Meet Luca Borreani at Traffic & Conversion Summit

Meet or CEO at the Summit in California

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Come and meet uDroppy at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019!

Digital marketing is a super dynamic sector, it changes constantly and quickly, this is why every professional and company must keep always updated.

The Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019, that will take place in San Diego from the 25th to the 27th of February, is the most popular event for marketing professional, agency owners, consultants and entrepreneur. It will gather more than 6.000 participants, above 80 speakers and 108 sessions.

During these three days they will have the chance to find out about marketing novelties and the best performing strategies, while listening to some of the most prominent experts of the world. Among the guests of this edition you will be able to find Richard Branson (Founder of the Virgin Group), Dan Martell (CEO of SaaS Academy), Natasha Takahashi

(Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of School of Bots) just to name a few!

In the beautiful location of the Marriott Marquis, San Diego Marina, you will have the opportunity to meet our CMO & Co-Founder, Luca Borreani. He will be happy to meet you and share our values and mission.

Feel free to contact him via Linkedin or Instagram to schedule an appointment and discover why you need uDroppy. 

We are the best business partner for dropshippers, brand owners, advertisers or buyers. Why?
Because we have all the best solutions and services on the market to give every of these entrepreneurs what they need to succeed in their mission. Our goal is to change the e-commerce world and give the chance to everyone to build their own business and brand.
If you want to know how we do it visit our website, read our blog, check our company profile and watch our YouTube Videos!

But wait, there’s more!

After the Traccif & Conversion Summit, Luca will also attend the Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live by iStack Trainings and Adleaks, a two-days training program thought to share the most recent and fruitful strategies for testing, scaling and optimizing Facebook Ads, other than other tactics that e-commerce startups are using to boost their business and reach amazing goals.

This event, that will take place from the 28th of February to the 1st of March at the Gaslamp Headquarter in San Diego, will include the intervention of prominent figures of the field such as Tim Burd, John Coyle, Chase Harmerand more!

Don’t miss these two opportunities to expand your networks, find new insights and gain an advantage over the competition!

Remember: Traffic & Conversion Summit. San Diego, California. February 2019!


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