Tim Burd, Facebook Ads Expert, Shares with Us Valuables Tips to Smash Q4 and the Whole Year

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Today we have the outstanding welcome in the uDroppy’ studios Tim Burd.  In this article we are going to share with you outstanding insights and suggestions from the The Godfather of Facebook. Tim came to our office to talk about Q4, advertising and other strategic choices to grow every business at best.
Here below you find both the video and the written interview.

Get your notebook and a pen because you will need them to note down all the brilliant recommendations that Tim Burd is going to share with you.
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Hi Tim, so for those few people who don’t know you, can you tell us more about yourself? Who is Tim Burd and how did you become the person you are today? 

Hello everybody, I’m Tim Burd and I have been working in the digital advertising work for around 15 years, now.
I started working in this sector through dating sites and similars, then I moved to more mainstream branches of digital marketing.
Finally, about seven years ago, I started doing Facebook Ads. During that period I created the Facebook Ad Buyer Group so that I could talk about Facebook Ads with other people and then, one thing led to another, and now I have around 12 or 13 groups about everything that has to do with digital marketing, from email marketing to native ads, to Google ads, and so on.
After that, I started to do masterminds and I spoke at lots of conventions.
I also run an Ad Agency (Agency Y) where we are specialized in high budget – anything over $100.000 per month – and I manage AdLeaks, my baby. AdLeaks is a private community of high-end digital marketers.

Now, let’s get to the essence of Q4. Holiday Advertising is coming up first Halloween, then the juicy Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and finally Christmas. What is your advice in terms of e-commerce preparation?

When it comes to holiday advertising and especially Q4 I see always the same things happening, interestingly enough.
My first advice is to make you sure you have all your inventory sorted out. If you are a dropshipper I think it would be better to use uDroppy because it makes it easier for you to have your stock under control. And this is very important, even more under the Chinese New Year. I saw many different businesses get ruined by this event because entrepreneurs are not ready for this event, when Chinese factories close for on month of vacations.
The second advice, to get ready for Q4 is to start right now running Facebook, Google or YouTube campaigns, everything that can be considered cheap branding traffic, to build the retargeting audiences. This is fundamental because today the traffic is cheaper and you can build these audiences at a lower cost and when Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrives you already have a strong and warm audience ready.
Instead, if you wait until the last week, you are going to pay a lot more because traffic is going to be more expensive. 

Tim Burd is a Facebook Ads expert. So, can you give our readers some tips about it?

Yes, absolutely.
The first tip is to about a strategy that is working really well right now. What you do is you run campaigns using broad audiences like age range and the country, or the world if it’s possible. What you do is you create a big audience of hundreds million people.
The second strategy is the bully method.
With the bully method you do manual bidding, raising your bid so high that you basically bully other people out of your niche.  In this way their cost will go up and after a couple of days they will stop their campaign, making the cost come down for you.

Would you recommend to use other traffic sources too?

Absolutely yes.
When you do online advertising Facebook is not and should never be the only place where you run your campaigns.
If you have a young demographic, let’s say between 18 and 35, you should invest in Snapchat Ads.
If you are doing e-commerce, you should absolutely do Google Shopping because it’s where e-commerce business get a higher ROI.
I would also recommend YouTube, right now, because is where you can build your audience at a low cost.
In any way,  you should 100% diversify your advertising because Facebook is banning a lot of accounts, no matter if they have clean and white hat e-commerce business.
Having more than one traffic source means being able to keep your store and business running despite Facebook bans.

Talking about budget, how would you split it according to the different traffic sources? 

What the majority of people do is to allocate a per se, but this is not the way to go.
Instead of allocating your budget based on the traffic source I would allocate based on the part of the funnel: top, middle and bottom of the funnel.
So let’s say that your core demographic is on Snapchat. For sure I would allocate more there. But Generally, I would allocate a 50% on cold traffic, which means top of funnel like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and maybe also Google, even if is already warmed traffic.
Then I would allocate around 30 and 35% to the middle of funnel where users engage with our page, watch your videos on YouTube or Facebook, visit your website, and similars.
Finally, I would allocate the rest for retargeting.

Now, let’s talk about automation. How heavily do you rely on that and on machine learning? 

Absolutely. I am a big, big proponent of automation, whether it’s for media buying or even for your internal business processes so that you don’t have to waste time in accounting, sales, and any other process entrepreneurs are doing manually.
I think that any time you can automate stuff you should absolutely do it. For example I would use reveal bot to automate Facebook processes. I also have programmers in my staff that dedicate their time to automate the business.
As far as machine learning goes, we can say that it’s for big players and platforms, like Facebook, Google, uDroppy could use it to find out the products that sell best and similar. Yet, for advertisers there is not so much we can do with machine learning. Yes, we could use it to go throughout the list of our clients to see who are the people that are more inclined to buy products thanks to Facebook optimization, but that’s it.

