How to Set Up a Christmas Store to leverage the Holiday Shopping

Set up Your Christmas Store

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Christmas is a huge opportunity for your sales and your customer lifetime, this is why you need your Christmas store set up at best. 

If you manage an e-commerce business you need to take advantage of every strategy, event and tool you have at your disposal. This is how you bring more traffic to your store, convert more clients and make them come back regularly. 

In our blog we have tons of articles that help you set up your marketing campaigns, your logistic processes, business automation and more. Today, we are here to share with you some surprising strategies that will help you set up your Christmas Store. 

#1 Give your prospects the best user experience while building the best Christmas store 

Users expect the best shopping experience online. This means they want fast loading of the page, a quick and simple checking process, an easy way to find what they are looking for. 

This means that you have to focus on your store and work on the user interface and the user experience to get your Christmas store ready. Go throughout your entire store and shopping process and adjust the things you think users wouldn’t like. You can ask suggestions to a friend or your previous clients too. 

This is very important because giving your users a fast way to their products and then to the cart is the best way to avoid losing them

Here you can find some Apps for Shopify that will help you improve your store. 

#2 Create Christmas gift landing pages 

November and December are the busiest times for an e-commerce owners. In fact, they are the best months to gain new traffic and, even more, returning clients.

Many of these customers will be looking for Christmas gifts and if you want to raise your conversion rates,  you can create specific landing pages

By doing this and using your previous audiences data you can give your prospects exactly what they are looking for. And you won’t risk to lose them confusing them with your entire catalog. 

Christmas Store Landing Page

Ta-da, a Christmas Store ready, personalized for each audience, thus more efficient.

#3 A Christmas store must be clear about shipping times

If you want your store ready for Christmas you need to be clear about shipping times. You can use a countdown widget on your store to show your clients how many days they have left to order. At least if they want to see their product shipped before Christmas. 

This is very important because it also activates the sense of urgency in their minds, making them more likely to buy. 

One extra suggestion when it comes to shipping is to offer Free shipping on your products. No, we don’t mean that you should pay the cost of shipping for them, but that you can include the cost of shipping in the price of the products. In fact the “Free shipping” CTA (Call To Action) is the most powerful driver of sales. 

Thanks to uDroppy you can have your products shipped in 12-15 days, almost worldwide, thanks to our extensive logistic network. 

#4 Have your stock ready 

What is the worst thing that could happen? 

That a prospect comes to your store, buy a product, turn into a clients, but then he/she doesn’t receive the product because you run out of stock. 

Chrismas Store run out of products

This not only will give you an angry clients and problems with refunds and payment gateways. In fact, this will also create problems to your brand image. 

What you need is to have your stock ready. You can also put a widget that tells people how many pieces you  have left. This will activate scarcity and urgency and will make them buy more and immediately. 

If you do dropshipping and you want your stock ready without warehouse renting costs you can count on uDroppy. We can offer you the Virtual Warehouse service.  You will be able to buy a stock of products at a cheaper price and then we’ll store them in our logistic center and take care of shipping.

#5 Include Christmas packaging

Having a Christmas store ready is not enough.

If you want to give your users the best experience you can create personalized Christmas packagings. They will make the unboxing a unique experience. Moreover, they will add value and exclusivity to your products. Not to mention that in this way users won’t even need to think about wrapping up their gift. Time and money saved! 

Christmas store Packaging

#6 Expand your partnership

Christmas is the right period where to boost your visibility other than your revenues. 


Thanks to new strategic partnerships. 

You can partner up with an influencer or micro-influencer so that people will be able to see your product used in real life. 

Another way to expand your audience is by partnering up with another business that complete yours. Let’s say that you have a niche store about shoes. You could partner up with a producer of hand-made socks and create win-win strategies and packaging. 

Finally, you can choose to partner up with a charity. This is not only beneficial for your business, but for the entire society. In fact, Christmas is the time where we are deeply connected to emotions. Supporting a charity with a donation for every order will make people more likely to buy and will give you the chance to improve the world too. 

Here you can find an application that can help you set your store for that

#7 Raise the AOV 

During Christmas you can not only raise the number of sales, but also the AOV (Average Order Value). 

First things first,  you can raise your AOV by creating bundles. You can sell more pieces of one product or a set of products together for a lower price. In this way you will give more value to the products and to your customers too. 

Another way to raise the AOV is by leveraging impulse buy

What does it mean? 

That you should place strategic cheaper products in your checkout process. Mostly, in places where users can add them in the cart easy and quick. 

For example you can add footer where you show what other products people bought, like Amazon does. 

These strategies will give you a Christmas store able to give you outstanding numbers.

#8 Sell gift cards too

Users that are looking for Christmas gifts are not always sure about what to buy. Usually, they are wondering around online (or brick-and-mortar) stores to see if they can find something. This is where gi
ft cards comes in handy. 

Be sure to include them in your strategy and to make it clear for your users that you are selling them too. 

#9 Create a Gift guide to promote your Christmas store 

If you want people to get to know your business, you can create Christmas gift guides. They are simple guides where you showcase a list of products you are selling. You can personalize them according to your audiences preferences or according to the gift addressee

Here below you can find an example. 

Christmas Gift Guide Strategy

Yet, you can create gift guides for her, for him, under a specific budget, for kitchen lovers, for DIY obsessed, etc. 

#10 Promote your business through your channels 

Of course, having your store and your stock ready is fundamental, but if you want to reach more people you will need marketing too

Be sure to put in place all the marketing strategies you have at your disposal. 

First, leverage ads and PPC campaigns. This allows you to warm up the pixel on determined products and to give you all the details you need to improve your targeting. 

Having your audiences data is also fundamental to use retargeting and raise your conversions rate. 

Other than paid campaigns, you should use all the owned channels you have. 

Email marketing is the first to leverage, since is the strategy with the highest ROI. Use your mailing list and the email marketing strategies you know, to make your subscribers visit your store and buy. You can also create personalized offers for them, giving them value and making them feel exclusive. 

You can also use social media to promote your presence, your products and your offers. What is the best way to do that? 

There is no right or wrong question. In fact you can leverage a huge set of different initiatives. From simple ads, to hashtag contests to leverage UGC and giveaway. 

You could create an advent calendar of promotions and much more. 

#11 Leverage other events of the last quarter and boost your 

If you want to get your Christmas store ready you will need to use all the events that precede it. 

We are talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, of course. These two days are the most important ones because they give the start to the Holiday Shopping Season. 

You should use BFCM to expand your audience, raise your traffic, build your audiences and start selling your products at convenient prices. 

Other smaller days you could use to build your Christmas audience and grow your results are Single Day, Free Shipping Day, Small Business Saturday, etc. 

We also wrote an entire article about BFCM strategies for businesses

#12 Never stop to the Christmas Store 

One of the worst and biggest mistakes of every e-commerce business, during Christmas, is to never think about the after-event. In fact, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are all periods that you should use to build a returning-client-base. This means that you should follow up and establish relationships with your clients so that you get a higher lifetime value

Now your Christmas Store is ready

To help you create the best Christmas store and raise your revenues, we gathered a long list of strategies you should start to put in place. 

This is what uDroppy does. We think about our customers, they needs and their desires, and find the best solutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s automation of processes, logistic services, or finding the best strategies and information. 

If you want to keep your stock under control and keep your campaigns running until the very last, you should partner up with uDroppy

We have all the solutions you need: virtual warehouse, bulk, white labeling of products and packaging, fast shipping, etc. 

Together we can make you a super entrepreneur and go with you from zero to hero

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