Living the Digital Nomad Life Thanks to Your Own Business

Living the Digital Nomad life thanks to your own business

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If you have a full-time job that makes you feel stressed and unsatisfied with your life, it’s time to change. This is the driving force of every digital nomad. 
What are they? 
In this article we will explain you who digital nomads are, what they do for a living and why they are doing it.

The digital nomad lifestyle

Being a digital nomad means having the strength, the opportunity and the willing to work from everywhere in the world
Thanks to telecommunication technologies, in fact, it is now possible to work anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to force yourself to work inside a poky and oppressive office. 
Humans are born to live the nomadic lifestyle. Since the past tribes and communities kept moving from one city to another. Today, is not the need to find the safest place that drives our wanderlust, but the curiosity and the desire to discover the world
Digital nomads leverage technology and web to turn their dreams and passions into a job. They do that while living the most independent and nomadic life. 

The reasons that drive every digital nomad 

The idea of keeping travelling, discovering new places and cultures is attractive for everyone. Yet, if you think that this is going to be a never-ending vacation, you are wrong
As we said in the previous paragraph, digital nomads work in remote while travelling. This means that they have to dedicate a part of their day to work and only a few hours to discovering the city and the habits. 
The reasons that drive people to become digital nomads are many and different among them. Let’s see them all together. 

#1 Give yourself the chance to do the things you love and want to

Becoming a digital nomad means doing the things you like, anywhere you want. There are some jobs that you can do from every country of the world with a good connection, while it is impossible with other things. For example you can’t do trekking or skiing anywhere. Neither you can get your suntan. 

#2 Work less to enjoy life for real 

If a life of 40 weekly hours job is not for you, and you want to enjoy the unique life you have, becoming a digital nomad is the solution. 
The world has loads of places with an affordable cost of life. Here you you can work less obtaining the same quality of life you would have in a metropolis with a full-time job. 

#3 Discover new places, cultures and meet new people 

If you want to see the world, how others work and live, what are their habits and more, you will love being a digital nomad. 
Living this lifestyle means having the chance of seeing amazing places. You can see the world for real, without worrying about asking for vacation permission. You can work and discover at the same time, focusing on one place at the time and enjoying it to the top. 
Digital nomads, in fact, usually stay longer than tourists in a city or area. This is how they connect to the culture and the people. Not to mention the language. 

#4 Live a minimal and sustainable life 

Being a digital nomad means travelling a lot and never have a home-base. This also means that you have to renounce to many consumerist goods like television, clothes (no, you won’t go around naked, don’t worry), etc. 
You will have to live minimal, bringing with you only the necessary. 
In this way you won’t only reduce the expenses and improve the quality of your life by living real experiences. You will also be sustainable for the world, improving the future of the globe. 

#5 Improve focus and creativity 

Living in a smaller village, away from entertainment and crowds can help you be more focused on what you do. Moreover, to enjoy your stay, you will be more productive, completing tasks in a restricted period of time. 
Changing the environment also affects creativity. Sharing knowledge and experiences among people with different backgrounds, languages and cultures is the driving force to both creativity and innovation. 

#6 Save Money 

As we already said, becoming a digital nomad can help you save money
First, because you can choose to live in places where the cost of life is way cheaper. Second, because you can sell all your unnecessary goods. 
Third, because with the same amount of time worked, you will be able to spend only a small percentage of your revenues, keeping money in your bank account. 

Pros and cons of becoming a digital nomad 

To sum it up, being a digital nomad has a lot of pros and benefits. You can turn your passion into a job, by using technologies to work in remote and travelling all over the world. Not only that, but you can become more independent, sustainable and minimal. In this way you will be saving money and improving the future of the environment. 
As everything else, though, being a digital nomad has some downsides too
First thing first, the digital nomadism is not destined to last forever. 
Experienced digital nomads, in fact, affirm that today there is a tendency to go back home. 
It can work for you for some month, or many years, but at some point it will end. 
If you don’t want it to end, a solution can be to create your own business, so that you have the freedom and the power to call the shots. We will see the details later on, in this article. 
Of course, being a digital nomad is not only made of stress-free travelling. As we said, the remote work is part of the experience and it can be stressful. Even more if you travel alone. If you get homesick soon, the best solution for you is to take a sabbatical year and travel the globe with your backpack and your camera. 
Among the downsides also the need to know all the rules of the destination country. In fact, you will need to get a working visa to live and work in a specific country. Every nation has different requirements and legislation about job and living conditions, this means you will have to do a lot of research. 

