20+ Tips and Tricks to Get More Views on YouTube For Free

Get more views on YouTube for free

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You don’t believe us? 
Then read till the last word and let us know if you changed your mind. 

Why to go for videos and YouTube 

If you keep yourself updated with digital trends, you already know. Video is now the most powerful content among all. It’s engaging, attractive, it conveys messages successfully. 

These are only some of the reasons why businesses and professionals have started doing video marketing, investing their money, time and effort in it. And if you are asking, yes it’s worth it. 
Video marketing allows you to: 

  • increase conversions and sales
  • make users remember your brand; 
  • improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website; 
  • make your content go viral
  • give your customers clear information and values
  • improve the reliability of your brand; 
  • promote your services and products

If you want some details about all the former reasons and video marketing, read our previous article about this strategy
Long story short, you need video marketing

Whatever is the video you are going to create, you also need a platform where to share it. The web is now full of website for you to use, but YouTube remains the most popular with its over  one billion users. 

Furthermore, YouTube allows you to create your own channel for free, building your audience and your own video content storage. 
Thanks to all of this, your videos will reach the higher visibility. At least, if you do things right. 

Of course, you could buy some views, like you could buy some users on Facebook or Instagram. Yet, this is the best way to put your work at risk. In fact, also YouTube has now changed its algorithm to find and penalize all the businesses that uses shady tactics

It’s time to commit and create quality content even with videos. 

In the next paragraph we will give you all the information you need to get the best out of your YouTube channel. 


How to go from zero to hero views on YouTube 

So, now you know that doing video marketing is not a choice. It’s a need for both your business and your products (or services). You know that you want to use YouTube to publish them. It’s time to conceptualize, film, edit and publish! 


#1 Create videos that share value

Giving value to people is the best way to make them stay and what it till the end. 

This means that when you think about creating a new video you should always think either about entertaining or educating them. 

In this way, not only you will make them watch the entire content, but you will make them want to come back


#2 Take advantage of viral trends 

What is the best way to make people watch your video? 

Riding the wave. 

Whether is Games of Thrones, the new gossiped life of Miley Cyrus, or the last crisis between the UK and the UE, you need to follow the trend and be able to create a video using this theme. 


#3 Imitate the best videos of your own niche and industry 

Imitation can work. At the end, the best way to win competition is to study them, find what worked for them and learn from their mistakes. This means that if you think that a particular format or subject is working, you should use it too. Find your way to make it unique or more complete. Give it the right angle and BINGO! 


#4 Hosts famous YouTubers in your videos 

This is one way to take advantage of influencers in the YouTube world. Famous YouTubers have huge fan bases. Their users are loyal and want to watch every video their in. By partnering up with them for a video (or more) you can boost your views with ease. 


#5 Make the intro engaging 

When on YouTube, you have 15 seconds to make people understand they want to watch the entire video. This means that the first 15 seconds must be engaging, powerful, and able to make them stay


#6 Make the video fast and smooth 

Since the goal is to make people watch the entire video, you need it to be pleasant. Not only this means that it has to give value, but that it has to be easy to enjoy

Take out all the white spaces and make it fluent. In this way it improve the user experience, making the finish the video and, who knows, subscribe to your channel. 


#7 Use music 

Adding music to your video will make it easier to enjoy

It will also keep the users till the end, even more if it connected to pattern interrupts. 


#8 Leverage pattern interrupts 

People don’t like boring videos. When you create a video made of only slides or people talking, you will lose their attention in no time. This is why you should use pattern interrupts, meaning content that helps you make the video more interesting. Some examples are graphics and other visual elements, music, and jokes. They help you improve the retention and watch time. 


#9 Use keywords 

Keywords are the best way to improve visibility. It is true when it comes to SEO of blogs and website, as well as YouTube. In fact, keywords make your video easy to find for users. 

Keywords must be used in three different placement: 

  1. The title. The title must be short and catchy. You have to make them want to watch your video. Make it sure to use the keyworks while giving them an idea about the content of the video. But don’t tell them everything right away; 

  2. The description. In the description you can use keywords and long-tail keywords to make your video show up in the research. The description is important and must tell the users what the video is about. It’s fundamental to increase the click-through-rate and the views; 

  3. The tags. Tags help you make it clear what your video is about. It helps YouTube and its algorithm to address interested users to your video. 


#10 Set a thumbnail.

Thumbnail images are helpful and powerful tools when it comes to boost views. They are the first image of the video that users see. Therefore, creating a catchy thumbnail improve your views. 

To do so you should use high-quality pictures or images, easy to read. Also, studies show that using people closeups is useful to make them more performing. 


#11 Add captions

Making your video readable other than watchable is important. It improves the user experience

For example, let’s say that you are on a train. You are commuting and you would love to watch a video about the future trends of e-commerce to promote your products. 

You open the video, but you suddenly realize that you forgot your earphones. 

Now, can you put your video on, with the audio at maximum, annoying other people? 

The right answer when it comes to social behavior is no. Yet, there are some people that doesn’t respect this kind of social rules. 

In any case, if you are respectful, and you want to understand better what the video is about, you can enable captions. 

This, of course, if the video has them. 

