The Top 13 Apps from Shopify to Boost Your Business

The top 13 apps from the Shopify app store

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You want to start your own e-commerce business, but you don’t know where to start. Shopify can be the right starting point also thanks to its apps.

When you start your journey in the e-commerce business it can be overwhelming. You know that you want to profit from this exploding sector, but you are not sure how to start.

The best choice, if you are still a newbie, is dropshipping. Through this business model you will start building a business keeping risks low. You won’t have to buy huge stock of products. You’ll only need to find a reliable provider, create a store and sell products to people.
This is what we do in uDroppy. We provide owned quality products and ship them to your clients fast, anywhere they are. But we do much more. We provide you with many services (virtual warehouse, customization, etc.) and a personal assistant. We do everything we can to make your business successful and give you the time to focus on marketing.
If you are starting your e-commerce adventure, we got you covered
Whether you are running a store or about to start, your goal will be the same: boost your revenues and keep growing.
To reach this goal you have to create the best customer experience for your clients.
Improving your store and marketing.
If you are using Shopify, the simplest and most popular e-commerce platform, you can install apps. Yet, the Shopify app store has more than 2.800 of them. Choosing the best means going throughout the store and check them all.
This can be annoying and time-wasting.
Since our goal is to give you freedom and time, we found out the best 13 free apps that will improve your business.

SEO Ranger

One of they key aspect of your business is the ranking in search pages. When people look for a product that you sell, your store must be at least in the first SERP (Search Engine Research Page).
To reach this goal you need to have a SEO optimized website. SEO Ranger is the best free app you can use on your Shopify store to improve the ranking.
With only one click it will check your complete website, find and resolve all the SEO issues, so that you will get to higher positions. This means having an advantage over competitors and more traffic on your store.

Order Printer

When you sell products to customers you have to give them some important document. Be it an invoice or a receipt, the Order Printer app will give you the chance to fill and create the document you need easily and fast.
In case of templates customization or creation,  you will need to know HTML or Liquid. Yet, if you only need some minor modifications you can contact the Shopify Design Gurus. They will support you with that.

Form Builder + Mailchimp Forms

Continuous improvement is the key to success. If you want to get better, though, you need to know what you are doing wrong.
This is why you need information and data.
Thanks to this application you will be able to set different kind of forms. Subscription, feedback, orders and returns forms and surveys are only some of the options. You can also choose among different field options, positioning and more.
Thanks to Form Builder you will be able to extract the information you need and integrate it with Google Sheet. Once you will have relevant data, you will be able to improve your business strategy.

Sales Pop Master

When you are new in the e-commerce business, you may have problems in selling the first items. This is because people need to trust you before buying from you.
Sales Pop Master is the free application that will help you boost your sales and visibility.
Thanks to it you will be able to set countdown timer and countdown stock to wake the sense of urgency in prospects. This is how you push them to make immediate buys.
Recently they also added a new feature. It will show to prospects products put in the shopping cart by your customers. It is designed specifically for those stores that still have to make a sale


Marketing is fundamental if you want your business to be successful. If  you don’t have a lot of knowledge about it, you can use Kit to run successful ads on Facebook and Instagram with ease.
This app is a marketing helper. It can also support you in your email marketing and social media marketing. Thanks to all its features (you can see them all by checking its website) you will be able to raise your sales and grow your business.
The app is free, but remember that you will have to pay for promotional campaigns.


One of the worst problem for e-commerce store owners is abandonment. This is why you should take care of customer retention.
PushOwl is the application designed for it. It has both a free plan and a premium plan.
The free version allow you to set automations for back-in-stock items and price drops. You can also schedule notifications and get basic reports of your business performance.
If you need advanced features, you can use the premium version.

StoreYa Facebook Store

With its more than 2.3bn monthly active users, Facebook is a huge business opportunity for you.
Thanks to StoreYa you can set and integrate a Facebook store with you Shopify account.
You can also create many stores and handle them from a unique account.
StoreYa Facebook Store gives you the chance to integrate social plugins other than share buttons. Furthermore, to assure your clients a safe checkout, it will redirect them to your store to complete the buy.
Here I mentioned only some of the many features of the app. Discover them all by checking their webpage.

Instagram Shop

What I said for Facebook works also for Instagram. This is why you definitely need an app that drives more traffic and raise your sales via Instagram.
Statistics say that 87% of social media users use these platform to find new products to buy. And you don’t want to miss this opportunity. 
Thanks to this app, provided by Snapppt, you can integrate your Instagram account and Shopify store. You can make your feed shoppable and see what are the images that convert the most. This is why you need to create a gallery of products on your Instagram feed.


Prospect are more inclined to buy if they trust you. This is why review and ratings are important for your business. They boost your reliability and make users more likely to complete a purchase.
Yopto is the application that can help you promote your business and trustworthiness.
It helps you improve ranking in SERPs and drive more traffic from social (Facebook and Twitter).
The free version of the app let you showcasing products reviews and ratings. You can choose where to place them (homepage, product page, etc.) and whether to post comment on reviews publicly or privately. It’s up to you to decide which reviews to publish and where, and much more.

Bulk Image Edit

When it comes to search engine rankings, SEO friendly content is not enough.
Selling products means using images in your store to attract the attention of people. This is why, for you, images are a key asset. They will help not only better engage your audience but they can also help you rank better.
Bulk Image Edit is the app that will help you optimize your images.
It allows you to reduce the size of images without losing quality to make your page load faster. This will help you rank higher on Google.
It helps give your images alt-text and file names. They are fundamental if you want your products to be shown in SERPs. If search engines don’t know what your images are about they cannot show them as results. If your products are not in the result page users cannot find you and you will lose money.
Bulk Image Edit will also give your images conformity. In this way prospects will see your store as more professional because images will all have the same size and appearance.


Customers need to know the cost of shipping right away, otherwise you will lose them. In fact, 55% of customers abandon the cart due to shipping costs.
This app will allow you to set a customizable bar in your website to promote free shipping. In fact, setting a free shipping offer related to a specific expense, will not only keep customers, but also make them buy more.
It’s one of the most effective strategy to raise your AOV (Average Order Value).
But Privy can do much more. Thanks to this app you will have a suite of conversion and marketing campaigns tools. You will be able to create pop ups, overlays, spin to win wheels, banners, flyouts, and  much more. In this way you will improve retention, conversion and engagement.

WhatsHelp Chat Button

You cannot run a business without providing also customer service. Your customers are the core of everything. Because if they don’t buy from you, your business dies.
Today, customers love to reach brands with the tools they are more familiar with. This is why you should include messaging apps in your strategy.
Thanks to WhatsHelp you can redirect messages of your customers to your favorite platform. In this way you will be providing the most personalized customer service ever.
It works both with mobile devices and desktop and can support the main messaging apps. Among them: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Line and Telegram.

EU Cookie Bar 

If you are selling to Europe, then you must be aware of the present laws.
Since 2016 the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation that aims at protecting the personal information of people.
To be in compliance of the present rules, you can install the Eu Cookie Bar application. It will provide a cookie policy on your store so  you will be able to sell without worries.


In this article we showed you which are the best free apps from the Shopify app store that will help your business.
Before installing them, remember that they can affect the loading speed of your website. Furthermore, cases of incompatibility among apps can happen. Be sure to check every information before installing a new app.
These apps are the top ones on the Shopify app store that you can get for free. Yet, you can find premium themes that will have many of this features all together (here some examples).
Remember that you can always count on us to receive the latest news about trends, ideas and tools to boost your business. Follow us on our channels. 
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