How to become a digital nomad 

Are you still on board? 
If despite the cons you still want to become a digital nomad, here is how you can become one. 
First of all, you will need some strong digital skills. Working in remote requires you to know how to use a computer and solve connection issues. 
The digital technologies have opened the doors of endless possibilities for people who want to work and travel at the same time. By knowing how they work and with even a small expertise in one specific field, becoming a digital nomad will be easy as pie. 

Remote jobs 

If you have a full time job, you can ask your boss to work in remote. Try first to prove your commitment and professionalism by working from home and delivering your task. In this way your management will know that they can trust you and they will be more likely to give you this chance. 
Of course, to make this work, you will need a flexible and understanding management. Moreover,  you will need a job-role that is compatible with smart-working. 
Among the professions that you can do in remote we find: 

  • copywriting;
  • translations; 
  • social media management;
  • graphic design and illustration;
  • programming;
  • blogging;
  • transcription. 

Moreover, you can be a virtual assistant, by supporting small companies in the organization of the job, meetings and travels.

Freelance jobs

If you work in a company where smart work is not appreciated or supported, you can think about becoming a freelance
In this way you will be able to adapt the digital nomad lifestyle to your expertise and your desire. 
The web is full of freelance opportunities and websites, where you can find clients. 
You can be a freelance and do all the before mentioned jobs. You can add also personal and professional coaching, teaching and others. 

Create a passive income 

Passive income allows you to earn money on autopilot, improving your earnings. They are particularly attractive for all those who want to start the digital nomad life. 
There are many ways in which you can start generating your passive income, helping your dream come true and more affordable everyday. Let’s see some of them together: 

  • Create a blog, even better if it’s about a particular niche with activeband engaged visitors; 
  • Create an ebook (better if more than one) that will give value to people. Use your expertise and knowledge to find the best angle to tell them how to improve their life or do something better; 
  • Turn your ebooks in audiobooks. This market keeps expanding everyday and you should take advantage of this; 
  • Make YouTube Tutorials. YouTube has a huge power. It allows you to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Research Page). Moreover you can promote your ebooks, audiobook or other services; 
  • Give online courses. There are many platforms that allow you to sell your online courses to people. You can use your expertise and your “fan-base” to promote this courses and earn more; 
  • Sell your creations. It can either be your pictures, if you like photography, or your printable merchandise. In any case, you can give birth to your creations and then sell them on the web. You can also use Etsy to sell your digital products without the need to worry about logistics; 
  • Start doing affiliate marketing. If you have good skills in marketing and adv, you will enjoying doing affiliate marketing. This means creating traffic towards a website, helping to sell a determined product or service. 

These are all ways in which you can establish a continuous passive income.  

Build your business online

There is a last way to become a digital nomad and is creating your own business online
I know that you may be afraid of this idea, but it is not difficult as you think. At least, not if you have the right business partner
Having a business of e-commerce and using dropshipping can help you live like a digital nomad. It allows you to create an online store and sell products without worrying about logistic processes. 
With uDroppy building a fruitful dropshipping business is easy. We make things simple for you, automating all the complex operations. We source products for you, shipping them to the clients. We automate the management of products, the fulfillment of orders and the invoicing. Everything thanks to our platform that you can use anywhere, anytime. We give you the freedom and the worries-free business life that better suit the needs of a digital nomad like you. 
All you need to do is to build your store, that is easy peasy thanks to Shopify. Then, you have to promote your products and business with your marketing skills. 
Dropshipping is similar, but better than affiliate marketing. Becoming and entrepreneurship gives you the freedom and the decision power. It’s you who makes the call and you who decides which product to sell and how. This means that yours are the profits. 
Doing dropshipping with uDroppy means being independent, but never alone. You have always the support of an e-com manager. He/she gives you all the information and the help you need to take your business to success. 

Final consideration

Becoming a digital nomad allows you to improve work while travelling the world. 
Thanks to the new technologies and the right skills, you can discover new places and meet new people. All this, while you keep up with your good job. 
The best way to be a digital nomad, while building a future asset, is turning into a digital entrepreneur. In this way you will be able to raise the revenues and become location independent. This means having the chance to work from the most expensive metropolis of the world. 
uDroppy has the knowledge and the tools necessary to make your work easier. We give you all the resources you need to become a digital entrepreneur and live the life you want. 
Thanks to our services you can do dropshipping, working all over the world, at your own time and pace. We give you freedom, simplicity and a future. If you decide to stop being a digital nomad and you go back home, you will be able to grow your business, turning it into an e-commerce empire. 
Want to know more? Create your own FREE account now and reach out to your e-com manager. 
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