The Top 12 Digital Trends for Your Marketing Strategy

The top 12 digital trends for your marketing strategy

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Whatever business you are running, whatever your sector, you need a marketing strategy
Marketing is a key element for every brand today. It allows you to keep up with your business and win the steadily growing competition. 
As you know, uDroppy mission is to give you the freedom and time to focus on becoming a top player. We take care of the complex processes so that you can develop a powerful marketing strategy. 
But what are the best digital marketing tips you should follow to boost your business? 
In this article we summed up the top 12 digital trends that you will need to follow to be the best in your sector. Let’s see them all in the next paragraphs. 

AI for a better digital marketing segmentation

If you are handling digital marketing campaigns, you already know it: knowing your target is fundamental
You cannot run successful marketing strategies without knowing your audience. It is the first, and most important, process to implement. Otherwise, you will only launch ads spending budget with poor results. 
Segmenting and targeting a specific audience is the best and main difference between offline and online marketing. In fact, with the latter you can communicate only with people interested in your brand or product. 
By knowing your audience, you will be able to invest your money in the best way and get higher ROI (Return On Investment).
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the digital marketing trends you must keep en eye on.  It is changing the way you define and expand your audience. Yet, it won’t stop to that. 
Thanks to AI and machine learning, the algorithm behind it, you will be able to understand better your audience. 
You will know the habits, attitudes and interests of your target. This will allow you to anticipate their needs and desires. You will know what they want even before they do
It’s the same technique that Amazon and Netflix use to engage more with customers. 
In this way you will be able to give them what they need and desire at the right time. Helping them to understand you care and building trust relationships with them. 

Chatbots and conversational marketing 

Chatbots are a key asset for digital marketing. This trend won’t stop in the future. 
Their success is due to their responsiveness, speed and patience with clients. Yes, they are better than humans when it comes to handle crazy requests from your customers. 
They are also available 24/7. Something that an employee cannot do. 
The best part? Is that thanks to AI they will keep getting better, faster and more relevant when dealing with your users. They will be able to learn what customers want and adapt to their needs. Meeting their expectations will give them a better customer experience. This means satisfaction and a positive memory of your brand. Furthermore, chatbots give you the time and freedom you need to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. 
Want some examples of successful brands that use chatbots? 
Uber is doing it. The private ridesharing allows customers to interact with chatbots while booking a ride. 
Chatbots are only a part of conversational marketing. Also called conversion marketing, it is a strategy based on listening to the feedback of clients to improve one’s service. 
It will help you raise loyalty and customer satisfaction thanks to one-on-one relationships with users. 
Conversational marketing includes also email marketing, that we will analyze later on in this article. 

Content marketing as a powerful digital trend

Despite what you may think, content is still king. This is why you cannot build a powerful marketing campaign without it. 
Sharing quality content, yet, is not enough. Customers changed and their expectations keep getting higher and more complex. This is why personalization is key when it comes to marketing. 
We will see how relevant it can be in different aspects of digital marketing in the next paragraphs. As for now, we can say that giving your customers relevant content based on their needs and desires is a key for success. 
A well developed content marketing campaign will help you grow your ROI and revenues

Cyber security for a safe business

When you work with digital marketing you have to use a huge set of digital tools. These include social media platforms, forums, emails and much more. You get in contact with many different users that show interest in your brand. 
It’s part of the job, but it can be a risk for your business. In fact, every day cybercrime keeps raising and getting smarter
It changes every time the digital market change, finding new way to harm businesses and professionals. 
As you can see, having a cyber security strategy is necessary. You have to take precaution and find a tool that will allow you to work safely. 
For example, you can use a VPN. It is a Virtual Private Network that allows you to encrypt your online activities, keeping them safe from cybercriminals. In this way, no external organism could access your private data. 
Thinking about cyber security is important for you and your clients. Remember that having an e-commerce business means also dealing with personal data of your customers. You have to make sure they will be held safe. Otherwise, this could undermine your customers’ confidence and ruin your business. 

Live streaming and influencer marketing 

Among the future trends you must keep an eye on, there is live streaming. 
It first started growing its importance thanks to platform that will allow to stream and share live videos of videogames player. 
Live streaming is popular and powerful because it mix both video and live action
You will wonder, but “why should I bother about live streaming if I run a business?”.
The answer is simple, it’s because users perceive them as spontaneous. Therefore, people is more likely to believe what happens in a live event.
This is why users prefer direct streaming on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Live streaming becomes even more effective when matched with influencer marketing
If you still don’t have an influencer marketing campaign, check out our article to see why you should start planning it. 

Micro-Moments and the importance of mobile marketing 

How many time do you check your mobile phone? 
According to Micro Moments: Your Guide to Win the Shift to Mobile by Google, users check their mobile devices around 150 times per day. These are very fast sessions that they use to either pass the time or find immediate solutions. 
The use of mobile keeps growing every day and businesses like yours cannot be present on mobiles. This means that you have to create a mobile-optimized website, but also plan a mobile marketing campaign
While planning your mobile marketing strategy remember to include micro-moments
They have been first defined by Google. They are moment when a person use a mobile device to satisfy an immediate need or desire. These moments are characterized by intent, context and immediacy and there can be four different kinds:

  1. I want to know;
  2. I want to go;
  3. I want to buy;
  4. I want to do.

They are critical parts of the consumer journey and have a huge impact on how that journey will end. If you want to win these moments, you have to follow three main steps: 

  1. You have to be there. You need to foresee the moment and the users’ needs, helping them when they have necessity;
  2. You have to be useful. You have to give customers relevant information, material and solutions to meet their needs and desires;
  3. You have to be quick. As their name say, they are micro-moments. They are fast and so you have to be. Give them a mobile experience free from any issue or obstacle. Smooth, fast, relevant.

