How to Use Online Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

How to use online videos in your marketing strategy

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What is video marketing?

Why you need it for your business? 

How can you build a successful video marketing campaign? 

If these three questions keeps going back and forth in your mind, this article will help you solve the mystery. We will give you all the answers you need to find a further booster for your brand. 

What is Video Marketing 

Video marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on video content. Video is a powerful mean of communication that allows you to improve the performances, results and communication of your brand.

With a well-built video you can explain the values and the story of your business. You can build relationships with customers. And, of course, you can promote your product or services. But that’s not all. A video marketing campaign can include tutorials, webinars and other content that will give value to your audience. 

Why your business needs video marketing

There are many reasons why you should start building a video marketing strategy. 

To make you understand better how video marketing can help your business we gathered a list of reasons. 


#1 It increases conversions and sales

Video has the power to increase your revenues and give you better conversion rates. 90% of customers affirm that videos was fundamental in choosing to buy a product or service. 


#2 Video makes people remember your brand  

Video are easy to remember. Thanks to images, info-graphics, music and animation people will recall information without trouble. This means that they will also remember you and your brand. This is very important when it comes to your business. Making people remember you is the first step to convert them into clients.

#3 Video is SEO friendly 

Having a blog, website and YouTube channel SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized is fundamental. If you don’t have it, people will never find you. 

Video can help you boost your SERP ranking position. In this way people will find your website and brand easier. By increasing the visits to your website it improves the chances of converting prospects into clients. 

#4 Video can go viral 

When it comes to make your content viral, people will feel more likely to do it with a video than an article. Video, in fact, are not only easier to remember, but also to share. 

Statistics show that more than 90% of people that watch videos on mobile share them with their network. This is why video marketing can help you get better business results. 

The best way to make people share your videos is to create engaging content that represent the brand. Building relevance is important. This means giving valuable content respecting the tone of voice and image of your brand. 

#5 Video make everything easy to understand, even for the laziest users

Users have no time to read every information that they receive. They want to know what is new, but they don’t have the will or the time to focus on long articles and manuals. 

Thanks to videos you will be able to engage and educate even the lazier users. In fact, not only video is a powerful learning tool, since you better remember information. It is also easy to consume, winning even lazy users. 

Moreover, video gives you the chance to use different kind of material: audio, video, images, info-graphics and animations. You can mix and match them to create exhaustive videos about anything. Even the more complex processes and products will be easy to understand thanks to a good video

#6 Video improves the reliability of your brand 

As you know, making people trust your brand, is the best way to make them buy. Not only for one time, but many times during their lifecycle. 

How do you make your brand reliable? 

The answer is simple, you have to build durable relationships with your customers and users.  

Videos is a powerful tool when it comes to building trust. In fact, it engage users by calling to their emotions. 

It doesn’t work only with brand awareness, but also when it comes to promoting your products or services. 

Creating ad-hoc videos where you explain how your product or service can help them and solve their issues, is the best way to win their confidence

If this is not enough to overcome the barriers of their skepticism we have what you need. 

Thanks to our logistic partner and smart solutions, we can give you the chance to offer the Cash On Delivery service to your clients. In this way they will feel more likely and safer when buying your products online. This will also help you improve your reliability, conversion rate and customer retention

#7 Video is multi-device friendly

People use any devices when looking for information, services or products. This means that your content needs a responsive design to adapt to every one of them. Otherwise, you will lose your prospects. 

Videos are born to perform at their best on every device, browser and platform. This means that video has a huge reach, is user friendly and improves your marketing results. 

#8 Video enhance your email marketing campaign

Having an email marketing strategy for your business is fundamental. 

If you want to improve your results you can try different strategies and one of them is using videos inside your email. 

Video not only are more interesting for users, that will be more likely to open your email (tell them in the subject). In fact, videos will also increase the click-through rate up to 96%

How you can build a successful video marketing campaign

Creating a powerful video marketing strategy is not simple. As almost everything in the marketing field there is no rule of thumb, you have to test and adjust your strategy to the results and KPIs (Key Performer Indicator). 

Before we go through all the steps necessary to do video marketing, you need to know which kind of videos you can create for your business. 

What kind of video you can create

Below you can see a list of the kind of video content you can create. 

  • Branded videos. Branded videos focus on the company. Here you can insert valuable content about the vision and mission of your business. They are usually used to create brand awareness; 
  • Product videos. They explain and show to users how your products work and how they can solve problems. The same goes if you sell a service instead of a product. They are used to increase the conversion rate and convince people to buy; 
  • Demos. You can create tutorials to explain to your potential customers how your product or service work. In this way it will be simpler for them to use it and understand what your business is about;
  • Influencers and experts videos. Having experts of the sectors and other opinion leaders meeting you in a video is a powerful element of brand awareness and reliability. It will give your business the authority that users look for to trust; 
  • Event videos. Film a video of you hosting a networking event, giving a speech or you participating in a tradeshow. You can also organize interviews during these events with key player of the market to give value to users; 
  • Animated videos and info-graphics. These videos are perfect to explain to the audience complex concepts and processes. Thanks to a clear set of visuals you will be able to make them understand even the most cumbersome notions; 
  • Testimonials. There is nothing better to build trust about your business than using testimonials. If you have advocate and satisfied customers ask them to speak on behalf of your company. You can create videos of them talking about your products and services and the related benefits;
  • Live videos. Whether you want to give out valuable contents and information or make people take part in your events, lives have a huge success. You can organize live webinars and stream live conferences or interviews to boost the engagement of your users. 

