How to Win Black Friday 2019 Thanks to These Tips and Tricks

How to win Black Friday thanks to these tips and tricks

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It is undeniable: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now fundamental days both for retailers and consumers. They are the occasions to raise revenues on one hand, and get the best products at the most convenient price, on the other. 


Today Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an international phenomenon. Moreover, the numbers of online shopping keep rising. This is why, e-commerce businesses like yours can’t lose this opportunity


Today we are going through all the steps and strategies you need to follow and put in place to win the BFCM period. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Black Friday this year will be on the 29th of November, and it will take place on the Friday that comes right after to Thanksgiving, as always. While Cyber Monday will take place three days after it, which means for 2019 the 2nd of December. 

It seems a far away period, but the sooner you are ready for it, the better. We will tell you why later on in this article. 


Black Friday and the entire Black Week (or Cyber Week) is the period that kicks off the holiday shopping seasons. 

If you want to know more about its origin and the latest trend, you must read our article. Here we explain you all the details about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you will have all the information to get ready for it. 


In this article, though, we will focus on giving you tips and tricks that will help you set your store and campaigns ready for this challenging event. 


Are you ready? Let’s start right away, then. 

What you need to do to be ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 


#1 Make sure your store is mobile friendly

One of the main trend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the growing use of mobile devices to buy products. 

This means that your store must be responsive and optimized to work on mobile devices. 


#2 Be sure your store and website can face the increased traffic 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two outstanding occasions to multiply your sales. If you are going to leverage them, you have to do it right. This means that you don’t have to experience any problem with shutdown of your website and store. Otherwise you will lose potential customers that you could have turned into loyal customers after this period.


#3 Check you SEO 

If you want users to find you then you need to have a website optimized for Search Engines. This means that you have to use the right keywords, meta tags and descriptions, alt text for pictures, set and running right. 


#4 Give users the best customer experience 

Today customers have high expectations. This is because of brands like Amazon. Now, customers expect free shipping, one-day delivery and similar services from every online store. This is why you should make the shopping experience as smooth, easy, and effort-free as possible. To do so you have to make all the information available and the check-out process fast and easy. 


#5 Check that everything works

Once you have improved the shopping experience, the mobile optimization, the SEO and everything else, you have to test

Access as a user or ask a friend for help. Go throughout your entire shopping process and check that everything works fine. 


#6 Create a promotion map

Having an idea about promotion is important. It’s the first thing you have to know before jumping in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday challenge. Check the competition, look at their campaign, if they have them already, look at past promotions and develop your unique one. 

Every e-commerce will have offers and deals, so you have to call the attention of users and make your discount unique. 

Analyze the margins and then choose the best promotion. One that you would never use in any other period of the year. It could be a 4-days free shipping promo, or a buy two get three offer. Choose what’s best for you and your prospect and win the competition. 


#7 Start right now with your campaign 

Black Friday may seem very far away, but to be ready and get the best out of it you have to start now. 


First, because now the cost for traffic and conversion are lower than during that period. This means that you can spend less to get the same traffic. 

Second, you will convert more and you will be able to establish relationships with users. 

Third, you will have all the data to do retargeting on the users that checked your website. In this way you will be able to create personalized promotions and ad-hoc campaign to convert them into customers. 


#8 Use omnichannel marketing 

Today customers don’t follow a static path when they shop online. In fact, stats prove that users start the shopping process on one touch point to finish in another one. 

This means that you have to create a communication and marketing strategy that is aligned in every touch point you leverage. Meaning, social media, your website, Google ads, mobile, emails, etc. 


#9 Personalize your content 

Personalization, as an omnichannel strategy, is one of the best trends for both e-commerce and digital marketing. In fact, users love personalized content, because it helps them feel cuddled by your brand. Users want you to know them, their preferences and needs. Because this is the best way in which you can please them, giving them what they need or want. 

Leveraging personalization with ad-hoc coupon or product offers is the best way to turn them into customers. This is why it’s key to start the sooner possible. 


#10 Create videos for your promotions 

Videos work best. They are more engaging and they keep the attention of your customer focused. This is why you need a video marketing strategy for your brand. Even more when it comes to the most challenging, yet the most profitable period of the year! 


#11 Plan your campaign and editorial calendar 

Being ready way before the period of BFCM starts it’s fundamental if you want to do it right and get the best out of it. 

This means that you have to plan and prepare your campaigns now and schedule them for later. This includes: copy, ads, banner, emails (yes, even the ones for abandoned cart) and every other content you want to use. 


#12 Build buzz around your deals 

Do you want users to visit your store on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and convert into customers? Then creating suspense and expectation is a winning strategy

Start teasing your target with emails, social media sneak peaks and every other stratagem to ignite their curiosity. 


#13 Use tracking pixels and do retargeting 

Retarget your audience, users that have visited your store and showed interest in your products. It’s a winning strategy for your Black Friday weekend plan. Even more if you use personalization. 

