The Bookkeeping Software that Will Save Your Pocket

The Bookkeeping Software that Will Save Your Pocket

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If you don’t love bookkeeping, you will definitely love the apps we will show you in this article.
Bookkeeping is a fundamental, yet boring activity that every business need to keep track of costs, expenses and, of course, revenues.
If you are a solopreneur, or you handle a small business, doing bookkeeping can be difficult. Your focus needs to be on the business and marketing strategies. This is why uDroppy is the best partner for your business, taking care of the complex processes. And it’s the same reason why you should use one of the following apps to save time while doing bookkeeping.

What is Bookkeeping and Why is important 

Bookkeeping is the practice of keeping the entire record of your financial movements.
Doing bookkeeping is important because it allows you to understand if your business is growing or if you are losing money.
In other words, it’s the best way to keep your business healthy. This is why smart entrepreneurs are already doing bookkeeping.
It is also fundamental. In fact, when you have a business you are also obliged to comply with the tax payment every year (or even more than once during one  year).
Long story short, you need bookkeeping, no matter how boring you think it is.
If you find bookkeeping difficult for you to follow you can use one of the following applications. We gathered them to help you find the financial ally to keep your cash records in place without too much of an effort.
To make your search easier we divided the apps in two different categories. First, the apps for solo entrepreneurs and then, the apps for small and medium businesses.

The Best Bookkeeping Apps for Solo Entrepreneurs 

#1 Billy 

Billy is a Bookkeeping software designed for both freelancers and small businesses.
It’s a Danish application developed focusing on simplicity, responsiveness and a user-friendly design.
It only a few clicks you will set up your account, create and send invoice with your logo.

You can either subscribe for the free plan or the premium plan (which cost around $25 per month when paid annually and $30 billed monthly). The free plan allow you to to send invoices, ask for support via email, handle cash and a limited number of posts (500). The premium plan allow you access to integrations, mobile applications, filing of documents and much more.

#2 FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the all in one invoicing and account solution for self-employed, agencies and small businesses.
It includes a lot of different plans starting from $15 per moth and going up to $50 a month. In any case you can start a free trial for the first 30 days.

Thanks to Freshbooks you can handle invoicing, accounting, payment, expenses, time tracking and estimates. In this way you will have the complete bookkeeping control over your business.

#3 Manager 

Manager is the most comprehensive free bookkeeping software.
It includes features that will make you save time and money, focusing on what you like the most. Or what is more important for your business (and we all know that is marketing, right?).

Cash management, balance sheet, expense claims, accounts management are only some of the features included.
These features are always free.
In fact, Manager has two different plans. The free one that includes unlimited features and the easy set up, but that is bound to the desktop version. Or the could plan that you can use on every device, without the need of installation, allowing you multi-user and remote access. The cost of the second plan is of $39 per month or $390 per year.
The most interesting thing is that Manager knows all the tax codes according to your country.

#4 Wave 

Wave is a bookkeeping software designed exactly for entrepreneurs.
When you use Wave you can get access to accounting to track expenses and incomes. You can leverage invoicing to send professional invoices to all your clients. Wave includes also payments and receipts.

What is the best thing of Wave?
That it is free. 

The Top Bookkeeping Apps for Small and Medium Businesses

#1 Intuit QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks Online is the app to manage accounting, billing and invoicing from one unique place. It has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use. It also allows you to use time tracking, reporting, inventory, tax and more.

Quickbook has 3 plans that gives you different features. In this way you can handle better your costs according to what you need.

#2 Kashoo 

Kashoo is the bookkeeping app that will allow you to track expenses, send invoices, create reports and watch insights. Moreover, thanks to Kashoo you can accept payment and sync with more than 15k banks worldwide.
It has only one premium plan that will cost you $199 annually or $19.95 monthly, but you have 14 days to try the app (as Shopify).

#3 Sunrise by Lendio

Sunrise is a bookkeeping software designed for solopreneurs and small businesses. This is what they say on their website, yet, looking at the costs it’s more suitable for SMBs.  In fact, you can either use the free plan or you can use the pro plans that goes from $99 to $499 per month.
What makes Sunrise unique is the fact you can also send quotes and estimates to clients. Of course, other than track expenses, customize invoices and do reports.

#4 Zoho Books 

Zoho Books is cool because is part of a suite of applications that you can use to manage your entire business. The application allows you to:

  • send invoices;
  • do tax reports;
  • manage your banking;
  • track your sales and much more.

The cost of Zoho Books starts at $9 and goes up to $29. It all depends on the number of contacts, users and workflows you need.

#5 Xero 

What makes Xero different from other bookkeeping apps is it’s intuitive and easy design.
It can accept over 160 currencies and allows you to track inventory, and create sale orders. This is why many e-commerce businesses use it. Not to mention that it can integrate with Shopify and apps like PayPal or Stripe.
The costs goes from $20 to $40 per month other than extra costs for projects and expenses.

Take away 

If you have a business, no matter the size, you need bookkeeping. Doing bookkeeping will allow you to keep your business safe from losses. It will also help you to invest your money at best.
Managing an e-commerce business is never easy. We know you need time and focus to find the best business and marketing strategies for your store. This is why we know how important it is for you to save time.
Thanks to uDroppy and one of these bookkeeping software you can handle your work worries-free. We will take of the complex operations of your business. The bookkeeping apps will allow you to manage your finance easy and fast.
And you will make your business grow safe and sound.

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