The video marketing strategy 

Every video has a different purpose and allow you to improve different kind of performances. 

Before you start filming and invest in equipment, be sure you have a clear idea of your video marketing strategy

As for every marketing strategy the first step is to establish a goal. What do you want to achieve with your marketing campaign? 

If you want to raise brand awareness you will focus on a brand video. If you want to create a personalized and complete set of video to raise conversion, you will have to work on a set of videos. 

Once you have your goal you have to think about resources. The budget is important. If you can’t spend a bunch of money in video marketing you can find economic resources that will give you the chance to get good results even with no pro-tools. For example, using your iPhone is a good start to have good videos. 

What really matters is content. 

Statistics show that users are more interested in content than in the quality of the video. Moreover, videos with a lower quality are perceived as more authentic, meaning trustworthy. This is the case of social media shared videos.

Knowing your goal, the type of video you want to create and the budget you have to create it – or them – is not enough. As we said already content is king. 

This means you have to work on your story. Using storytelling in every video is fundamental. You can turn a blog into a vlog for sure, but you have to adapt the content. You cannot give a bullet list of products or benefits. You have to appeal to emotions and build a narrative around your brand, product, event, values etc

To get the best out of your video marketing strategy you have to write the script. It is fundamental both for you and your actors. In fact it helps the to understand what they have to say and you how long the video is going to be. 

Once you have the script try to read it out loud more than once. Ask also your colleagues to do it. This will help you understand if you used the right language and if your text is easy to get. 

When you do the footage, make sure your actors are prepared. This doesn’t mean that they have to know the script by heart. They have to know what the text is about and how they have to proceed. 

To reduce cut and editing time, film different sections of the video and leave buffers before and at the end of every clip. 

There is no rule of thumbs, but usually short videos are more engaging. Of course, it depends on the platform where you will share the video. 

YouTube prefer longer videos while social media very short ones. This is due to the short attention span of users. Be sure to hook them right away so that they will see the video till the end. 

Editing is fundamental. This is why you should know how to use editing programs. In fact, editing is useful to make video shorter and more intersting thanks to engaging effects, color changing, music addition and much more.

If you want to know more about this subject, check out this intersting article about the best free video editing softwares written by Ecom Elites.

Once you have the video filmed and edited, it’s time to publish. Choose the best platform and create ad-hoc length and format for everyone. Choose the right keywords to promote SEO and invest in paid-campaigns too. Finally, share them with your clients everywhere you can. 

After that, everything you will need to do is wait a little and then analyze the data. 

Which platform should you choose to publish your videos

The web has many different video hosting platforms. You will have to choose the best one according to your needs

Let’s see together which are the main ones.  

#1 YouTube 

YouTube is the most famous platform when it comes to video. With its  over one billion users is also the most attractive platform for your business. Let’s face it, if you want to reach the higher number of users all over the globe, it’s the best choice. 

This free platform allows you to create your own channel and build your audience, so that they will see always more content from you. 

Yet, there are some downsides too. In fact, YouTube has a wide number of ads that can detract the attention of your users. Or, even worse, can pull them away from your channel and video. 

#2 Vimeo 

Vimeo is the second video hosting platform after YouTube. Here the number of users is considerably reduced. Yet, there are some benefits when compared to its main competitor. 

In fact, Vimeo has a clearer UI (User Interface) that allows you to navigate the website with ease. Moreover, Vimeo is better for the quality of the audience, because it has a limited number of ads

#3 Vidyard

This platform is designed with a business focus. In fact, from Vidyard you can manage the sharing, publishing and updating of your videos from one unique platform. 

Being business-oriented it has a wide set of insights that you can track to understand better the effectiveness of your strategy. This data are shared with your marketing automation software to give you an even better experience. 

It is the perfect tool for a business that wants to do video marketing like a professional and get the best out of it.  

How to analyze the results of video marketing 

When you work in the marketing sector you know that there is always a time to measure what you did. Analytics are the best friend of every marketing manager and video marketing makes no exception. 

Here below we gathered all the metrics you should follow to study the results of your video marketing campaign. 

  • Views or Reach. The first metric that you can think of is view count for sure.. It’s the number of times your video has been seen by users. Of course, you have to think that platforms measure this number in different ways. For example YouTube count a view every time a user watch at least 30 seconds;
  • Video completion. This is the number of people that watched the entire video. Your goal is to get it as higher as possible because it represents the success of your campaign. There is also the completion rate that divide the number of completions by the number of views;

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate). This metric measures how many times the CTA (Call to action) has been clicked. This number is then divided by the number of views. It allows you to understand the effectiveness of your video and CTA;
  • Conversion Rate. This index is calculated by dividing the number of times visitors completed the action by the numbers of CTA clicks. This means that not only they clicked the CTA on your video, but they completed the action;
  • Play Rate. This metric helps you understand if your video has been appealing for your target. To calculate you divide the number of people who played the video and the number of impressions;
  • Sharing & Comments. One of your goal is to reach the highest audience possible. This is why you will share your video on more than one platform. To understand if people liked the video and found it useful you can count the number of sharing and comments of users. 

Final considerations 

Video marketing is a powerful and fundamental tool for your business. This is why always more brands start focusing on video to improve their results. 

In this article we gave you all the information you need to know before starting to plan your own strategy. 

Thanks to the new technologies creating and delivering valuable video content will be easier and more convenient. All you need to do is to plan your future steps carefully. 

Want to see how uDroppy is building it’s video strategy? Check our YouTube channel. 

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