Relationship Marketing: What It Is and How You Can Use It

Relationship marketing: what it is and how you can use it

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Doing relationship marketing means improving your customer retention, and reduce customer acquisition costs.
Whatever is your business and niche, you will find relationship marketing very useful for the success and the survival of your brand.
This is why we decided to write an article about it.
As always, here at uDroppy our main goal is to give you all the resources you need to improve your results and scale up your business.
Today we will see how to build customer relationships that will boost your activity.

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and nurturing long lasting relationships with visitors and clients.
Today, acquiring new customers is more expensive than ever. Advertising costs keep rising and algorithms become more complex. Reaching new users is even more difficult, forcing you to invest more time and resources. This is where relationship marketing gets in the game.
Moreover, even the way you have to interact with customers has changed in the last years. Thanks to digitization and the use of the Internet, users have turned into active players of the sale process. They have expectations, needs and they want you to know them to better meet them.
What does it mean? 
That you cannot establish one-to-many, unilateral relationships with them. Instead, you have to create a continuous two-way communication.
The best way to start a dialog with your customers is by listening to them. You have to know what they want, when they want it and how you should give it to them. This means, being able to use all the tools that the digital market can give you, to collect feedback.
You can use offline methods like customer service calls or digital tools like online reviews, social media posts, surveys, etc.
The goal of relationship marketing is to shift your goal. From short-term to long term. From converting one prospect for one sale only, to converting one prospect into a returning client.

What are the benefits of relationship marketing?

So, now you know what relationship marketing is about.
It’s time to answer to the next question: why is it good for your business?
There are several benefits of having a strong and successful relationship marketing strategy. We list them below.

#1 Gives you loyal customers

When you can establish relationship with customers and make them happy, you don’t risk to lose them. They are less likely to shop from other stores and less price-sensitive. They are willing to spend more because they look for both quality and value. And they know they can find them in your brand. 

#2 Improves customer retention

Engaged customers are more likely to go back to your store and buy more products. Being able to keep your customers means investing in acquisition costs. In fact, they will multiply in return thanks to customers that will buy more than once.

#3 Stimulates WOM

When you have loyal and happy customers you can count on some engaged brand ambassadors. They will be likely to speak about you and your products with friends and family. In other words, they will do some word of mouth marketing, without you investing in it. In this way you will lower acquisition costs because you won’t need to find new clients through adv. Your customers will bring new users to you for free.

#4 Raises the customer lifetime value

As we said in our previous article, the customer journey has now changed. We don’t talk about a circle anymore, but about the lifecycle. This means that you have to make the lifetime value of your customers as long as possible. It’s the key to multiply your revenues and increase your visibility.
The customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the key indicators of your business performance, and one that has a huge impact over your brand success. This is why you should know how to improve this index thanks to the proper strategies.

#5 Reduces your expenses

As we said before, the costs of acquisition can be lower thanks to buzz or WOM marketing. Your customers will do the marketing and promotional job for you.

#6 Raises revenues and boost the growth of the brand

Thanks to relationship marketing you can have regular customers. They are those clients that buy from you more than once in a period of time. They are those who make your business solid and successful.
Not only they buy from you with regularity, but they are also more inclined to buy accessory products. This means that it will be easier to you the use of upselling, cross-selling and bundles strategies.

#7 Gives you a competitive advantage

When you have a strong relationship with your clients and you have a solid client-base, you don’t have to worry about competitors. You don’t have to go crazy to promote your products and be afraid of other stores selling a competing one.

#8 Aligns your team

If you don’t work alone, but you have a team, having a relationship marketing strategy means make everyone focus on the customer experience. In this way you will all work together as one to achieve the common goal.

How to do relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing allows you to avoid investing all your marketing budget into acquisition. It enables you to focus on building strong relationship, giving quality and value to your clients. In this way you will be prompting them to promote your brand without even asking.
This is it’s power, but now, how can you put into place a successful strategy to get all the benefits?

Leverage customer service

The first step to get your customers come back again, is to give them an excellent customer service. This means being available to support your clients with value and relevant answers.
Being able to answer 24/7 thanks to chatbots and an international customer service team, is not enough. You have to be able to give them all the information they need. To make them able to find them alone. And, moreover, to personalize the way you support them.
Customer service is key to customer loyalty. In fact, 77% of customers are more likely to recommend a service or product if they get a good customer service.
Not to mention, that customer service is a great tool to collect the feedbacks of your clients. In fact, when they reach the customer service team, they won’t only share their problems. They will give you valuable information about what you can change and how to make the product more satisfying.

Use Content Marketing

Since the goal is not converting only once anymore, you have to change approach. Clients do not want to feel sold or advertised. They want to feel cared about, they want you to know them. This is why you should use content marketing.
Content marketing allows you to create valuable content and share it with your audience. You have to focus on helping, supporting and informing your visitors and clients. You have to give them value. In this way you will be able to grow your audience, improve your sales, and get loyal clients.

Take advantage of social media

Social media are now the most interesting platforms for every business. Being on the most popular networks for your audience, means being a step ahead in engaging them.
In fact, social media are born to crate relationship among people. The same can work for your business. You can use them to establish and nurture your relationships.
Social media allows you to create valuable content perceived as more authentic. Even more when we talk about stories and live videos. It allows you to give insights to your customers. They can be about your product, your whole business, your strategies and much more.
You can use them even to do customer service, allowing people to contact you whenever they need to solve their issues.
They way you connect with your customers depend on your values and on your audience. You decide if it’s better to keep it professional or funny.
You can also use social media to promote your products and listen to what people say about them.
You can leverage social networks to organize surveys, giveaways and more. They are a multi-use tool for your business and you should take advantage of them.

Ask your Customer for Feedback

What is the best way to know your customers? By asking them to tell you whatever you need to know.
To do this you can use surveys and polls. You can also use some forms, like opt-in forms for newsletter or contests. In this way you will be able to ask your customers the information that you think more relevant.
By asking your clients their feedback you make them understand how valuable they are for you. You can show that you care for real.

 Create Loyalty Programs

If you want to improve the relationship between your brand and your audience, you can leverage loyalty programs.
You can offer some discounts or free products according to the number of sales they completed.
The same can work with exclusive events or initiatives. You can organize dinners, masterclasses, and any other limited initiative for your most loyal clients, to push them to buy more.

Create Referral Programs

If you want your customers to spread the word about your products and your brand, you can create referral programs. You will need to set a reward for clients who bring new potential clients into the business.

Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy. Thanks to its ROI potential and its ability to reach an higher audience, it is fundamental for every business. This is why we wrote many articles about it, helping you to understand how to create a mailing list, how to improve effectiveness. Finally, we gave you the information about how to measure your email marketing strategy.
Email marketing is the best tool to create and nurture relationships with your audience. It gives you the power to personalize every message. In this way, clients will feel themselves taken care of. They will feel important for you and your business. That is how you can remain in contact with them, ask them feedback, give them content and much more.


Relationship marketing is the strategy that will boost your business. It will improve your customer retention, your revenues and your ROI. At the same time you will be able to reduce the acquisition costs while expanding the audience.
Relationship marketing is the best strategy to take your business to success, in an healthy, long-lasting way.
In this article we gave you the basic information to understand what it is and how to start using it to enhance your business. Because this is what we do. We commit everyday to find and give you the information and services you need to play at best.
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