Now, can you see the power of having transcripts? 

A users could easily swipe to the next video if you don’t have them. 


#12 Include cards during the video 

Cards are YouTube tools you can use to promote other videos and content within you video. The best way to use them is by pushing people to watch the worst performing videos or, invite them to subscribe to your channel. 

But cards can help you do more than that. In fact, you can use them also to donate money to a non-profit, send traffic to your website, etc. 

You can choose when the card will appear and you can also change its position according to your need. This means that after publishing the video, you can watch analytics and optimize it. In fact, when you know what is the lowest time of retention you have, you can set the card before that moment to assure people will see it. 

#13 Apply End Screens

End screens allow you to drive traffic to other videos, to your website, to playlists and social media, at the end of a video. 

This means that you will be able to drive more views on other videos of yours. Other than promoting your other channels. 


#14 Add the auto-play to your embedded videos 

Auto-plays are annoying. As users we know that, but for businesses they are great. 

The best way to use them in your YouTube strategy is to apply them only to your embedded content

In this way, you will make automatically play exhaustive content, or any other content related to the video the user has just seen. This improve the user experience and your views without making users leave. 


#15 Raise your views with backlinks

Videos can be backlinks. In fact, you can add them to your website or blog, increasing the view and traffic to your YouTube video or channel. They also help your website to rank better on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). 


#16 Give something exclusive in your video

If you want people to watch your video, give them something unique within it. it could be a coupon code to use on your store for example, or you could tell them the rules to enter your giveaway

Talk about this in your channels (e.g. website, social) and then link your video and make them watch it to obtain your gift.  


#17 Ask users to share and like 

There is nothing better to improve your visibility than ask your viewers to help you. 

Ask them to share and like your video both within it and in the description. 


#18 Leverage the power of playlists 

Have you made several videos to talk about a specific subject? 

Create a playlist and insert all the videos inside of it. In this way, users can watch them consecutively. This allows you to improve the views of every video in the playlist. 


#19 Share your video ASAP 

Once you publish your video don’t wait too long to share it on your channels

You can use your social media profiles (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and your website. The secret, is to do it as fast as possible. In this way the YouTube community won’t forget about your video, and the number of views will keep growing. 

You can also ask influencers to share your video to promote it. Cross promotions work too. 

Another way to boost the visibility and the views of your video is to share it within forums and communities related to your niche

For example, you can use Reddit. There are a lot of subreddits you can use. An example is /r/GetMoreViewsYT. Or you could just go on Facebook Groups, forums and other specific places where communities share their ideas and content about that specific niche. 


#20 Give back 

If you want to grow not only your views but also your subscribers, you should give back to the community. 

What we mean is that you should be present and available for the community of your niche, giving suggestions and helping people solve their problem. In this case, then, if you have a video that explains better or deeper how to solve an issue, you can share it with them. 

In this way you will grow not only the fan base but also the authority. 


Bonus: the sequel technique 

When it comes to YouTube, there is an even more powerful way to increase your views and traffic than show up in the result page. 

It’s the suggested video position

Here below you can see what suggested video are underlined in orange.

uDroppy YouTube Channel and Videos


In fact, these videos are selected from YouTube not because of their relevance in research terms, but because they are relevant according to the video that users are watching. 

Suggested videos are powerful. So powerful that YouTubers started to see that their traffic was coming mostly from there. 

This is how the sequel technique is born. Today, we will give you all the information you need to leverage it and boost your views. 
First step, you find a popular video in you niche. You can either do this by using the YouTube search, writing keywords on the search bar and analyzing the results. Or, if you know who your competitors are, you can directly go to their channel and see which video perform the best. 
Once you have the video you have to film one with the same subject. Be sure to make an impressive intro, that will make users stay more than the critical 15 seconds

Another strategy is to create a longer video, using better the pattern interrupts. In this way, users will see your video and think it’s better, therefore, choosing it. 

Finally, you optimize your video to make it appear in the suggested section. 

How can you do that? 

You have to use the keywords of your competitor in your own video. 

Use those keywords in the title, the description and the tags. Of course, you cannot copy paste everything they write, so make your copy original. 

Finally, use the keywords within the video. YouTube can understand what you say in your video and base the ranking also on that. 

Another important aspect to make clear is the thumbnail. Analyze the thumbnail of the other suggested video and optimize your. Use bright colors and close-ups. 
That’s it.
You will appear in the suggested video and in a couple of weeks you will see the number of the views multiply. 


Video are powerful instruments to make your marketing campaign successful, improving your SEO, image, reliability and brand awareness. 

YouTube is the most popular platform to publish your videos, giving you also some useful tools to improve your views without paying for advertising. 

Growing your YouTube channel organically helps your business to be healthier and more stable. This allows you to invest your budget where you need it the most. 

If you want to improve your e-commerce business even more, you can start working with uDroppy. 

We are the best partner for you because we give you all the resources you need to become a top player. Quality products, a cloud platform, automated processes and personal assistance of an e-com manager are only some examples. 

We have everything you need to grow your business, going from dropshipping to branding with ease and no huge investment. 

We allow you to save time and money, focusing on what matters the most: marketing. 

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