligence database, which is the largest one in the world. 
It checks and monitors web pages giving customers the chance to improve the search engine rankings and understand both their work and the one of competitors. 
Monthly fees goes from $49.99 to $399.99, according to the needs of your brand or agency. Notice, that if you buy the annual licence, you can save some money thanks to annual discounts. 


SpyFu allows you to take advantage of different tools including: SEO research, PPC (Pay Per Click) research and Keyword research. This is why, SpyFu can be considered as a complete SEO tool suite
This suite can include the track of backlinks and the continuous monitor of websites. However, they don’t use web crawlers and also, they have some metrics that can be too complex for a newbie of SEO. 
The costs of SpyFu? 
From $39 to $299 per month, that are reduced if you buy the annual plan. 

SEMrush SEO Tools

SEMrush is a comprehensive platform that allows you to use different tools of research, SEO, backlinking and device-base analysis. Not only it helps you to do that, but also with keyword research and crawling. 
The best part of SEMrush? That it’s a proactive SEO tool. In fact, it gives you also suggestions about keywords and other SEO recommendations. 
You can buy both the monthly or annual plan, with a consistent discount if you choose the second one. Prices go from $99.95 to $399.95 per month. 


SEOptimer allows you to test every factor that search engines analyze when ranking a website. Thanks to the help of this tool you will be able to identify and solve problems with SEO of your web page. 
Moreover, this platform has also a proactive approach, suggesting you how you can improve the quality and ranking of your page. 
As far as prices are concerned, SEOptimer can go from 19 to 59 dollars per month, being one of the less expensive among the ones we saw until now. 


Being among the first organic results of Google or any other search engines is a key for the success of your website. 
In this way you will be able to expand your visibility and raise your traffic, without having to pay for extra sponsorship. 
To get the best SEO website, you can follow some specific guidelines. Yet, sometimes this is not enough. To get the best out of your SEO strategy you can use some tools. The web has loads of tools and platform that can analyze your website telling you what works and what doesn’t. Thanks to this, you will be able to solve every SEO issue and improve your ranking. 
In this article we gave you a complete overview of the matter. Of course, the tools mentioned here are only some of the many available on the market. Be sure to check them all out before choosing which one is best for you
Giving your visitors quality is fundamental if you want to improve  your business results. The same goes when it comes to products. This is why we created uDroppy. We wanted to give digital entrepreneurs like you all the ingredients to make clients happy. 
Thanks to our quality products, services and support, you will be able to grow a successful and sustainable business for your future. 
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