How to Switch Products to Work With uDroppy Without Losing Data

How to switch products to work with uDroppy

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The product switch has been updated with the release of the Product Mapping feature in the platform.

Read more in our article. 

Why don’t you switch your product and start selling with uDroppy?

When you get to know uDroppy and all the benefits we can offer you, you will quickly become interested in working with us. 

Even more, when you see that you can create an account and use all the essential features of our platform for free. 

What our clients appreciate the most when using uDroppy is the quality and quantity of products currently available in our extensive catalog. There, you can find more than 2,000 products, organized  by category to make your search easier and faster. 

In fact, you can filter products by category, price and name. 

At this point you can’t wait to create your own free account and check our products catalog.

Maybe  you will find the product you are currently selling on your store.You see that the price is a little bit different than your current provider, but you know that we give you better quality, faster shipping, and a whole set of professional services. Services that allow you to build, manage,  and grow your business with one unique and reliable partner. You know we are worth it, so it’s time to sell with us.

But how can you switch your product without losing all the data gained from your Facebook and Google campaigns? 

You surely don’t want to lose all the money you invested in setting up your campaigns and audiences. 

Well, don’t worry because we have what you need to switch your products to uDroppy without any problems. All you need to do is to follow a quick manual process. And here are  all the steps to do it. 

A step by step guide to the process

Here at uDroppy, your needs come always first. So we are here to accompany you throughout the product switch process. 

As you can  see, it’s going to be easy and fast. 

Let’s go through all the steps together. 

Product Switch Step 1 

First you have to push the product you are interested in from uDroppy to your store. There is no need to make  it public ; you can easily hide it, but it is necessary that you have the uDroppy product in your Shopify products list. When you push it, you can also set  the price and select the shipping method. 

Now, you have both the uDroppy product and the product you are currently selling on your Shopify store. 

Product Switch Step 2  

Second,  you have to download this Excel file, where you will have to copy paste the product URL and/or the variant URL (in the case that your product has variants) of the product that you are currently selling on your store. 

This is how to find it: 

  • Go to Shopify;
  • Log in and select the Products section; 

Product Switch - Product selection

  • Choose the Product;

Current Product Selection

  • Select the Variant Tab;

Product Variants

  • Select one variant and copy-paste the link of the variant page;

Variant Details

  • Repeat this process for every variant;
  • Make sure to label the links for each variant with its name (be it color, size, etc).

Product Switch Step 3 

Now it’s time to go through the exact same process as Step 2. This time though, you  will have to copy and paste all the data related to the product pushed from uDroppy. 

You go to Shopify, Products, and Edit to have all the links about the variants, that you will copy in the Excel file we shared with you.  

Now, and this is extremely important, you have to make sure to put the same variant for each product in the same line.

For example, if the product you are currently selling has both brown and black color variants, make current product’s brown variant and uDroppy product’s brown variant  in the same row. The same with the black variant, of course. And for any other variant (apart from color) that the products may have. 

Product Variant Example

Product Switch Step 4 

This is the very last step of the product switch process. 

At this point, you will have the Excel file filled with all the data from  both the current product and the uDroppy product. It’s time to send the Excel file to your e-com manager via email!

Make sure to add “Product switch” as the subject of the email. 

Email Subject for Product Switch

Your e-com manager, with the help of  our tech team will then make sure that your product is  switched within 2 business days.

In any case, you will hear from your e-com manager once the switch is done and you will start receiving the orders automatically on the uDroppy platform.  All without losing data and money! 


Being a dropshipper and managing an e-commerce business all alone is a challenge. This is why you need a partner able to make your work easier and faster. 

Thanks to our operations automation, logistic processes and business services, we can help you create and grow your own business worries-free, while you focus on marketing. 

Not only this, but we also support your marketing and business decisions thanks to our insights, articles and tailored solutions, like the product switch. 

In this way we help you make your clients happy thanks to quality product and fast shipping and make your work easier, saving your time and money.

If you are ready to become a super entrepreneur and get to build your own brand, without changing the way you work, then you will need uDroppy. 

Join us for free, if you haven’t done it already.

We can’t wait to achieve outstanding results together!


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