Target and Reach Your Millennial Audience with These Snapchat Ads Types

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If you want to expand your brand awareness and reach a young audience, then you should definitely use Snapchat and do Snapchat ads

If you are still not leveraging this powerful channel, our article will help you understand which tools you can use to promote your brand. 

Doing Snapchat Ads will help you reach a wider audience, get hyper-local, raise brand awareness and much more. 

A brief introduction to Snapchat 

Snapchat is a messaging app born in 2011 to exchange messages and pictures for a limited time of 24 hours. This is where stories are born and where Instagram got the, let’s call it, inspiration

Today, Snapchat is perceived as a social network where to share both one-to-one messages or pictures and public ones. This is why brands have started to consider this platform to promote their business. 

What is necessary to know, though, is that Snapchat audience is young. The average age is around 18-34 years, or even less. 

Another very important thing is that daily active users are around 203 million people all around the world. They share more than 3.5 billion snaps every day. 

Huge numbers that make using Snapchat for business even more interesting. Maybe not the same as Instagram or Facebook, but still an outstanding opportunity if you have a young audience. 

Snapchat Ads: objectives, targeting and types

So, we saw what Snapchat is and when you should use it for your business. 

Now it’s time to see how you can promote your brand via ads. 

First of all, Snapchat ads allow you to reach the goals of your business: whether it is awareness, consideration or conversion. 

You can see a detail of all the objectives you can achieve thanks to Snapchat Ads in the image below. 

Second, the platform gives you different ways to target the specific audience you want to reach. 

You can either use the interest & behaviors, the demographics and the location. Or, you can create custom audiences to reach people that know your business and lookalike audiences (like Facebook ads) to expand your reach. 

Last, but not least, you can leverage different kinds of content. It all depends on the factors we discussed above (goals and targeting options). 

Let’s see them all in details. 

1. AR Lenses

As the name suggests, the AR lenses are designed to give snapchatters an augmented reality experience. They can use this lenses to take funny and dynamic selfies. 

Sponsored AR Lenses are not for everyone. We are mentioning them because they are a great way to leave a memorable mark on your guests. Yet, they are the most expensive Snapchat ads format. The prices go from 450K to 700K dollars per day

Yes, you are reading well. 

2. Collection ads 

Collection Ads are perfect to give snapchatters a preview of your products and make them buy. You can showcase up to four products at a time, creating a collection, like in the example below. 

Collection ads are placed among stories and you can attach a link to send users directly to your shop to buy. 

This Snap ad format has shown excellent results raising from 4X to 17X the engagement rates of brands. 


3. Commercials 

Commercials are 6 second videos that are non-skippable. In other worlds snapchatters will be forced to watch this short high quality videos that promote your brand. 

This is why they are one of the best format if you want to drive awareness

Here you cannot attach links, meaning that you cannot redirect users to your website, app or store. This is why they are not optimized if you want to raise conversion. 


4. Filters 

Filters are similar to lenses, because snapchatters use them to take selfies or videos. 

Sponsored filters can be generic, sponsored geofilters or on-demand geofilters. 

Geofilters are the best option if you want to target a specific geographic area. For example, if you have a brick and mortar store or if you organize a special event you can use them. They also work if you have an online store and you want to target a specific geography with a local promotion. 

Sponsored Geofilters can be either added to private pictures and videos or to public ones. They appear in the filter section whenever you are within a very specific location. They can become as expensive as AR lenses. This is why smaller brands prefer on-demand geofilters. They are less expensive, in fact the prices start at 5 dollars per hour. 

5. Snap ads 

Snap ads are the first format launched by Snapchat for businesses. This is why it is designed to be placed among stories and to give users the most traditional experience

Snap ads can use different kinds of content: video, gif, images, cinemagraphs, etc. All based on what you want to tell and the reaction you want to stimulate. 

Among snap ads there are different kind of format you can use. Let’s see the details together. 

a. App install

These ads are designed to allow you to send users to your application in the app store. All users will need to do is to swipe up. They will be able to download your app without leaving Snapchat. 

b. Deep link 

Snapchat deep link ads are formats that allow you to both catch the attention of users and then drive them to your page thanks to the URL

c. Long form video

If you need more space to tell users a longer story you will need to use this ad format. It will allow you to publish a short trailer of your videos and then send them to view the entire one

d. Top snap ads

Top snap ads are the standard format for Snap ads. They are a single piece of content that is placed at the top of users’ feed. 

Unfortunately, you can’t add hyperlinks to this kind of format. 

e. web view 

This ad format allows you to redirect users to your websi
. It is perfect to drive traffic to your blog, website, store, without users leaving Snapchat. It’s all automatic. 

6.  Story Ads 

Story ads allow users to see your ads through the Discover feed. 

In this way your story is placed alongside other popular content established according to the user’s preferences. 

Measure your results 

Not only you can do ads on Snapchat, you can also measure the results of your campaign

In fact, the ads manager allows you to monitor the performance of the campaign, track web or app conversions. 

Take away 

If your target audience is young, then Snapchat is the right place to be. Here you can leverage Snapchat ads to better hit your target and reach your goal. 

Having the chance to promote your e-commerce business is fundamental to raise the sales and profits. Yet, your ability to use ads is not enough to make your customer buy from you. 

First you will need quality products and the possibility to have them shipped fast all over the globe. 

You need a business partner that allows you to focus on learning and building the right marketing plan

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