Why You Still Need an Email Marketing Strategy in 2019

Why you still need a email marketing strategy

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Email marketing is the best strategy to win your audience today. Why?

Because the advertising market keeps changing, making you struggle with higher costs and new solutions. This means that you have to find relevant content for your target, that is also engaging, without spending all your budget. 

Thanks to email marketing you can reach a wider audience, improving your revenues and giving you a ROI of 3800%.

It is one of the oldest, yet, most effective strategies you can use to boost your business.

In this article I will tell you why you cannot run a business without email marketing. After all, uDroppy is about giving you all you need to become a top player, and this includes the information that will make it easier for you. 

Email marketing

First things first: what is email marketing?

As I said, email marketing is a low-cost marketing strategy that will have a relevant influence on your revenues and business.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing sector. New strategies raise everyday, some die after some time, others resist more. Email marketing is the oldest and the more powerful among them all.

When communicating your brand to customers and prospects you may think social media is the best channel for this purpose. But it’s not like that.

Whether there are 3.4 billion users on social media, email users are more than 5 billion. We are talking about a difference of more than 2.6 billion people. Not to mention that, while social media show your content to around 1% of your audience, your email will reach all your contacts. If your content is SPAM-free, of course.

Email marketing is the most powerful strategy to promote your brand and business, but not only. It’s a strategic tool to establish, maintain and nurture your relationships with clients and prospects. This is why we can say that email is a relational tool.

It is also an informative tool that allows you to share all the information about your company, your products, ect. Yet, it’s better to avoid creating emails whose only purpose is to sell.

Giving your clients and prospects, useful insights is the best way to show them you care about them and to make them trust you.

Email marketing it’s also inexpensive and sustainable. When you send an email you are not using paper nor a postal service. This is why using email marketing strategy is sustainable for the environment and your business.

Yes, it’s true that you will have to use a email marketing software to put in place your strategy. Yet, the market is full of different software and you can choose the best one according to your needs and budget. They will allow an easy, fast and effective email marketing management without needing a team of developers for it (as in the past).

8 reasons why you need a email marketing strategy

Now that you know what email marketing is, let’s talk about all the benefits it will give to your business.

1. Wider audience

More than 5 billion people have an active email account, this means you can reach more than 66% of the world population through email.

Want some more numbers to convince you?

Statistics say that 99% of consumers check their email inbox everyday. And some of them do it more than once in a same day. 

But that’s not all. On social media only a small percentage of your audience sees your content (around 1%); the platforms prefer to share users generated content. Instead, when you send an email everyone receives it.

2. Cost effective & targeted

Email marketing is a low-cost strategy, as we already said, but it is also cost effective.

In fact, email marketing has the higher ROI if compared with other marketing strategies.

Statistics say that for every dollar invested, the return is 38 dollars, which means a ROI of 3800%.

This is possible by building personalized messages. You can, in fact, gather data from your audience and segment it into different categories. In this way, you will be able to create relevant content that will engage the audience and make them more inclined to answer to your CTA.

3. Analytics

Thanks to the new email marketing software, gathering and analyzing data it’s easy.

You can have all the information you need to understand if your strategy is working and to improve it at your fingertips. 

Being able to adjust your strategy to the responses of your market is a key aspect of digital marketing. It works for adv campaigns on social media, display, email marketing, etc. 

4. Engaged audience

Aren’t you annoyed when you see sponsored posts of companies you don’t care about on your social media dashboard?

We are sure you are.

You’re using Instagram to check the life of your friends when, all of a sudden, the umpteenth sponsored post it’s there. When you sponsor social media posts, you may reach people who are not interested in your brand or product, wasting money.

When you send an email, on the contrary, you are communicating with people that are interested in you (this is why they gave you their email!). This is very important because it means that your audience wants your content and is already engaged. You can take advantage of it and push them to help your business scale up. 

5. Higher conversions and revenues

Email marketing has a higher conversion rate if compared to social media. According to statistics, emails has a CTR of 3% while the average CTR of a tweet is 0.5%.

This means that your audience is six times more likely to click on your link if reached via email than via Twitter.

The same goes for sale. People is more likely to buy your product or service if you ask them via mail than via social media.

When you send to your audience coupons or discounts you can create personalized content according to their country, or the products they saw on your website. Building  completely customized messages and limited offers can be a powerful mix, driving immediate purchases.

6. Open platform

When you send an email you use a email application, but the communication platform is open.

This means that there is no entity that controls email and therefore, no one can change the system.

When you invest your money on social media you are dealing with third party platforms that change the rule everyday. Algorithms keeps evolving, requiring you to spend more to raise the visibility of your content.

This is why, email marketing is a more powerful strategy. Because there is no need of big investments and it still drives fruitful results.

7. Audience preference

According to statistics, 73% of millenials (born from 1980s and 2000) prefer to receive business communications via email.

At the same time, customers want the brand to know them. They want to receive only relevant content. And if they think your brand doesn’t share their values, they will be ready to leave you forever.

8. Open-ended

Since the 60s/70s, emails kept growing in number and use. They evolved, and will keep evolving, but will always be present in the digital world.

We cannot be sure of the same when we talk about social media.

Do you remember when MySpace was the most popular social network? And what about Google+ that has been recently closed? 

Social media are not forever. They come and go according to the preference of the audience.

Do you want to invest all your budget to find more followers and sponsor your content, knowing that someday that platform could simply disappear? 


In this article we explained you why email marketing is a key asset for your business.

Now you know that you cannot run a successful business without a proper email marketing campaign.

What’s next?

First of all you will have to build a mailing list.  We recommend you to not buy pre-existent list of contacts. You have to create your own list of engaged, relevant, prospects.

You can use social media to build your list. You can launch a giveaway, share coupons or give a booklet full of useful information in exchange for their email.

Once you will have a mailing list, you can start gathering data to segment your audience and send your messages.

The limit is the sky!

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