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uDroppy and Shecommerce together to protect and enhance women entrepreneurship!

Everyday more and more women decide to become entrepreneurs and start writing their future by themselves. That’s why a group of young and talented ladies decided to create the first e-commerce workshop designed to connect and inspire the next generation of women to build and grow e-commerce empires: SheCommerce.

The SheCommerce workshop usually brings together more than two houndred entrepreneurs from more than 35 countries for an entire day.

What do you get as an attendee?

Workshops, panels, networking and a brand discovery lounge. Nonetheless, you get the unique opportunity to meet and mingle with hundreds of interesting and pro-active women like you!

uDroppy’s E-Com Manager Robin will moderate the SheCommerce Dropshipping Panel. Learn directly from those making millions in this industry.

You can also schedule a 1-to-1 meeting with Robin by adding her on Skype.

Robin’s Skype ID: live:r.calandri.

Or you can contact us using the form you can find on our website.
We are the best business partner for dropshippers, brand owners, advertisers or buyers. Men and Women!
Because we have all the best solutions and services on the market to give every of these entrepreneurs what they need to succeed in their mission. Our goal is to change the e-commerce world and give the chance to everyone to build their own business and brand.
If you want to know how we do it visit our website, read our blog, check our company profile and watch our YouTube Videos!

And remember to SAVE THE DATE: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 11 AM — 5 PM – SHECOMMERCE!

You can get your ticket here: https://www.shecommerce.world.



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