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Welcome to the 8th episode of  My Grand Venture Heroes. For the second time, we had the amazing opportunity to meet Ricky Hayes, a 7 figures entrepreneur, and one of the founder of Debutify.
If you are curious about the first interview with Ricky, you’ll find it here.
Here the full video interview:

Robin: Thank you for being here on the show with us, Ricky.
Today we have a very special episode, because we are gonna talk about Debutify, which is the best, most converting Shopify theme, so if you are a Shopify owner, or you are planning to become a Shopify owner, you really wanna read this.
Ricky: It’s a real honour to be on the show, I have been really excited for this.

I’m gonna ask you once again to present yourself, and after that I just wanna talk about Debutify, because I really love it, and I want everyone to know everything about this theme!

My name is Ricky Hayes, I’m a 7 figures dropshipper and entrepreneur, and I’ve been doing this for two and a half years now.
I have a YouTube channel, that’s where I started getting my name out, and throughout the time I’ve learnt a lot about Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google, YouTube etc, and it’s a great deal of fun.
Along the way I’ve learnt a lot of things, and one of the things I found out from my community is, and that’s where Debutify is coming to play, to have a solution that helps beginners, to experts, to people who are building huge businesses, in building a high converting store, quickly and easily, because I personally know the pain of  how many hours and difficulties it can take.
That’s where Debutify is now, and just as of today actually it hit over 40K customers, so it has been a good joy ride, until today.
And that’s pretty much all about me.
Thank you very much! So, the first thing I want to ask is about the name: Debutify.
Because is very very similar to Debut, so why did you choose this name for the theme?
The name.. Actually my business partner came up with Debutify; we wanted to keep it similar to Debut, and just add an extra spark, honestly there wasn’t a huge amount of thought into it, it just spontaneously came and it sounded unique, and we decided to go along with it.
People were very familiar with the theme Debut, because obviously it’s a free theme, so we thought that, sticking similar to that, people would really gravitate to it and remember it.
Robin: Yes, and what I like is that the impact it had on me when I first approached it was “Maybe it’s a 2.0 Debut”, but I have to tell you, I know Debutify very very well, and the more you discover the features, the more you just disconnect from Debut, like “Debut what?”.
So, congratulations, you really really did a great job.

So tell me something about the features. Based also on the feedbacks you get, which are the most appreciated features of Debutify?

Well, the biggest, I would say, would be the fast load time: the fact that it has just 2 seconds load time it’s a very attractive feature for most people, beginners dropshippers, all the way to brand store, so that would be a number one.
The second would be the sales pop, that seems to be a very high conversion rate factor, showing the past customers and their purchases seems to work very well.
Just on top of that, just the fact that is a very visually appealing looking theme. People absolutely love that is really design to make it look like an established brand, that has been around for a period of time, and people can really trust and buy from.
Those are probably the main main features. And then there’s all the different add-ons but I don’t wanna bore everyone to death with every one of those.
Robin: Well, no. It can’t be boring, but I want to add one thing. What I really appreciate about Debutify is how you did the header and the footer. Everything is very well organised, but it still gives you a lot of freedom, you really feel like you can do anything, in no time.
Ricky: Thank you, I really appreciate it. And that’s what the goal was, we really wanted to make something that we just give back to the person, it is meant to be quick and easy, plug and play, where they can make the store that they want, without having to sacrifice making a beautiful store at the end of the day. So thank you for that, we are glad we are achieving that goal.
While you were building the project, did you make any decision to exclude, or not include, certain features, or plugins that you thought to be obsolete and decided that you didn’t want them in Debutify? So to understand why it’s so fresh.
Not really, it just came to our developers, because some of the things are pretty hard to get implemented, but we wanted to give the community the main things to really get your store kicked off as soon as possible.
We did that after make some compromises, there were things that we couldn’t include in it, which we are looking at including it now, especially from the feedbacks of the community, people are asking for bulk order discounts, and we’re very soon going to release that as a new add on features on the theme..
So in the beginning we had to  determined what would be the best to get people kicked off, so we could focus on the development, and then add more features..
Our personal goal is that we truly want to be an all-in-one, where people don’t need third party app, and they can just use that and build a store quickly and easy, and start focusing on the marketing side of it.
So it’s all within the scope, but at this stage we don’t have absolutely everything unfortunately.
Robin: You had a very practical approach, and you understood what the priorities were, in order  to build a minimum valuable offer, and you really succeed in doing that, so congratulations.
And the outcome really looks fresh, every single feature you have there has a purpose, so it’s very very good.

From a monetary point of view, which are the advantages of using Debutify? Because the theme is free, but than you also have the payed versions, so why should somebody stick to Debutify, when scaling?

