How to Track Social Media Hashtags Thanks to These Apps

How to Track Social Media Hashtags Thanks to These Apps

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People love to give a label to what they do, what they buy or post. This is why hashtags are so popular on social media. And it’s the reason why you should use hashtags too. 
Social media allows you to see insights and analytics about your performance. Yet, they lack the ability to track hashtags. 
Don’t worry, though.
The web has tons of applications that allows you to track  hashtags of social media, including Instagram and Twitter. 

Why you should track hashtags 

Hashtags are more important than you think. You cannot choose them randomly. As you cannot choose random keywords for your website or articles. 
Using these apps allows you to understand the popularity of an hashtag and its reach. 
It helps you understand if your brand has been mentioned (if you create a branded hashtag).
You can use them to track user generated content
It’s useful if you are running contests and giveaways
You can use it to find influencers that talks about you or your sector
Finally, it’s the right way to measure engagement and efficacy of your hashtags

What you should track 

Using hashtag tracking apps won’t be useful unless you know what to look for. This means that you need to have a plan, or at least a goal. You need to know what to track and why. 
If you want to give your posts the right hashtags to improve the reach, just look for trending hashtags related to your brand or sector. 
If you created a branded hashtag, you can track it to see what is the sentiment around your brand. Or to see how many people are talking about you. It also helps you to understand if people created posts about your products, reviewing them. Content that you can use to improve the trust of your prospects.
You can also use hashtag tracking apps to monitor contests or giveaways (if you organized them). Or to track the campaigns you are running (e.g. Guerrilla marketing). 
Finally, you can track ad hashtags. This allows you to see how your ad is performing. 

The top 7 social media hashtag tracking tools 

The web has tons of different platforms that allows you to monitor hashtags. Some of them are dedicated only to this activity. Others are more complete and complex, giving you a complete view on your social media performance. 
In both cases, you will be able to find free tools, or premium ones. There are also some tools that can be either free or premium according to the plan you choose. 
We are gathered the top 7 for you. 

#1 All Hashtag 

This is a completely free tool that allows you to analyze one hashtag and extract relevant information for your business. 
Allhashtag monitor platform
All Hashtag gives you information about the popularity and ranking of an hashtag. 
Moreover, it gives you a percentage of recommendation for that keyword. It gives you also the chance to compare it with other popular hashtags and much more. 

#2 Brand24 

Brand24 supports social media and hashtag analytics. Is one of those complete platform we were talking about, studying the mentions of an hashtag across social media, websites, blogs and other online resources. 
Brand 24 Monitor Hashtag
It’s a interesting analytic tool that allows you to have precise data that you can use to support your social media strategy. 
Brand24 is not free, even if it gives you the chance to start a 14 days free trials (like Shopify). After that you will have to pay. The Plus Plan starts from $49 per month. 

#3 Hashtagify 

This application is dedicated to Twitter and its hashtags. It allows you to find and analyze hashtags for your strategy, to amplify the business growth and brand awareness. 
Hashtagify Monitor
You can use Hashtagify for free to have a generic view of the performance of an hashtag. Including popularity, month and week trend. The person that tweeted the most and related hashtags. Yet, if you want to go into details you will have to subscribe to a plan. 
The Personal plan starts at $19 + VAT (when billed annually, otherwise $29 + VAT). 

#4 Keyhole 

Keyhole is a complete platform that allows you to track the analytics of your social media. It can analyze Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Not only it will help you track keywords and hashtags. Keyhole will give you access to an exhaustive set of solutions. They include brand and event monitoring, influencer marketing, campaign tracking and market research. 
Keyhole Monitor
Thanks to the extensive features and tools this application gives you, the cost is higher. In fact, the professional plan starts from $179 per month when paid every year (with a 10% discount). It offers you a free trial of 7 days that will give you the chance to try it first-hand. 

#5 Metricool 

Metricool is an applications where you can analyze, manage and measure your complete social media activity. It analyzes your social media platforms as well as your online campaigns. 
Metricool monitor
Moreover, it gives you the chance to monitor your competitors and to create reports in no time. 
You can use Metricool for free with some limitations. In fact the free plan include only one profile and no reports. 
If you want the reports feature you have to subscribe the Individual plan that cost $12 per month (with annual payment) or the Brand & Teams plan that allows you even to use it with your team members, for only $21 (always billed annually). 

#6 Social Searcher 

Social Searcher is designed to give you analytics and real-time data. 
Social Searcher Monitor
It analyzes every platform on the web, not only Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, but also Reddit, Flickr, Vimeo and more.
Social Searcher has a free plan that gives up up to 100 real-time searches per day and 2 email alerts. If you want more, including history and saved posts,  you have to subscribe to a paid plan. The cheapest one start from €3.49 per month. 

#7 TweetDeck 

If Twitter is your main social media channel and you want to boost your chances there, TweetDeck is the right app. It is totally free. All you need is a Twitter account. 
Tweetdeck Monitor
TweetDeck allows you to run your Twitter account directly on the platform. It gives you clearer views of live conversions, trending hashtags and hashtag performance. 
You can also use this app to schedule your Twitter campaigns. 

Final considerations 

If you want to expand your presence on social media, leveraging one of the most popular and powerful tools, you will need to use and track hashtags
Thanks to these applications you will be able to know which hashtags to use, when and if they are working. 
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