Why Product Sourcing Is Harder Than You Think

Why Product Sourcing Is Harder Than You Think

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Product sourcing is a fundamental process of every e-commerce business. It is the foundation of the retail world, because products are the core of the shopping experience. Yes, marketing can change everything, but you need a useful or entertaining, quality product at the base. 

Here at uDroppy, product sourcing is a key process. It’s what allows us to find the best product for your business and to expand our product catalog

In this article we want to explain you how delicate and complex this process is. Even more when the first goal is finding both quality and convenience like uDroppy does.

The phases of product sourcing 

As the name can suggest, product sourcing aims at finding the most suitable product for a business. 

Here at uDroppy, our catalog grows up everyday with dozens of products, which makes it much more complex. In fact, when you do product sourcing you have to go through a large set of operations or phases. 

They are: 

  • understanding of the client’s needs
  • assessment of the market;
  • quality check of products;
  • negotiation of conditions;
  • import on the catalog. 

In the next paragraphs we will see them in details. 

#1 Understanding the client’s needs 

Here at uDroppy you are always at the center of everything we do. We work to support you in the creation and scaling of your business. We work to find the most innovative and personalized solutions for every digital entrepreneur. 

This is why understanding what you need is fundamental for us

Anytime we look for new products we try to comprehend how it can help your business and how your customers will be able to benefit from it. 

#2 Find factories and manufacturers available for product sourcing 

Once we understand what are the requirements necessary, we can start looking for available suppliers. As you know, we deal directly with these operators. This helps us give you the widest access to stock, customization options and better prices.

Finding the right partner is never easy. We have to find manufacturers and factories that are currently producing what you need. Then we have to send them RFQ (request for quotation), but most importantly, we have to wait for the responses. 

#3 Product sourcing needs a quality check 

Finding one or more factories that are able to satisfy the need of a specific product is not enough for us. We want to find the best manufacturer, meaning the one able to give us the best quality at the cheapest prices. 

This is why, after the RFQ we will also do a quality check of the products sourced through these factories. 

Based on the results of this process, we establish the factory or manufacturer we will work with. 

#4 Negotiation 

When we have found a factory able to give us a quality product at a convenient price, it comes the most complex part

It’s time to sign the supply contract, but before we have to negotiate the conditions of our partnership. 

Signing a contract may seem something immediate to you, but we do our best to make sure that all the conditions are clear. Because this is the only way we can assure you what you need: quality product, worked fast and ship to your clients

#5 Import of the products sourced into the platform 

Last, but not least. Once we have signed the contract with the supplier, we need all the technical information to add the product into our platform. Weight, variants available, sizes, etc. Every detail counts for us. 

Once we have all the data we need, we can add the product on the platform. In this way you can look at it, push it to your Shopify store and market it with your the right strategies to scale up.

Product sourcing with uDroppy: dropshipping but not only 

We keep repeating it and we will keep doing that forever: quality is essential for us

And it’s not about product sourcing only. uDroppy is born to fully help digital entrepreneurs to create, handle, and grow their e-commerce business

Thanks to a comprehensive set of tailored services

This is why product sourcing is not only about dropshipping. We can do product sourcing if you want to use the Virtual Warehouse. We source products for bulk purchases to reduce costs and deal with shipping by yourself. We can also do product sourcing if you want to build your stock of branded products

No matter what the final service is, when we do product sourcing we always aim for the best. 

Why product sourcing with uDroppy is better 

At this point you understood how complex and delicate is product sourcing. It requires you knowledge of the market, the ability to find manufacturers of factories. You will need to know how to communicate with them and in foreign languages. You need to test the product, the quality, the weight, the appearance and the overall service. But what is most important, you will lose an insane amount of time for each step

uDroppy can solve all these problems, by taking care of the product sourcing process, saving you time and getting the best deals. Everything thanks to our knowledge of the market, the network and our global presence. 

And if this is not enough, think about everything that we can offer you. We automate every process. We take care of logistics and other complex operations. We do virtual warehouse to reduce your costs and shipping time. We help you create a brand from scratch without risks. We have a set of tailored services that we can adapt to your business to help you scale up like a big brand. 

Take away

If you are doing e-commerce, you have to invest on product sourcing. This process is fundamental and having a partner that will take care of it for you it’s a huge competitive advantage. 

It allows you to keep the focus on what you do better – marketing – without renouncing to quality products. 

Here at uDroppy we take care of product sourcing in the most professional way. This is why it may take some times to see the product you are looking for on our catalog. Yet, in 2019, with rising adv costs and Facebook banning accounts and ads, you need quality. 

Quality products, together with a relationship marketing strategy that leverage social proof and UGC, is the best way to gain returning customers. This is how you will turn into a super-entrepreneur. 

And what’s better is that you will be able to enjoy your success thanks to a reliable partner that will take care of the rest. And yes, we are talking about uDroppy. 

Wanna try?

Register now and access to our fully integrated platform. Here you can discover our extensive catalog and start to grow your business. 

We can’t wait to work together! 

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