What is the Product Mapping feature and why you really need to learn all about it

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In this article you will learn everything you need to know about how to perform the product mapping procedure with success on uDroppy’s platform. 

Moreover, through the same procedure you will also learn how to create bundles with uDroppy.

Here’s the video tutorial about it:


Why mapping a product?

If you were already selling through Shopify, and you are switching to uDroppy just now, this article is for you. uDroppy lists only the orders of the products that are pushed from the platform to your store as those are the products that come from our manufacturers and are sourced in accordance to our standard qualities. 

But what happens if you switch to uDroppy with an ongoing winner that is making sales as you are reading this? 

In these cases, the product mapping feature is very useful, because it gives you the chance to connect any product from your store to a uDroppy product once we have sourced it for you and uploaded it to our platform.

Do I need to map my product?

SITUATION 1 – You were selling that product on Shopify with another supplier, but now you are working with uDroppy and you want to sell that exact same product. In this case you will connect the product to our service without losing pixel data.

SITUATION 2 – You want to create product bundles to offer your customers. 

Product mapping procedure

So, for the first case you will need to map the product you are currently selling in your shopify store to the one in our platform. To do this, access the mapping table by going to the “Products” subsection in the menu where it reads “Product Mapping”. 

product mapping procedure 2

Here you’ll find a list of all the products available in your Shopify store (if you have more than one store connected to the uDroppy platform, you can check which one is connected in the dedicated space on top of the sidebar)

Next to the product you’ll see the column “mapping status”. Depending on the color of the circle, your product can be partially mapped (yellow), fully mapped (green) or still to be mapped (grey).

To map your product to the one in uDroppy, select it and use the search bar to find the related uDroppy product. Once you find the right product click on it to create the link between your product on Shopify and the one on uDroppy. If the product has variants you will be asked to create a link between the variants on uDroppy and the ones on Shopify, just like this. Please notice that the number of variants can be different from your product to uDroppy one, so some of the field might stay empty.

product mapping procedure 1

You’ll also have to choose a Shipping method, and a quantity in case the product you were selling on shopify was a bundle of two  or more products.

When you finish click on  the map product button. 

Bundle creation

To create a bundle, instead, import the product from uDroppy to your shopify store. Now access your shopify store and create the variants corresponding to the product quantities you want to sell. You don’t have to modify the quantities on Shopify, just name the variants accordingly to your bundle quantities, so x2 and x3 for example. Once you completed this operation go back to the uDroppy platform and access the product mapping section. You will see your products listed. Select the product for which you’re creating the bundle to access its mapping table. Here you can and link the variants you just created to the main product on uDroppy and specify quantities. Now save and you’re done.

Pretty easy right? Here is the video tutorial we released on how to use this feature and all the others on our platform, so subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned!

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