By winning the micro-moments you will be able to improve your customer satisfactions. You will also raise the conversion rate and, of course, the revenues. 

Personalized email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a old, but gold strategy for businesses. With a proper planned email marketing campaign you can raise your ROI up to 3800%
Interesting number, isn’t it? 
As you can imagine, even this strategy changed and adapted to the new needs of the market. Today, it means that you have to personalize your emails. 
You have to guide and follow your clients or prospects in their journey. You have to create ad-hoc email to engage them and remarket them
In this way you won’t risk to lose clients. Moreover, you will make them come back to you. 

Programmatic advertising as a trending strategy 

In the future you will have to do more and more programmatic advertising
This strategy uses artificial intelligence to automate the buying of digital media. 
Among the techniques of programmatic advertising we find real-time bidding and auctions.
Why is programmatic advertising the future? 
First of all, it is more efficient. Thanks to real-time measurement you know right away if your campaign is working or not. This gives you the time and power to optimize it. Of course, this means that you can get better results at the end.
Second, programmatic advertising is better at targeting. You can reach the best audience with ease. This is possible thanks to the various targeting options (e.g. geolocation, IP, retargeting, etc.). 
In other words, programmatic advertising allows you to get higher conversion rates at a lower cost

Social media, a fundamental asset for your marketing strategy 

When we talk about digital marketing and the digital market we cannot avoid mentioning social media. They are a fundamental part of the digitalization. Therefore, they are relevant for business too.
Not only they have a high number of active users for you to target. They also give you a wide set of tools to do it at your best. 
Social media have a lot of information about the characteristics and preferences of their users. And they are more than willing to share them if you will invest in their platform. 
Facebook has been the top dog till the end of 2017. From that moment on its success started to fall. Today, the platform is used mainly by adults. While, younger audiences prefer to use Instagram, Snapchat and other social media. 
The best strategy is to analyze your audience and reach them out on their favorite social platforms. 
Social media are a very profitable market for every brand. They allow you to spread brand awareness, getting higher conversions and develop a omnichannel strategy.
A further future trend related to social media is social messaging marketing. Social media apps are used to develop direct relationships with customers. They allow personalization of the user experience, gaining of trust and reliability. Moreover they help conversions and much more.
This is why you should list it in the must-follow trends for the future. 

Video, the king of future marketing 

Video keeps growing in importance. 
According to Cisco, in a couple of years more than 80% of internet content will be video
But why? 
Videos is the most effective format to communicate a message in an engaging way. 
Brands that share videos on their channels are, in fact, performing better than others. It may also be thanks to the fact that it is already SEO-friendly. This means that video helps your brand to rank better on SERPs (Search Engine Research Page). 
What does it mean? That you should include video in your digital marketing strategy if you want to boost your business. 
Remember that Youtube is not the only platform where you can share videos. If you create short, valuable and engaging videos you can also use them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. 

Visual search booming

The way people look for information, products and services has changed. Users want solutions to do search fast and efficiently. This is why visual search is booming. 
It is time-saving, easy and streamlined. By taking a picture of a product you can find all the information about it. 
It may not be as widely used as one may think, but very soon it will become a popular search tool. This is why technology brands are including build-in AI camera functions in their mobile devices. 
The revolution started with trailblazers like Google (Google Lens), Pinterest, Snapchat and CamFind. 
To optimize the visual search of your product you have to tag your content with appropriate metadata. To reach better results remember to use quality images. They must be engaging and make people trust the product, so they will feel more inclined to buy it. Of course, you should SEO-optimize them by adding ALT-text.
If you want your products to be shown in the Google Image search you can also adopt  product schema for images. 

Voice search and how to use it in your digital strategy

The launch of home assistants Google Home and Amazon Echo changed the way people do searches. 
This is how the voice search revolution started. Since then, people that search something via voice using mobile devices keeps growing. 
The drivers of this revolution are similar to the benefits of visual search. Voice search is faster, hands-free and convenient. 
Let’s say you want to make a cake, you look for the recipe and then start the process. Yet, at a certain point you forgot which step was next. Was it mixing the flour with the eggs and butter or first you had to add vanilla? 
Your hands are dirty and you cannot type on your phone. Thanks to the voice search you can ask your home assistant to do the search for you. 
It’s as easy as that. 
There is one problem, though. While SERPs are usually more than one and show many results, voice search doesn’t. It shows only a few, selected results, if not only one
This means that you have to do your best to be the first to show up. 
To do so you have to optimize meta descriptions. Instead of using short, minimal keywords, you have to focus on long-tail keywords. People use sentences instead of few words when searching via voice. 
As you can see, the revolution has only began. Yet, you can anticipate the future and win your competition if you include this marketing strategy in your plan. 


In this article we saw what are the top digital trends you will have to focus on this year. By implementing these marketing strategies you will be able to gain a huge advantage over your competitors. 
In a market that keeps moving and changing, you have to follow the flow. Otherwise, you will lose your business. This is why is important to focus on marketing and be always up to date with the latest trends. 
If you are a partner of uDroppy you can do it without worrying about your business. We will take care of the most complex operations to give you freedom and time. Sourcing products, importing and shipping them, and receiving invoices won’t be a nightmare anymore. 
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