To do that you have to use tracking pixels, linked to your paid campaigns. 


What is retargeting

#14 Make smart choices optimizing costs 

If you want to run campaigns during the day of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should at least be smart. During these days, in fact, costs go skyrocketing and it’s hard to get good results out of it. By choosing some strategic countries or timing you can lower the cost and raise your conversion with ease. So, get your time to study the market and make the best choice. 


#15 Make it all about the holiday season

What we have seen in the last years is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the occasions where people start buying Christmas Gifts. 

By pushing your communication and making it all about the holiday season you can earn an advantage. 

Make them understand that it’s the last chance to buy comfortably from home and receive their products on time to wrap them up in Christmas paper. 


#16 Increase the AOV 

The average order value is a fundamental index for your business. It represents the average amount that every user spend. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days to increment the AOV to make your revenues skyrocket. 

There are many strategies you can use to do that: 

  • Upselling. This e-commerce technique allows you to push a client to buy an extra item or an upgraded version of the product they put in the cart. 
  • Cross-selling. It is the e-commerce strategy through which you persuade your customers to buy an extra product with their first choice. Cross-selling is particularly effective when you offer an extra item with a lower price. Or when you offer a particular accessory to the main product the client has viewed or inserted in the shopping cart.
  • Bundling. It means grouping together more than one product to offer to your clients customized packages with a convenient price. Bundles are effective because they allow you to sell products together, reducing the costs for the users, but increasing your AOV. 
  • Order bumps. They are techniques to increase the value of the cart by proposing at the end of the shopping process, right before checkout, to add other products. With only one click it’s done! 


#17 Think about creative packaging and boxes

Want to do something unique to impress users and get new customers? 

Creating holiday-themed packaging and boxes for your products can be a smart and successful idea. 

User your creativity to find the best deal for your clients. This doesn’t mean only discounts. 

You have to think out of the box. 


#18 Create urgency and scarcity 

If you want to convert your users into customers, giving them the best deal is not enough. You have to ignite the sense of urgency and scarcity in their mind. 

How can you do that? 

Thanks to countdown widgets that will warn them about the limited time or pieces of the offer. 

If you want to know more about all the Shopify apps that you can use to make your store conversions-proof you can check out our article. 


#19 Gives coupon and codes 

If you want to reward your loyal customer or email newsletter subscribers, you can give them coupon and codes. By handing them out ahead of time you will make them impatient to visit your store during the Black week. 


Bonus: what to remember and what to avoid

Black Friday is an outstanding occasion for your business, because it has no limits. If you have been working in the e-commerce world you know that you have to focus on satisfying customer, solving problem, etc. 

Well, during Black Friday people shop to get the best deal! This is the only thing that matters. 

Give them the best offer, and you will win. 


Black Friday is not only about rising the revenues. In fact, during these 4 days of offers (1 week if you start following the trend) you can: 

  • do lead generation. You can collect new leads for your marketing strategy; 
  • get valuable information. You can collect all the information you need about your users and customers, improving the targeting of the right audience; 
  • increase your customer base. It’s the best time for conversion. Yet, maintaining the customers and make them turn into brand ambassadors it’s up to you!


If you want to do Black Friday right, you have to remember that you need to be ready. 

This means you need to have a stock ready. You can’t run out of products during this day right? 

If you do dropshipping this means having a reliable partner. 


uDroppy is the best partner for every e-commerce thanks to the professional services and resources that it has and gives to you. 

In fact, we can help you do dropshipping at your best. We have owned products, direct contact with factories, worldwide shipping in 7-15 days with tracking numbers. But that’s not all, because we have all the services you need to turn your dropshipping business into a real brand. 


Thanks to uDroppy you can get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday like a pro. In fact, we have two amazing services that will help you make this event even bigger for your business. 

First, the virtual warehouse. Thanks to this service you can buy stock of products reducing the unit costs and sell them with lower shipping times. When you leverage virtual warehouse you work with the uDroppy platform as always. You will only have to fulfill your orders by paying the shipping costs (because you have already paid the bulk order) and we will take care of the rest. 


Second, the COD. We can provide you the Cash On Delivery service to make give you an higher conversion rate. To be precise, COD allows you to multiply conversions up to 10X.

It also improves your brand awareness and reliability and the customer retention. 

We can offer you COD in some European countries as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. These countries are not only suitable for our service. They are among the booming countries where Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are expected to grow the most this year! 



Black Friday is the chance to take your business to the next level acquiring new customers, leads and information. And don’t forget the revenues! 


If you will be able to:

  • focus on few promotions;
  • keep your stock and your store under control
  • get the best deal for customers
  • keep the costs of acquisition low;

you will have the chance to get some exciting numbers from November. 

If you want to get the best out of this challenging period, you have to start right now. 

So don’t wait a second more and reach out to your e-com manager to start planning your BFCM. 

We can help you turn everyday into an exceptional Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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