How to Turn Message Apps in a Powerful Marketing Strategy Tool

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Let’s face it. Costs of acquisition keep rising while reach gets lower, no matter how much you pay to promote your content. In this way you are forced to use every mean you have to talk with your audience. You need to go wherever they are. This is why you should turn message apps into a strategic marketing tool
Would you like to reach 1600 million people? 
Well, guess what: with messaging apps you can. 
This article will help you find and use another incredible marketing lever that will bring you to success. 
Because this is our job. We are here to give you the services, resources and information you need to create a successful brand starting from scratch. 

Message Apps all around the world

Thanks to technology and the growing use of mobile devices, today the web is full of platforms you can use to text and call family and friends. Users use these apps everyday to stay in touch with the people they care about. Yet, businesses have started using messaging apps too, to communicate with both colleagues and clients. 
They will be the future of marketing and communication. But what is the best Message Apps for you business? 
The most popular platforms are Whatsapp (1600 M users), Messenger (1300 M users) and WeChat (1100 M users). But you can also use Snapchat, Slack, Line and more. 
Messaging Apps Popularity
What really matter are your audience and your goal
You have to know who your buyer persona is, where the audience live and what you want to do. 
For example, if you are targeting millennials, the best channel is Snapchat. If you want to communicate to U.S. people in mass, you can use Messenger. If you prefer local and iper-specific communities you should choose Whatsapp, etc. 
Messaging Apps per country  

How to use Message Apps in your Marketing Strategy 

First, you have to know which message apps your audience is using. Then, you have to leverage it or them to reach, engage and convert, to give your business a strong push toward success. 

#1 Automate communication with your users when they reach out to you

Handling social media is not easy when you have a small team. Even more when you are all alone managing an entire business. 
Thanks to the use of message apps and chatbots you can automate communications with your audience. The web is full of platforms that will help you create your own chatbot, even if you don’t want to hire a developer. 

#2 Increase brand awareness or conversions 

Messaging apps are more than a place where you can message customers with answers to their questions. In fact, is a channel that you can use to promote your brand or your products
Message apps are a real marketing channel where you can do advertising and make people both get to know you or complete an action. 
An example is the project #LastSelfie of World Wildlife Fund that used Snapchat to hit the fundraising goal with this ad. 

#3 Grow engagement 

Engagement is necessary. It’s part of relationship marketing and it helps your brand to be more reliable in the eyes of your audience. 
Message Apps can also help your brand to push your users to engage more with it. To do that you can host competitions or games and even add branded stickers. Stickers can go viral, but the key is to make them represent your brand values and tone of voice. 

#4 Multiply sales of products and services 

If you work in the e-commerce world, your goal is to sell your products. The more channels you find to do that, the better for your sales. 
Message Apps are a perfect channel where to sell products and services to your client. They can use these apps to buy products, to book tickets, check vacancies. They can also receive information and updates from companies and brands and documentation.
This is possible thanks to payment via messaging apps that are revolutionizing the e-commerce world. 

#5 Raise customer retention 

Managing an international business is never easy. You will always have clients texting you while you sleep. If you don’t want to lose them because of delay in answers you will need a solution.  This is why chatbot are also useful to grant a successful customers service 24/7
Customer services is a key lever of marketing and e-commerce. It’s one of the key strategies you should definitely apply to your business if you want to have satisfied and loyal customers. 
The same goes for chatbots. They are a strategic tool in the digital marketing sector. One of the boosting trends for the future. 


Message Apps are powerful. You need to recognize their strategic position for your marketing strategy. This is how you will gain a competitive advantage
Reaching to your customers will become even more complex in the future. Knowing which tools to leverage and how, is fundamental if you want a successful business. 
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