The Secret of Automation to Grow Your Business

The Secret of Automation to Grow Your Business

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Today we will see how automation can help you grow your business

Managing an e-commerce business is never easy. Even more when you are handling everything all alone. 

Entrepreneurs, and especially solopreneurs, need to dedicate their entire time to their business. 

They need to find the best strategies to grow the business and improve results. Yet, having an e-commerce business means having a long list of things to do. You have to think about clients, support, processes, orders and much more. 

In other words, you have to deal with many activities at the same time. 

If you want to avoid time losses you can turn to automation. Automating your business will give you all the time and focus you need to work better on your strategies. 

The benefits of Automation for your Business 

Automation is beneficial for every business. If you think about it, it’s what happened in the past with factories and mechanization.

Automation of business can give you lots of benefits. Let’s see them together. 

#1 It’s time saving 

Automating your e-commerce business means saving time from boring, complex operations. Let’s think about order fulfillment. If you don’t leverage automation you are bound to fulfill every order with all the data of your clients, manually. Meaning, you have to spend a lot of time doing something you could automate.  And the same goes with other operations. 

#2 It’s cost saving 

When you spend time fulfilling orders or sending emails, you are losing time and money. Why is that? 

Because you are not investing your time in finding the strategies that can improve your results and revenues. Or, because you are paying virtual assistants to do your job. And this results in extra costs and worries since you are never sure they are going to do it right. 

#3 It makes your business optimized and efficient 

Reducing costs and time spent in processes and operations means optimizing your business

In fact, you will have the time to find optimization solutions for your marketing campaigns. 

At the same time, automating your processes means you will have conformity of processes. 

#4 It reduces errors and improve reliability 

Automation will reduce the number of errors that are born from the human factor.

Not only this, but you will also have a more reliable process set in place both for you and your clients. Making you also worries-free when it comes to thinking about your business. 

Business Automation = uDroppy 

As we saw in the last paragraph automation is a key strategy for every business. And even more for the e-commerce businesses. 

This is why uDroppy is a valuable partner for your business. 

We designed a platform where you can handle all your business from one unique dashboard. This is where the automation happens. In fact, on our platform you can choose from around 3.000 products (and the number is growing every day). 


 You can push them to your store and sell them via Shopify with only one click. When you push the product, in fact, you can change the price and choose the shipping option


Not only you can find amazing products and ask for new ones. Here at uDroppy we automate order processing and fulfilment. All you need to do is to login, go to the orders and pay all the pending ones with one simple click. We will then ship the products to the final customers with your selected shipping method. 


We also automate billing.  In fact, we create an invoice every time you pay, helping you with bookkeeping and tax payment. You have a dedicated section where you can see all your invoices, and all the details for every one of them.  

You can also check the details of the orders and the tracking numbers for each order. The tracking number will be available after the shipping process begins. We will also take care of sending it both to you and your clients. 

We simplify every step of your business. 

Thanks to uDroppy you won’t have to lose time finding new suppliers for every product. You won’t have to spend time in adding descriptions, titles and images for each product. You will be free from manual fulfillment of orders or paying Virtual Assistants. You won’t have to fight with suppliers to receive invoices. Finally, you won’t have to struggle to find the tracking numbers related to your orders. 

Yet, we don’t limit to business automation. We have lots of services we can provide you to go from zero to hero worries-free. In fact, we can help you build a brand, without leaving the comfort zone of a dropshipping business

How we do that? 

By customizing your products or creating ad-hoc items according to your projects. Once labelled with your brand we can ship them to your warehouse or we can store them in our stock. In this way you don’t have to pay a rent or handle shipping by yourself. We will take care of everything thanks to the virtual warehouse service. 

Thanks to all these services we can make you a super entrepreneur. We will remove all the obstacles from your business while you take care of marketing. 

Other processes you can and should automate 

Business automation is a outstanding strategy for every entrepreneur. Yet, you can leverage automation for more than  logistic and management operations. You can also automate communication activities. 

First, you can automate your newsletter and all the emails you send to your clients or prospect.

We can’t say it enough, but email marketing is fundamental for every business. Thanks to the software available today, you can automate your email campaigns. In this way you will send your clients the right email at the right time optimizing your work and your results (retargeting included). 

Second, you can use customer service automation.

Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most relevant future trends. Both for e-commerce and digital marketing. 

Thanks to these strategies you can set automation of conversation. This allow you to handle all the customers and prospects’ requests without effort. 

Third you can automate social media. You can schedule posts for the entire week so that you will focus on your editorial plan once a week. The same works with articles for the blog (if you have one). 

Final thoughts about automation 

Automation is an important aspect whatever is the business your managing. And despite of your business size. 

Thanks to uDroppy you can automate a huge part of your processes and operations. In this way you will be able to focus on marketing and business strategies

Having the time to do that is a game-changing factor for your business. It gives you an outstanding advantage over your competition. 

Not to mention that we can do much more than automate your business. We can help you build a brand. A real asset for your future and something to be proud of. 

If you want to grow your business and become a super entrepreneur you will love working with us. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Create your free account right now!

Ps. If you don’t know how to start you can watch our Tutorials on our YouTube Channel!

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