The Worst Dropshipping Mistakes That You Want to Avoid

The worst dropshipping mistakes that you want to avoid

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Creating your dropshipping business is not easy

You have to study the market, think about which store you want to open and the products to sell. You have to understand what are the marketing strategies you want to leverage. You have to choose the tools to use. In other words you will bound to make some mistakes. 

Don’t worry, we never said that it’s impossible! 

Dropshipping is still the best way to create your e-commerce business from scratch. Is the easiest and the safest way for you and your investment. Despite this, you will end up making mistakes. It happens to everyone. 

To help you reduce them, we gathered the worst mistakes that dropshippers make. In this way you will learn from the errors of others and you will be ahead of your competition! 

Ready to discover what you don’t want to do? 

#1 Choosing the wrong supplier

When you do dropshipping you are selling goods that you don’t have in your stock. In this way you don’t have to worry about the costs of renting a deposit. This means that you have to find suppliers that will ship the products to your final customers. 

Now, there are different suppliers that you may end up choosing, but they are not always the right way to go

In fact, one of the most common dropshipping mistakes is choosing the wrong supplier/s.

What you need is a supplier that knows the market and is interested in knowing you and your business. You don’t have to limit to a supplier that receive and order and ship it. You can have so much more, today. 

You can have an e-commerce partner that gives you owned products, meaning that doesn’t deal with third-party products. You can have a wide choice also when it comes to international shipping (faster and safer thanks to tracking). You can choose a partner that is made of talented humans ready to connect and to help without renouncing to the automation of processes. 

And you can find all of this in us, at uDroppy. 

We are different from the other suppliers you will find on the market. We are better because we are complete. We can give you everything that others supplier gives, but we add something more. We are born to help dropshippers and to support them in everything they need. This is because we know the market and the pain points and we have the right solutions. 

Choosing the right supplier is fundamental, otherwise you will never be able to make your clients happy. Meaning that you will end up losing your business. 

#2 Having too many suppliers

Having one wrong supplier may endanger your business. This is why you may consider finding many suppliers for the same product. Yet, this means managing relationships and contacts with too many people, making you lose your time or your head. 

Another common dropshipping mistake!

Having one unique supplier is the best way to work, because you can develop a real connection. You can decide to meet them both at exhibitions or meeting with them in person.

Working with uDroppy not only means, having a supplier open to dialogue. It means having a personal e-com manager at your disposal every day, to support you with all your questions and issues.


#3 Not leveraging product reviews 

When you choose which products you want to sell, don’t limit yourself to following gurus and their phantom winning products. 

You can, and you definitely must, read reviews. 

Reviews are not only a powerful tool to raise your trust and your visibility. They are also a key that will open the door of your sales.

Knowing what users think about one or more products is fundamental. 

#4 Selling product without calculating margins properly 

If you want your business to be sustainable, generating the money you need to invest and improve, you have to assure yourself some margins. This means that you have to set a price able to pay your costs and give you something more

This is very important because, if you don’t do your calculations right you may end up losing a lot of money. 

If you want to avoid this popular dropshipping mistake, you need to be aware of all your expenses.

Working with uDroppy means knowing what your costs will be since the start. When you go to the product catalog you can see the price of each product, other than the price of shipping (both Standard or DHL Premium). These costs vary according to the final destination country.  In this way you can set your prices at the most convenient level both for your business and your clients. 

#5 Hide or lie about shipping times and costs 

There is nothing worse than being ambiguous about shipping. 

What does it mean? 

Make it clear what are the shipping times and, more over, the shipping costs. And even more important, never lie about them. Be clear and give your clients all the information they need to make aware choices. 

#6 Forgetting about after-sale services

One of the worst problem of e-commerce is making users trust you and buy from you. This is the reason why, whenever you convert a prospect into a client, you should give him/her an after-sale service. It’s the way you make them trust and come back to you. 

Want one example? Shipping tracking. 

The possibility to track the status and the path of their order is fundamental for your clients. They want to know that they will receive their product. Otherwise, they will start asking for refunds and payment gateways will block your accounts. 

This is why you should always give a feedback to your clients. 

Here at uDroppy we know how important tracking codes are for your business. This is why, we always share them with you as soon as we receive them from our logistic partner. And we also share it with your final customer (via the channel you choose in the Shopify setting). 

The same goes for customer service. With costs of acquisition that raises everyday, turning prospects into returning customers is a key of success. This is where customer service, relationship marketing and customer lifecycle comes in hand. 

#7 Don’t include a return policy

If you want to protect your business you should set a return policy on your store. In this way, customers will know what are the requirements to ask for a refund or a return. 

#8 Fulfilling orders manually 

If you want to be ahead of competitions and win the trust of your prospect, you need to focus on marketing. This means that you need to avoid losing time with any other business. 

Working with uDroppy, you can fulfill all your orders (even coming from different stores) with one unique click and payment. In this way you will both save time and payment fees. 

Another dropshipping mistake solved.

#9 Have a unique store 

We know what you may think. You will focus on one store only and you will change products according to the reaction of users. 

Well, that could seem a winning strategy, but it’s not like that. Having more than one store will help you grow your business like never before. It’s the best strategy to find the winning product and create a store that will give you all the figures you want. 

We explain everything in our Touchdown Strategy (it’s free to download, so don’t be shy and don’t lose the chance to multiply your revenues). 

#10 Using too many apps

Using Shopify is the best way to build a store. Not only because of the low costs and the easy set up of a store, but also because of the apps you can install. These apps are designed to help you make your store more powerful, yet you will have to choose them with care

First, they will make your website slower. Second, they can be hacked and can put your business at risk. So remember to run some tests every now and then. 

Final Considerations

Today the market offers you infinite possibility to build your business and brand, and to do it right. 

By following our guidelines, you will be able to avoid common dropshipping mistakes and to start seeing results far before than your competitors. 

Thanks to uDroppy, moreover, your business will be easier and faster. 

We will give you all the time you need to focus on your business and marketing strategies, while we take care of all the rest. 

Join uDroppy right now and start building your success with us. 


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