We know Tim Burd is a big fun of subscriptions. Could you tell us more about this concept and why you are such a supporter?

I love subscription and I have been preaching them for a few years, now. There are two reasons why I love them so much: first is that when you do subscriptions you get what is called the revenue or residual income. This makes your revenues more predictable.

Second, subscriptions raise the value of your asset. I know this is something you may not been thinking right now, but when you sell a regular business you can get 2 or 3 times the amount of revenues that you made the previous year. While, if your business is based on subscriptions you can get from 7 to 10 times of your last year revenues.

This is why I recommend you to add immediately a subscription component to your business.

For example you could start a VIP program for a cheap price, let’s say $7 a month, where you give to every client a 10% coupon that last forever on every purchase. In this way you have 7 dollars guaranteed every month. Which means 70.000 dollars if you have 10.000 clients subscribed. Clients that you would have given a 10% off coupon anyway, making this strategy a win-win one. Moreover, these clients will be more likely to buy from you because they are already paying a subscription fee and they will buy more. This means both a higher AOV and a higher lifetime value.

But among all the things you can do with subscription, the subscription box is definitely my favorite. For example if you are selling women beautify products you can do a monthly beauty box. You have both products that people can buy singularly or the subscription. And if you sell art supplies it could be an art supply box. In other words,  you can do a subscription box with almost anything and this is the best way to grow your lifetime value which is something that every entrepreneur need now that costs on both Facebook and Google are raising so much. By raising the customer lifetime value you will get more money that you will be able to spend in acquisition campaigns.

What we see in European B2C commerce is a focus on COD, Cash on Delivery, in many countries. Can you share with us your opinion about COD and what do you think it will be its future?

COD has been around for probably longer than credit cards would have imagined, but is something that wasn’t never easy to access for advertisers

What is happening is that many e-commerce business are not leveraging COD as they should. This is why I was really excited when I discover that uDroppy could handle COD all over Europe. And for your clients I am sure this is something huge! In fact, there is a whole market of people that can’t buy online because they don’t have the opportunity to do that. And Cash on Delivery could double or triple the amount of sales of e-commerce business in these countries, this is why I recommend to start using COD and to do that with uDroppy if you want to add extra money to your pocket in an extremely easy way.

Let’s talk about branding now. Because branding is a MUST in 2019, 2020 and it will be a must in the next years as well. So, what is your advice for those people that are creating and marketing their own brand?

If your goal is to be a fly by night operation, make a few bucks and then start another company wasting your time your whole life, then don’t worry about branding.

But if you want to build a sustainable business where you get a really high ROAS, then you should go for it.

What I see on Facebook Groups and forums is that unknown stores and advertisers have a 2/2.5 ROAS, which is not bad for cold traffic and an unknown brand. Yet, if you have a brand you can obtain a ROAS between 5 and 10. And this is because of brand recognition.

There is only one cavial, which is that you need to get your brand out there. You can either do that with Facebook or with YouTube. Just think about brands like Coca cola or Apple. They create life style videos and connection with specific elements.

For example, Coca cola creates a lot of videos with cute puppies running around, while Apple focus on people partying and having a good time.

In this way, they associate a feeling or emotion and connect it with their brand name so that every time that you will think about that you will also remember the brand.

What you need to achieve is something similar with your brand. You have to show that your brand is related to a specific lifestyle. You have to use influencers and micro-influencers to show your products used in real life. And if you can, get sponsored on TV commercials too.

Long story short, if you want to build a long term brand you need to do branding, because it is what make you stand out from the competition and make you earn extra money.

Recently, we heard Tim Burd say that “people don’t know what they don’t know”. We would like you to end this interview with an advice that you believe could make the difference for our reader

I started doing masterminds because I was doing a lot of one-on-one consulting where  people would ask questions. But there was a lot of times when they wouldn’t know the questions to ask. This is why I started doing masterminds, so that I could go over stuff that they wouldn’t necessarily ask but that would be useful for them to know.

The thing I want to tell you today, and be sure to remember it because it’s an awesome advice that should be able to raise your profits within a couple of weeks by 50% to 100%, is to use a multi-vari testing software. It could be Visual website optimizer, or Optimizely or Google optimize, etc.

This allows you to test everything you need and want on your Shopify store from the top navigation bar, to the the add to cart button color and copy (e.g. Add to cart vs. Get it Now vs. I want it, etc.)

When you can multi-vari test stuff like that you can raise your profit almost immediately.

I know it sounds confusing and complicated, but in my mastermind I show that you can set up a full multi-vari test from start to finish in 15 minutes. After that, you just have to check it for like 5 minutes once a week and that’s it.

The best part is that it costs like around 100 bucks a month or something. Meaning that it’s pretty cheap, this is why I think it is the quickest, easiest  and cheapest way to raise your revenues fast.

By using uDroppy you can get access to other professional and effective services that will help you grow your business.
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