Increase Your Sales and Conversions Thanks to the Shopify Buy Button

Increase Your Sales and Conversions Thanks to the Shopify Buy Button

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The Shopify Buy Button is the right solution for every entrepreneur who wants to  increase the conversion rate and the number of sales. It is also perfect for those professionals that want to sell products without creating a store. 


In this article we will see together how you can use this game-changing tool to improve your business results. Let’s start from why you should use the Shopify Buy Button. 


The benefits of the Shopify Buy Button 

The Shopify Buy Button is the solution to one of the major problems of every e-commerce business. We are talking about the customer experience

Whether you are a dropshipper or a brand owner, you know that giving the best shopping experience to your prospects is the only way to convert them into customers. This is why you have to work on the user interface and the user experience. The process must be quick and simple

Consumers don’t have time for long purchases processes, except when they are buying some very expensive product.


The first benefit of the Shopify Buy Button is to allow you to sell a product without disrupting the experience of the user.  

The second benefit is that the Shopify Buy Button will raise the number of sales and conversions. Everything thanks to a quick checkout process designed  to leverage impulsive buy.

The third benefit is that you can sell products even if you don’t have a store. The Shopify Buy Button allow you to sell on external websites. 


The Shopify Buy Button removes all the complexity in the customer journey. In this way it helps you increase your ROI (Return on Investment), your revenues, your sales, improving your overall performance


What’s more is that you can track the performance of the Buy Button. In fact, Shopify will give you a detail set of data about sales, AOV (Average Order Value), top selling products, etc. 


Long story short, you should be using the Shopify Buy Button because it increases your business performance low cost. This tool is, in fact, included into every plan of Shopify


How to install the Shopify Buy Button 

Now that you understood how important this tool can be for your business, it’s time to understand how to use it. 


We will guide you step by step so that it will be easier for you. 


Step 1 

The first thing you have to do is to log into Shopify. Then select Settings from the dashboard and click Sales channels. Here you will find the Shopify Buy Button. 

At this point all you have to do is to click Add channel, a big blue plus icon.  


Now you will see the Shopify Buy Button in the left sidebar of the Shopify dashboard. 


Step 2 

The second step is to click on it and then select Create a Buy Button


In this way you will get access to all the customization options of the button. But first you will have to select one product or a collection


Step 3 

At this point it’s time to personalize your Shopify Buy Button. Here below a list of all the elements you can customize

  • the number of variants that users will be able to see and select from a drop-down menu; 
  • the image of the product; 
  • the price of the product; 
  • the color, background and CTA (Call to action) of the Buy Button;
  • the section that the button will link to, and it can be either the Cart, the Checkout or the Product Modal.


What we suggest you is to choose the Cart when you want to make users add products to the order. While the Checkout is direct and you should chose it when customers usually buy one product at a time. 


Step 4 

Now, for the fourth step it’s time to create the Code. 

Once you finished to customize the Button click Generate embed code

Finally, you will have to copy the code generated and paste it on the external website. 

That’s it. You are done and you can start to sell your products on your blog. Or in any other website where you have a lot of traffic. 


Examples of where to use the Shopify Buy Button 

In this section we give you a couple of ideas about where to place the Buy Button.  

For example you could use it on your blog or website sidebar

Here you could underline the product of the month, the best selling product, or the novelty of your store. 


Another way you could use the Shopify Button is within your content itself. 

Let’s say you are writing an article about how to reduce plastic pollution. You could insert your brand new reusable wheat straw plates and cups in it. In this way, readers could buy the product right away, without leaving your blog


You can insert a Shopify Buy Button to your landing pages too. 

It is the perfect way to send customers directly to the Cart or the Checkout without going throughout the entire buy process. 

These are three simple examples of how you can use the Shopify Buy Button, but the possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit. 


What you should know before using the Shopify Buy Button 

The Shopify Buy Button is a game-changing tool for both e-commerce business and professionals that want to sell few products related to their activity. Yet, there is one problem with it

In fact, the Shopify Buy Button doesn’t integrate with other Shopify apps. This means that if you use applications to customize a product, the modifications won’t be supported by the Shopify Buy Button. It works only with the default Shopify product details and customization. 

It’s important to remember this, because it will help you to create the right aspect for your customers. 


Take away 

If you are struggling to sell your products, the Shopify Buy Button will help you get more sales and increase your conversion. All thanks to a direct access to both the cart or the checkout. 

This is a game-changing tool that can improve your business results and allow you to sell your products on all your channels, other than your store. 


Being able to take advantage of every tool and strategy at your disposal is a key factor. Both to win the competition and to grow your business. 

Here at uDroppy we are always at work to give you the best products, solutions and information on the market. We do that because our goal is to help your go from hero to zero without effort

Thanks to uDroppy you can sell products all over the world without losing time due to logistic processes and complex operations. We will take care of them, giving you the time to work on your business and marketing strategy and turn into a super entrepreneur. 


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