How You Can Source Products From China Easily

How you can source products from China

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Today, we will explain you how you can source quality products from China, saving money and time.
Thanks to the mediation of the best e-commerce partner in the market: uDroppy.
uDroppy is the fully integrated e-commerce platform created to help digital entrepreneurs like you. To do this we manage all the complex processes of your business.
We provide you with multiple services (product sourcing, international shipping, bulk, etc.) and the information you need to improve your management and marketing strategies.

Finding new products from China

Living in the digital era, in the boom of e-commerce, you may think that sourcing products from China would be as easy as pie. Yet, our experience taught us that if you don’t find the right partner it can put your business in danger.
The market has loads of digital platforms where wholesalers. retailers and customers can meet to do business. But can you trust them?
The answer is no, at least not all.
When you place an order through those platforms you risk to receive (or deliver your customers) faulty products. They can either not work at all, arrive broken or stop working in not time. All this, after waiting for a month – if not more – for them, if you are lucky enough to see your order delivered. Because yes, it’s possible that sometimes, retailers with low prices won’t even ship your products.
It may be ok if you are buying for yourself and you think that the price is worth the risk. But can you dare so much when it comes to your clients, and therefore your business? (Hint: No, of course you can’t!).
Today, the customer experience is the most important factor for every business. This is why you have to focus on your customers giving them a pleasant experience when buying from you and receiving your products. They are looking for benefits, solutions to make their life easier. I am sure you understand that this mean not only been able to deliver working products, but also useful ones!
You can’t afford mistakes!
So how can you find products from China without putting your brand at risk?

The solution: uDroppy

uDroppy is the solution to all your problems when sourcing products from China.
We created the platform to give you the resources you need to provide your customers with quality products and fast international shipping. In this way you can improve the customer experience and raise your revenues.
We are the complete platform that works directly with more than 1500 factories to find every product at a competitive price. Thanks to our network of partners, we can provide you with products quality check. We can ship your orders worldwide in 4 to 12 days, sharing with you all the tracking numbers. In this way you and your customers will always be able to check the delivery progress.
What can you do in case of problems?
If you order from other platforms you are always left alone. The reasons are: inexistent customer service and the absence of numbers or any other contact to reach them. Furthermore, refund requests and other complaints require extensive proof and long processes. This means losing time that you could invest in your business.
You could be focusing on creating long-lasting relationships with your customers or finding new strategy to raise your profits and performance.
Being a partner of uDroppy, you will never be alone in the bad times, nor in the good ones.
We’ll always have your back. Our dev team will solve your technical or logistic issues. Our e-com managers will proactively suggest you new products for your business. And we will keep you always updated about the latest trends and strategies of the market.


Sourcing new products from China is easy and cost effective thanks to uDroppy. We are the complete, professional and trustable partner that you need. 
Thanks to uDroppy you will always find the most suitable products for your clients. It will make you convert prospects into customers easily and raise your revenues thanks to a great customer experience.
The best part is that you won’t have to pay any kind of fees!
How is this possible?
Because you are the core of our business. You are the driving force that push us to the limit, searching for new solutions, products and features. Everything to help you find whatever you need to become a top player in your sector.
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Our e-com managers will be back to you with all the information you need in the fastest time possible.
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