uDroppy vs CJDropShipping: What Are the Differences?

uDroppy vs. CJDropShipping

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Throughout history, novelties has always been difficult for people to accept. Even now, in the new era, people prefer what they know to something new and mysterious. This is why is not easy to change and find the best business partner. 
We know that and we understand dropshippers, digital entrepreneurs and affiliates, who  are eager to know everything and are full of questions when they discover uDroppy. This is the reason why we started writing about the differences between uDroppy and other competitors.
We already explained you why our platform is better than AliExpress both for you and your clients, and how uDroppy is more complete than Oberlo and Dropified
In this article we will explain to you how uDroppy is different from CJDropShipping. 


CJDropShipping is a Chinese company created in 2000 which provides dropshippers with different services. 
Basically they consists in: 

  • sourcing products; 
  • stocking products in warehouses;
  • fulfillment of orders;
  • shipping of products. 

According to their website they ship to more than 60 countries and regions with a support team available for you to communicate with in three languages. 
However dropshippers may find it hard to understand well how the partnership works, since both their website and their information seems confusionary. This may results also in communication problems when it comes to customer service, issues resolutions, claims and more.
Another relevant drawback concerns their policy about invoices, in fact they do not send invoices or receipts automatically, but you will have to require them if you want this service (and I am sure you want it, since you are – fundamentally – a brand with expenses that must be documented).  
As you can see, CJDropShipping is not the business partner that you are looking for. At least, if you want to create a real asset for your future. 


If you are looking for a complete and efficient service, then uDroppy is the best business partner for you. 
Let’s see together why. 
First of all, uDroppy is a complete platform that you can access both from computer and from mobile devices thanks to an intuitive and clear design also for the app. By creating a uDroppy account (completely free of charge), you will be able to access to a dashboard that will show you all the relevant information you may need: number of sold items, sales, pending orders, profit and much more, including our stock.  
Surfing the platform you will be able to select the products you want to sell among more than 1000 items that will be easily imported in your Shopify store and then shipped to your customer (in less than 15 days, all over the world!)
Furthermore, you will be able to ask for new products if you cannot find them in our list by contacting your e-com manager. He/She will source them for you in a couple of days. 
Want to know what an e-com manager is? 
If you have read our previous article, you know already, he or she is the e-commerce expert that will support you throughout the entire partnership with uDroppy, helping you solving relevant issues, sourcing products for you and giving you all the insights you need to take your business to the next level (and yes, it’s free)
This is our real added value: the people. Our team is totally committed to give you always the best service possible.
As a partner of uDroppy you will always have your back covered, because we will be there to support you in case of problems. At the moment, we can grant customer service in 9 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Farsi. 
Thanks to the efficient platform, the official application, the integration with Shopify, our direct contact with more than 900 factories and the availability of a huge number of products that will be quickly shipped worldwide, you will be able to save time and effort, working anywhere and everywhere without worries, because you will know that you can count on us! 
The best part of uDroppy?
It’s not just for dropshippers! Everyone can use uDroppy: affiliates, dropshippers and e-commerce business owners who want to boost their activity and life. 


Whether you are a dropshipper, an affiliate marketer, a digital entrepreneur, you will have to take advantage of any asset you can benefit from, including efficient, reliable business partners. 
With uDroppy you won’t have to handle complex processes in terms of sourcing, fulfillment and shipping. This will give you more time to focus on your marketing strategies and on creating long-lasting relationships with your clients to stand out from the crowd and improve your business. 
Remember, also keeping yourself informed about the strategies and novelties in the e-commerce world is important, be sure to follow both uDroppy blog and social media channels.
We will be back with more information soon!
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