The Top E-Commerce Traffic Sources You Should Be Using

The Top E-Commerce Traffic Sources You Should Be Using

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If you want to grow your business you will need to find new e-commerce traffic sources other than Facebook. 

Here at uDroppy we work with hundreds of different e-commerce business and entrepreneurs. This helps us understand how the business is changing and where it is going. One of the most important trends we are seeing is that entrepreneurs count mostly on Facebook. And how is Facebook repaying them? By banning accounts and ads

If you are en e-commerce entrepreneur and you want to survive in the market of today,  you need to differentiate

We are going to help you find new traffic sources with this article. 

Why you need other e-commerce traffic sources

As we said, Facebook is banning a lot of accounts and ads, nowadays. This is due to policies that keep changing fast. It doesn’t matter if you are doing White hat marketing. If you make a little mistake you’re out. 

Facebook is becoming more and more unreliable and frustrating. This is why you should never rely exclusively on this channel

Wait, we are not saying that you should stop doing Facebook ads. We know that it is a great channel when it comes to help you grow your brand awareness or doing retargeting. We are simply suggesting you to be smart and to differentiate. 

In fact, today you can leverage lots of different traffic sources and we will see the best ones that you should focus on to help your business grow. 

According to a study of e-commerce fuel, traffic sources are divided as you can see in the image below. 

Top Traffic Sources
In the following section we will analyse these traffic sources according to their relevance. 

#1 The organic search traffic source for e-commerce websites 

What the study showed in 2018 is that the top traffic source for e-commerce businesses is organic search. This means that customers find the right e-commerce store where to buy online using Google or other search engines. 

It also means that the best traffic source is free.

You don’t have to pay for it, but you need to build your business so that it can be one of the first results to appear after a search. 

We all know what this means: SEO

Yes, Search Engine Optimization is now fundamental. It helps you rank higher than your competitor thanks to quality. Today users are smarter and know what sponsored means. They don’t trust people that do adv anymore, this is why they will repay your quality with trust.  

#2 Paid Traffic e-commerce sources for your business

Having a strong SEO-approach on your website, blog and store is not enough. We all know that. This is why you will need to plan your paid traffic strategy too

Facebook is the first and only choice of  many entrepreneurs today. But you have now wider options and  you should leverage them all. 

First thing, you should use Google Shopping. Google has developed a search section dedicated to shopping. In this way users can find exactly what they want and buy it right away.

Google Shopping Traffic Source

If you want to appear in the Google Shopping section you will have to access the Google Merchant Center. From here you will be able to start your campaign (from Google Ads) and set Shopping Ads and Actions.

According to Semrush, retailers are now focusing on what is called Product Listing Ads (PLA). 

We can see an example here below. 

PLAs exampleOther than this you can use paid traffic in many other ways. First, you can create ads on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. (according to your target). 

Second, you can do Google Ads to rank better in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). 

Third you can try to do media buying (display, native, etc.) on those websites you think your audience visits often. 

#3 Direct Traffic 

Third in the standings, we find Direct traffic

We guess you read it a lot in your reports and analytics, but are you sure you know what it is? 

Direct traffic is the traffic that comes from copy-pasting the URL into the search bar. Or from typing your address directly. These are the users that know you already, or that receive information about you from family and friends. 

Direct traffic, though, is also connected to what is defined as dark social, that includes traffic coming from social, but that you cannot track. 

#4 Organic social e-commerce traffic sources 

Other then the organic search, you can also gain traffic from social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook) without paying ads

Social media are useful platforms where you can improve your brand awareness, show your content, gain data and information about your target. Moreover, you can also show and gain loyalty through social proof and user generated content

All of this, without spending a cent in ads. 

#5 Email traffic 

We will never stop saying it: email marketing is still one of the best channels to communicate with your audience. Thanks to the highest ROI (up to 3800%) it will allow you to gain new customers, making them come back and turn them into real advocates. 

#6 Referral traffic 

Finally, one of the best way to gain traffic is to referral. What does it means? That clients will be so satisfied that they will talk with their friends and family about you. 

Thanks to this, you won’t have to pay to acquire customers and you will get a 100% revenue. 


Today, you can’t rely only on one traffic source. The customer journey is complex and includes many different touch-points. You have to be there. And you have to leverage everyone and each of them to drive traffic to your store. 

This is why you need to differentiate your traffic. 

In order to improve your organic performance, you will also need quality. Both for content and for product. In fact, giving your customers the perfect experience will help you not only to make them happy, but to make them come again. And talk about you with thei
r network. Moreover, a good website makes also Google happy, that will repay you showing you first. 

Here at uDroppy we can help you make your customers happy thanks to our owned quality products and the fast shipping services we offer. Not to mention the Cash on delivery, so that every client can feel safe and sound when buying online. 

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