Basically, at the end of the day Debutify is design to save any Shopify store a lot of money over the course of the year.
A lot of these third party app cost thousands of dollars, and then as a result they have the risk of integration problems, how they work with each other, and all the issues that arises..
When a business store owner is scaling, that’s when Debutify really comes into play. With all the additional add ons that they can add, from the free themes, so they can move the pipe plans so to get all the additional add ons, that really help with the idea of increasing the average order value, conversion rates, lifetime value, and trying to maximise as much as possible using the traffic you are getting, from your various traffic sources, on your store, so that you don’t have a bucket that is leaking, so you can scale with more confidence.
And that’s where we find most of our feedbacks comes from, it’s just an example, but I got some feedback last night that someone that’s scaling a store and was getting 80 orders a day, since moving to Debutify have gone to 9% conversion, from having 5%, just moving to Debitify, and they said as a result now they can just scale with much more confidence, because they are getting nearly double the amount of sales, which really helps them to compete with their competitors.

So I believe that’s where Debutify really shines, to give people that advantage in the marketing space.
Robin: Ok cool, well, congratulations to your students!
Ricky: Yes, well it’s always really rewarding, it’s just really nice to see that people are using the theme, they love it, and it’s getting them the results  that they deserve.
Ro: Yes, and I know that you really want people to succeed, and it’s something that it means a lot to you personally, so I can imagine the satisfaction. Really congratulations for that.
Ricky: Thank you.
More in general, where do you see e-commerce going for this 2020?
That’s a good one. 2020 it’s a very competitive market name, whether you are a beginner, or an established business owner, or you are growing a business.
I see e-commerce just going to be more competitive, especially in the Facebook side, people now are really trying to look at opportunities outside of Facebook ads. That’s what I see in terms of marketing, in terms of as well the customer side, as store owners we have the goal of the extra degree, and that’s where you guys at uDroppy can provide customers absolutely amazing product experience, from the shipping to then receiving the product, cause now the emphasis is rather not at one time customers, it’s more focused on life time value.
So we really have to nurture and support our customers as much as possible, because the expectation that customers have has grown, just due to the competition, so if you build that trust with them they are likely to come back again, basically just building your own unique brand for long term sustainability.
Robin: Yeah, so push that LTV to the stars of course. And yes, customers are different. We see it also here at uDroppy, customers have a more trained eye.
And what I think about Debutify instead is that Debutify is gonna kick out a lot of those stores, just swiped up in five minutes, and that don’t give trust at all. Those stores that would work a year and a half ago, and maybe now they are trying to but then, for this year, I believe they are just gonna die. And there is a really big difference, between a store made with one of these themes, like Debutify, and regular stores.. so e-commerce is big, and the opportunities are out there, but people are different, and consumers are different, so I believe they are gonna move towards themes that can give them much more trust.
Ricky: Yes, at the end of the day I like to picture Debutify being like sort of a funnel, giving the user more control over that funnel, cause the reality is that getting traffic has never being easier, but converting that traffic in my opinion has never being harder. And so that’s when you really need something that takes individual through that journey to get them to pull out their wallet or their credit card to actually buy from you, and that’s where I feel Debutify is really gonna help feel that gap for many people, there are struggling in that space right now.

This is just a curiosity, I work a lot with influencers, everybody is special in their own way, but you are very very different kind of mentor. You focus on quality very much, and there is no lifestyle when it comes to you..

How was it for you making it through competition without having all the lifestyle thing to wrap people’s attention? Was that intentional?

Not really, I’ll be honest. I’ve never really put a huge amount of thought into it, when I first start in this space of being a mentor, I had no intention of getting the reputation that I sort of had in that regard, I just wanted to genuinely just help people.
So I have always wanted to stick to those grounds, just being honest with people. I never really thought about my competitors that much, people in this space they’ll have their unique elements as well, and that works fine for them. I’ve just being happy with my approach, and I have always thought that if people like my approach they’ll follow me, if they don’t they’ll go somewhere else, and that’s perfectly fine.
It has been more a personal journey, rather than a journey to compete with my competitors and before I guess I really realised that somehow people started to see me as someone that’s a very upfront and honest person in this field, and it is really rewarding, cause I do try to be as honest as possible in these things.
Robin: Ok, cool! Well don’t change, because you are doing an amazing job and you are inspiring a lot of people from a lot of points of view.

One more thing. Are you ever gonna go to the US, or come to Europe? Where are we gonna see you next? Are you planning to go to any shows?

Yes, it’s sort of being in planning for a while, personally I want to go to Barcellona.
Robin: Oh, the Affiliate World!
Ricky: Yes, I definitely want to go to a number of these, that’s my goal for the next 12 months. I’ve got a couple of events here in Australia, nothing international, that I’m attending as of right now, but that is definitely the intention, cause it’s just genuinely very exciting the knowledge and the experience you get from these other experienced business owners, is really valuable, so I’m looking forward to further venturing on that part.
Robin: Beautiful, beautiful news. Ok, well, we are over with the interview and it was really really fun, so first of all I want to thank you for finding time and I hope we are gonna soon make another interview, the third interview,  because anytime I deal with you, you are doing something, something amazing that I really want to tell the world about, so continue like this, good luck to you and your team, continue crushing it guys!
Ricky: thank you, and I do appreciate your time as well, it’s an absolute honour to be here for the second time, and I definitely look forward to be here the third time and I look forward to see you so thank you so much for your time!


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